• Published 22nd Jul 2019
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Speed, I am Speed - Uncr3at1ve

Collection of Writing Prompts written in TrotCon speed writing panels.

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2019 - Genre Shift

Manehatten has a bustling night life. This is a fact known to many a pony. Though perhaps none quite as much as Vinyl Scratch, the premiere attraction for the ponies that wish to shake it. She stared out at the field of gyrating flesh bags, wiggling to the eloquent boom-boom of her master strength wub generator.

It brought her joy. Quite simply, to have so much control over her domain. But there was one pony not performing the kinetic praise she longed for. Who was this mare? This deep maroon anomaly standing out amongst the crowd like a monolithic spire reaching forth from the crashing waves of the ocean. In short, an auditory shipwreck waiting to happen.

There was no time to wait. Devising a plan she lit her horn to rotate a speaker to more directly face this Tartarus-spawned creature.

"Let's see you withstand this," The DJ muttered before unleashing her assault, tactically changing her key from a gentle G Minor to an unstoppable D Major. Slamming her tonal shift full force into this unmoving pony until her flesh jiggled like a jello bowl on a roller coaster.

Still they didn't move. Even as the crowd now was starting to reach a force only spoken of by the most extreme theoretical physicists. Vinyl signaled to the light pony. Waving frantically at the vibrating flesh that refused to give in.

Break her, her arms screamed at him without sound. Returning only a nod the lights became dancers of their own. The ponies who were already struggling to keep pace with the beat were now vibrating into their own visible light spectrum. Luna's stars and moon were made invisible to the naked eye from the amount of light being generated.

Realizing this pony, now silhouetted into a black shadow, still refused to move Vinyl realized there was only one way she could save her charges.

"Forgive me everypony. This is the only way." Vinyl signaled once more to lighting. He was no longer responsive, the emitted light had overloaded him. "No."

From a mile away the dirtiest drop was heard through the earth. The intensity matching a force between a megaspell and a supernova. In the crater that Manehatten used to be stood two ponies. Vinyl, who was breathing heavy and the greatest challenge she ever faced. Who stood completely unfazed.

Cheerilee stared in contempt at this sniveling unicorn in front of her.

Finally, she had seen enough. Walking forward to the roasted marshmallow before her. She reached the mixing deck. With a single press of a button the fallen, sacrificed ponies rose from their recent molten grave, unable to withstand the call to dance. Far away, in Canterlot, a single ripple appeared in Celestia's tea, which made her weep uncontrollably.

Orchestrating a liquidized rave Cheerilee brought the combined mass of ponies to raise her above the broken form before her.

Vinyl stared up. Her form prone from the sheer emotion pouring over her, her rump unable to resist a tantalizing sway to the beat.

"Who are you?" Vinyl whispered.

"My name is Cheerilee. And soon, you will be nothing."

"Absorb me, my queen. I cannot make music after this."

"No," Cheerilee said in disdain. Before taking her living orchestra onward.

Soon everypony who saw this combined mass of necrofused music hype train could not stop themselves from joining in.

Vinyl could only follow, a slave to the music. But the party was highly exclusive to her alone. So, after many years of every bodily need being fulfilled by Cheerilee's megawubasaurus. Vinyl found a cave to live out the remainder of her life, forever barred from feeling the beat like her youthful self created.

In frustration she slammed two rocks together. Creating a perfect B flat. She smiled. Deciding that she might just like rock music over dubtrot.

Author's Note:

Lots of things don't make sense here. I think that's perfectly alright for a fic written in an hour in the same room that Argembarger wrote this.

As before original typed on sheet can be found here.

It should be noted that while I've played music I've never actually composed, and I have no idea what scales sound good for what types of music.

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Absorb me, my queen.


I mean, at the end of the day who doesn't want to be absorbed?

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