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The Traveler Rises - Night Sparkle Production

When the universe is in need of a hero, one shall rise, with power unimaginable. In her hand, the fates of all worlds shall reside, for she is The Traveler; protector of all

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Chapter Three: A Lesson In Running

A few hours later...

“You know, I’d think that by now, you’d have at least managed to get some hang of this,” Twilight said, looking down at Sunset as she coughed loudly; a result of a well-placed kick to her chest by Twilight when she wasn’t expecting it. The secondary-tier traveler had been trying her hardest to teach Sunset how to fight with a sword, but despite her best efforts, the fiery-haired girl was getting nowhere.

“Unlike you, I’m not a natural at this,” Sunset grumbled in reply as she climbed to her feet, her sword laying on the ground. Twilight made a gesture with her sword at Sunset’s.

“Pick it up,” was all she said, and the fiery-haired girl’s eyes narrowed.

“No.” Came Sunset’s reply, and a scowl crossed Twilight’s face.

“I said pick it up!” She yelled as she swung her sword at Sunset. However, Sunset pulled her hammer from her belt and swung it up, intercepting her blade as a loud cracking sound reverberated through the air, sparks of purple electricity flying through the air as Twilight went flying backward, hitting the ground and skidding into a wall, groaning. Sunset lowered her hammer to her side and began to spin it slowly, purple lightning crackling behind it in its movement.

“Like I said. No. I’m tired of making a fool of myself trying to learn how to wield a sword against you!” Sunset snapped, and Twilight allowed a thin smile to cross her face as she pushed herself up off the ground, leaning against the wall for support.

“Should have expected as much from you, Shimmer,” she said, before making a gesture with her hand as Sunset’s blade floated up off the ground and the sheath floated over to it, sliding over the blade before it settled to the ground before Sunset. “At least take the sword and try to find time to practice, okay?”

“Fine,” Sunset sighed as she bent and picked her sword up, shoving the sheathed blade through her belt. She then turned and strode out of the room, door closing behind her, and turned to look one way down the hallway, before looking the other direction.

Oh, you have got to be kidding me, right?

With a groan, Sunset looked to her right, and then to her left, and then picked a random direction in the hopes of ending up somewhere, choosing to turn to her right and begin trudging down the long hallway.

Why did it have to be me? Why did I have to find the hammer, be able to lift it, and now be stuck wandering around lost in some massive spaceship? Sunset grumbled mentally as she turned another corner, groaning as she saw what appeared to be the exact same corridor full of doors. I’m never going to a room that I can sleep in…

“Lost Shimmer?” A voice suddenly asked, as in a blur of rainbow-colored lightning Rainbow Dash skidded to a stop before her, a smirk on her face. The speedster wasn’t dressed in the same outfit that Sunset had seen her in earlier, instead wearing a more relaxed outfit that consisted of a loose light blue t-shirt which had her Cutie Mark on it, loose grey sweatpants, and dark red sneakers.

“No, I’m not lost! I’m just… sightseeing,” Sunset said weakly, and Rainbow Dash laughed at the embarrassed blush that crossed her face.

“Don’t worry Shimmer. All of us got lost when we first came aboard the ship,” she said reassuringly. “Queen Sunset had it built in secret without our knowledge, and it took us a while to get used to everything.”

“Yeah, I can tell…” Sunset said softly, looking around her at the walls of the hallway, before focusing on Rainbow Dash. “Hey Dash? How do you run so fast?”

“Oh that? It’s my special Traveler power as a secondary-tier Traveler,” the speedster explained, holding her hand up as it vibrated and her rainbow-colored lightning arced around it. “Queen Sunset was actually able to run at super speed as well… I could teach you, if you’d like.”

“It won’t be like Twilight’s idea of teaching, will it?” Sunset asked, shuddering at the idea of a repeat of the three torturous hours she had spent learning from Twilight. However, the tension drained out of her at the sound of Rainbow Dash’s laughter.

“Shimmer, believe me, my teaching is absolutely nothing like Twilight’s,” Dash said, before gesturing at Sunset to crouch in a runners position, which the fiery-haired girl did.

“Now, what I want you to do is just take several deep breaths. Allow yourself to relax and calm down,” the speedster instructed, and Sunset nodded as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, exhaling and feeling the tension and frustration slowly ooze away. After several more deep breaths, she felt completely at ease, and opened her eyes, turning her head towards Rainbow Dash and nodding once.

“Now, I want you to just follow my lead. Imagine that you can feel electricity and lightning coursing through your body. Allow that to just bond with your being and then take off running.” Dash said slowly, and Sunset nodded again. “Then on my count. Three… two… one…”

In a flash of rainbow-colored lightning, Rainbow Dash took off running, and keeping pace beside her completely was Sunset, red, yellow, and blue lightning flickering off the fiery-haired girl as she let out a shout of exhilaration.

Maybe this isn’t all that bad after all, Sunset thought to herself as she continued running in-pace with Rainbow through the hallways of the ship.

Author's Note:

Sorry it's been so long! I thought I had a proofreader, but they never answered when I sent them this chapter, so I could us an active proofreader!

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