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fuck you and fuck your eyebrows


Two best friends Wesley and Matt find a magical lamp with a genie inside and wish to be transported to equestria. But not everything goes swimmingly, at least for six particular ponies.

"Joint" effort from me and Magical Matt

Teen rating for drug use, profanity and violence.

Please note that this story was made by two idiots in a Skype call, who shoved their hilarious ramblings onto a Google doc and made this story.

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i can already tell this is even worse than MY stoner comedy...
cant wait for more, getting blunted for the rest

1074009 Me and the other writer, both having the same 'Special' sense of humour, will probably find a way to make this story as weird as possible.
Like filling it with retarded plot twists that'll slap the reader right in the face.

Man... I love jay and silent bob

If people started riots every time some shit went wrong we'd get a lot more things done in this nation.:ajsmug:

i986.photobucket.com/albums/ae347/Scr0ggie/Greenage/Hempfairy1.gif Magic Matt I've come to bring you your daily weed:trollestia:


Just what the doctor ordered :pinkiehappy:


Here's what Magic Matt looks like as a human. Pretty damn fabulous if you ask me.

He shoudnt have given him a shovel. i was spike i would throw the shovel on the ground and kill em in a way that would most likely make Fluttershy throw up. Do you wish to hear the extent of my twisted ideas for the chickens?

1149736 youve no idea what youve done... well for the first chicken rip off its head takig the spine with you then use remove the head from the spine and use head to smash it into another chickens head which turns both heads into a gory mess. as for the spine with all force shove the spine up another chicken's asshole. the spine is going through the anus up the rectum and turning the insides of that chicken into again a gory mess.shall i continue?:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

So who cooks the chicken? I caught a bird once but when I cooked it...Things didn't go as planned.:ajsleepy: It tasted terrible, forgot to remove organs and a whole lot of other stuff I guess people would know to remove.:facehoof:

meh. i've seen better. that's some babby tier stuff.

yeah, it probably won't make sense if they cooked them well on their first try.
then again this story started with a bucking gravy genie.


Do go on...

P.S I had written a few pages about Magic Matt brutally murdering Cheerilee and leaving various body parts i.e. Her head, heart and lungs on Fluttershy's doorstep before heading back to the library to feast on her remanding flesh. Alas, my co-writer decided that I should NOT add that into the story.

I thought it was a good idea, what with Matt having that cleaver and what not. What do you think?

Dammit matt I said no killing cheerilee! At least not yet

1150040 What in the name of Anubis is heavy stuff then?!

1150052 well as for the next chicken. Rip open its belly take the intestines and (if it is still alive) strangle it with them or if it is dead either make the next chicken choke on the intestines or strangle it. After that the intestines could be used as a makeshift whip. More?

I'm glad you think so, me and matt have laughed nearly constantly as we wrote this fic :yay:

Kind of reminds me when I write collabs with my friend Andrew. We write grimdarks and we are some of the most unlikely of friends. He is an alcoholic and im a professional bodybuilder lmao.


I think I've read enough thank you.

In the next chapters we're planning on raiding Fluttershy's garden again, I'll make sure to incorporate some of your Dance moves- I mean killing techniques. :facehoof:

1155366 Mwuhahahahahhaha my plan for making Fluttershy scarred for life is nearing its completion!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

AHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAA.... thats just... ive got no words of thankfulness (seems legit) to those 3 for finally doing something i wanted to do for a long time. RARITY AND HER BITCHY SIS ARE SO FUCKING ANNOYING!

Rarity and Fluttershy are my least favorite ponies mainly because I find them weak. Mess with Pinkie Pie it's on e.deviantart.net/emoticons/t/trollface.png dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_bronymaster1.png

Daymn i didnt expect you to chop off her leg... well now if you make dash have prosthetics instead of wings/legs and make rarity blind im officially from then on going to call this a Katawa Shoujo crossover.


Is that a challenge? Because if it is....

... Fuck that.

Jesus Christ the cupcake eating part was hiallarius. Pinkeye's y u so rude :fluttercry:

Daymn. how did matt know how to do what he did in the end? any way they are cRaZie$! now lets see how many people get that reference althogh i doubt anyone will.

i'm fairly certain I get that refence, from the movie?
anyway Matt didn't know it would save her, he was just guessing and it worked out

1193979 well no it is not from a movie. It is from a song.

Oh God, this is really shit your pants funny.

And now they are going to turn equestria into the Equinox (hopefully). If you didn't know the Equinox is the counter part of equestria. Instead of twilight there is Dimmed Star who combined fluttershy with a paraspryte, revived applejack and pinkie is just outright evil with an ankh (I think) for the cutie mark. The others I do not know. Also twilight has these weird glowing, oval shaped eyes.

Don't mind him. m8 means mate.

1314956 so are you going to make them turn equestria into the equinox?

Hadn't crossed our minds, most likely not. Stay tuned and see what we have in store though. We might even get a new chapter done this week if we can overcome our extreme lazyness or I can stop playing torchlight 2 for a few seconds.

Haven't read this in a while, but not a WHOLE lot happened. :3

BOOM. Last chapter. And it's extra large!
Thanks for sticking with this train wreck until the end, guys.
Just a heads up: If me and Magic Matt ever decide to not be lazy we'll do a sequel to this.
Also first

Hiallarious! and i was really sure that you were going to do the equinox thing. but you know what? i dont care, i still got a very good laugh out of it! DO SEQUEL NAO!

Oh God... this reminds me of last Friday...


I was going to leave some ideas for a future story in our joint Google doc but Mr. Foster decided to fill it up with Space Marine quotes.

"The enemies of the Emperor fear many things.
They fear discovery, defeat, despair and death.
Yet there is one thing they fear above all others.
They fear the wrath of the Space Marines!"

We are the slayers of kings, the destroyers of worlds, bringers of ruination and death in all its forms. These things we do in the name of the Emperor and in the defense of Mankind. Let none stay our wrath.

we are spess mahreens.


We are the spess mahreens
We are the spess mahreens
We are the spess mahreens
Our enemies die!

so only mr. Foster is Gay, or both of you are? 1450854, just curious no intolerance intended.


Mr. Foster IS a raging faggot
I'm am NOT a raging faggot


We posted a sequel a few weeks ago, if you're still interested.

It's really something

You should check it out.
Don't let those nasty dislikes scare you away.

Congratulations you obliterated the Mane Six.
Now Equestria is doomed to a future disaster.

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