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"Promises are broken, like a heart made of glass." -They Came Burning


Looking for a change of pace, Sunset comes up with the idea to write a book. Working together with Diamond Tiara, the two aspire to complete their first novel.

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Diamond Tiara (a socialite) and Sunset Shimmer (a bad girl) . Talk about an odd couple. Good one.

It's not too weird if you think about it. They were both villains (albeit of different calibers) who got redemption arcs.

I adore Diamond Tiara and Sunset Shimmer coming together, but this story had so many things from our world that it didn't REALLY feel like a pony or even an EQG story at all.

That said, it wasn't bad!

Well, it's fanfiction. Not much point if you don't break canon rules every now and then, right?

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