• Published 22nd Jul 2019
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Yummy Treats - Silver Butcher

Fluttershy accident turns Spike into a Dog

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Dog Dammit

Fluttershy looked at the almost empty bin, there was a single bag of treats at the bottom, she had made her way to her usual pet shop to buy her weekly treat supply, she had all the rest of her supplies gathered and this one bag was all that was left for the dog treats, it was an interesting looking bag but it wasn't her usual brand, she picked it up and inspected it, on the front was a picture of a happy dog with one of the treats in its mouth, it was shaped like a bone, the name was in green letters and read as Yummy Treats, she looked at the back of the package, instead of ingredients she found a slogan, We put the pup back into anything that eats us!, she frowned as she checked it for ingredients.

"Excuse me," She asked the clerk, "What are these?"

"Hmm? no idea, it was delivered to use by mistake, I ain't legally allowed to sell it and I can't return it since the employe who unpacked it from the wagon just threw it into a large pile with the rest of the treats, you can...you just take that,"

"Are you sure?" Fluttershy asked, looking at it again

"Either you take it, or somepony else takes it, I ain't about to throw a perfectly good bag of treats out that's for sure,"

"Well thank you," Fluttershy said as she rang up the treats she was paying for "It's very kind of you,"

"It's very kind of you to do this," Fluttershy said as she and Spike made their way to her cottage,

"Hey, I'll happily test any of your pet food as long as you keep your promise to never tell anypony about my...abnormal snacking habits," the two gave a nervous laugh as they remembered the day she had caught him, She had been trying to find him to watch over Angle and had walked into a room just as he had shoved a handful of Dog treats into his mouth, the two had frozen and looked at each other from a very long moment of silence before Spike had started chewing them, she had stood very still until he had swallowed his snack and they had continued staring, a long awkward silence, neither knowing exactly what to do until Spike had spoken up.

"Please don't tell anypony," was all he could think to say,

"Kay," Fluttershy had replied, a few weeks later her favorite brand of cat treats had gone under and she had been unwilling to switch brands, she had been stuck for a few hours when Spike had overheard her and the street and had silently informed her that his preferred brand of Dog treats also made Cat treats and had offered to test that they where ok, and after that anytime she had a treat related problem Spike was very quickly and discretely invited over for Tea and Biscuits. After a while it had just become a weekly even so Spike had a safe place to snack without any worry of being caught, it had quickly been noticed and a rumor had started for about 5 minutes that they were dating, Something Rainbow Dash had quickly responded to and ended before it even properly became a thing to worry about, it had been easy since she was dating one of the accused.

"So how are things?" Spike asked as they walked into Fluttershy's cottage,

"Going good, Rainbow and I are going out for dinner when she comes back from her family visit tomorrow, nothing fancy, just a quick dinner," Spike nodded.

"Nice," He said as he took his seat, Fluttershy walked into the kitchen and started on the tea, Spike began rocking in his seat when Angel Bunny hopped up on his lap, lay back and relaxed like he was a chair, Spike had earned his respect when he had caught Angel in a very embarrassing situation and covered for him so he had enough time to get out of it before Fluttershy caught him in the act, since then Angel has accepted Spike as a friend, either that or he was worried that if he acted out on Spike he'd tell Fluttershy what he saw.

"Oh I'm so glad you two are getting along," Fluttershy said when she saw Angel in Spike's lap. "Discord's always going on how Angel's evil, honestly I think he just dislikes bunnies but I'd never call him out on it," Spike and Angel looked at each other, Spike was holding in a laugh and Angel was smiling.

"Yeah," Spike managed to say "Evil Angel, how funny is that?" Spike took a Cookie off of a plate and handed it to Angel, who took it and began snacking on it, "Alright so let's see the problem," Spike said moving on to business, Fluttershy pulled the Treats out from next to her chair and placed them on the table, Spike took the bag and inspected it, after a minute he noticed the problem. "I see, no ingredients listed" he noted "This is very sketchy, very sketchy indeed," he opened the bag and took one out, it was shaped like a bone, it looked like any other dog treat, with the exception of the light shade of green at the ends, "This might actually be an evil dog killing treat," Spike said as he looked it over, "I've definitely never seen a green treat before," he sniffed. "and it smells wrong to alright time for the poison test,"

"Are you sure?" She asked, "If it smells wrong.."

"Fluttershy if they loaded this dog treat with enough poison to kill a dragon the treats themselves would turn to liquid in my hand," Angel and Fluttershy watched as Spike popped it into his mouth and took a bite, his face told them all they needed to know,

"That bad?" Fluttershy asked. Spike held up his hand as he just managed to swallow it.

"Oh wow," He said as he began downing his cup, Fluttershy was about to ask him what it tasted like when she heard a sound of alarm from angel, Spike stopped drinking and looked down at him, both he and Fluttershy froze, his belly was a mess of fluffy fur and it was slowly spreading, There was half a second of silence before Fluttershy reacted she moved the table out of the way and picked Spike up, Angel jumping off of him and around the two.

"Spike are you ok!" she demanded, Spike's tail began shrinking and his ears went from facing back to dropping down, his spines began to soften and a black smudge appeared on his face.

"I hate - this," on the last word Spike's voice changed, it wasn't like listening to her friends talk, it was like listening to a dog bark and understanding it's meaning, she blinked and as soon as she opened her eyes she found she no longer had a dragon in her hooves, she had a small puppy in them, they looked at each other, then Spike looked down at himself.

"Oh Dog Dammit not again," he barked.

Author's Note:

I forgot I made this, I made this chapter like 4 months ago when my internet went out, went to bed, and forgot I had made it, I was clearing space on my Laptop and found it on accident, and now it's on Fim so I can delete the file and save Computer space,


I raided fimfiction for like an hour trying to find a good Dog Spike cover, I like what I ended up finding

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um your side description said dig not dog lol

Good start good start.

Once again, you have my attention Silver.

Well f in chat for Spike for becoming a dog in Equestria

Well, this is a rather interesting premise that could lead to a lot of interesting shenanigans. However, there is also quite a lot of typos and a bunch of some pretty lengthly run-on sentences. Most of these could be fixed quite quickly and I'm sure it'd help the story a lot. Furthermore, it might be good to emphasize this is not happening in the EqG world to avoid confusion.

your welcome to edit what every you wish my fair friend, and I shall take your advice.

Well, I wasn't exactly offering my services as I'm editing schedule is full right now, but rather just suggesting what exactly needs to be fixed... but I assume I could take a look at it and give you a few tips. Wanna talk more about it in PMs?

I think the art belongs to someone titled justasuta. They've got their signature in the corner

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