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Jealousy can easily turn a relationship sour, yet thankfully, Rarity has come to accept that Spike will have other close friends besides her in his life. So, to show how much she's made peace with this, she, Spike and Gabby decided to spend a little time together with one of the young dragon's favourite games.

Will contain some spoilers for "Dragon Dropped"

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We could all see that Gabby really does like him.

Excellent job on this chapter. Yeah, LOVE seeing Gabby and Rarity BOTH joining in on this bonding time with Spike and each other. The exchanges, characterizations and general wrap-up were ALL well done in all the right places.

Though, if Rarity took Spike's spending time with Gabby so badly at first, one shudders to think how badly EMBER would take it. :-D

"Meh, it's fine. Even Smolder will tell you that we dragons make pretty good bad guys, especially the bigger and older ones."

She probably *did* tell him that at one point

"They place upon her a sparkling crown, bestowing upon her great royal power, and she decrees that a new golden age has begun for them all! The age of Gabby the Great, benevolent and happy-go-lucky Queen of all that was, is and ever shall be!"

Long live the Queen of Adorable

"Well, I doubt you two would have been fighting over me if that wasn't the case."

Spike gets all the ladies :moustache:

"Still not over losing out on that diamond from that dragon that threatened Ponyville that one time?"


Too bad you botched your Bluff roll at the last moment

They're all written very in-character. Good job!

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