• Published 23rd Jul 2019
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A Different Kind of Hunger - Third Wheel

Checking in on her apple to make sure that the bat are in fact now harmless to it, Applejack is mortified to discover what Butterscotch has turned into. But he claims she can help him fight back against his instincts, and why shouldn't she trust him?

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Comments ( 9 )


Your wish is granted.

Love that it is back. Especially the Boobjobs/Blowjobs.

You know, I won't be surprised if we find out Fluttershy is a vampire mistress who changed Butterscotch in the firs place.


Um. There is one slight problem with your theory. Fluttershy ain't in this one, Butterscotch is.

Well, I saw Fluttershy flag over there, so I assume she might make her appearance soon.


The author literally wrote that Butterscotch is "Fluttershy" in this one.

Ah, you're right. I missed that. Now it makes more sense that I saw Red Gala instead of Big Mac.

Butterscotch is the typical name for a r63 (gender swapped) Fluttershy.

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