• Published 21st Jul 2019
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The Traveler Rises - Night Sparkle Production

When the universe is in need of a hero, one shall rise, with power unimaginable. In her hand, the fates of all worlds shall reside, for she is The Traveler; protector of all

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Chapter Two: The Beginning of A New Path

Author's Note:

Sorry for the wait everyone! Been holding this one back in case anyone wanted to proofread for me. Finally decided I should just post it. Hope y'all enjoy!

P.S. I'm still hoping to find a proofreader if you're interested :twilightsmile:

“I am the what now?!” Sunset asked incredulously.

“You are The Traveler.” Twilight said. “The guardian of the Multiverse and protector of all the innocent within it.”

“But… I’m just the ex-protegee of Princess Celestia!” Sunset protested, shaking her head. “You have to be mistaken! I’m not the next Traveler!”

“Only someone worthy of that hammer’s power, and therefore the title of The Traveler, can lift if and wield it,” Rainbow Dash said, pointing a finger at the hammer that was shoved through Sunset’s belt.

“Then why don’t one of you try?” Sunset asked as she moved to grab it, but was stopped by a raised hand from Rarity.

“We’d love to darling, but we’re all secondary tier Travelers. We can wield it, but we wouldn’t be able to harness all of its power like you can,” she explained, and Sunset sighed.

“What can you all do special?” The fiery-haired girl asked curiously, and Twilight smiled.

“Well, Fluttershy is a fabulous archer, and is very agile and quick,” Twilight said, and Fluttershy smiled.

“Mah strength, stamina, and endurance are extremely high, and ah’ go into battle dressed as Mare Do Well,” Applejack said with a smile. “It was the best costume design we could come up that fit me the best.”

“Me, I’m really fast!” Dash said, and then suddenly took off in a blur of blue and rainbow-colored lightning, and seconds later skidding to a stop where she had began, papers flying in the air behind her.

“Myself, I am a master in a special type of magic known as the mystic arts, introduced to us when we visited one world,” Rarity said, thrusting her hands forwards and spinning them in a circle as a glowing light blue circle of magical energy formed before her, fizzling out in seconds.

“I’m the tech person, and I go into battle with a suit of armor I built a while back,” Pinkie explained, pointing at her watch. “I’ll activate it later to show to you, since I only really like activating it when I need it.”

“And for me,” Twilight said, smiling. “I’m a multi-skilled fighter. I can adapt to any situation and use any method of fighting I know to gain the upper hand.”

Sunset stared between all of them, her head whirling as she tried to process everything. Finally, she settled for saying. “And… what can I do?”

The others exchanged glances, before Twilight stepped forwards, the tips of her fingers glowing as she raised them and touched the side of Sunset’s face, her pointer finger touching Sunset’s temple just as Sunset’s vision suddenly went dark and she was sucked into a vision of a different time…


“Come on, you bitches!” A fiery-haired warrior in a golden bodysuit of armor shouted as she smashed through enemies. “You’ll never get what you want!”

Arrayed throughout the attacking army was the rest of the Travelers, each one fighting in their own style. Dash was speeding through the enemy forces, leaving a wake of destruction behind her while Applejack was punching her way through enemies, each punch or kick sending a foe flying backwards. Farther back, out of the worst of the fighting, Fluttershy stood, firing arrows into the enemy army, while closer to her Rarity was using her unique magic to grab enemies and send them flying through the air, opening portals and sending their own attacks back on them, while Pinkie Pie shot through the air in a suit of technological armor, firing blasts of energy into the enemy army, while Twilight slashed and cut with two katana-like swords, leaving a trail of destruction behind her.

However, the real fighter was the golden-armored warrior, who at that moment leaped high into the sky, purple lightning arcing off of them into the sky as they raised a hammer over their head, and when they smashed into the ground and the hammer made contact, it sent a massive force of pure destructive power ripping through the enemy army.


Sunset stumbled as she returned to her own body, Twilight removing her hand as Dash sped over and grabbed the fiery-haired girl by the arm to steady her. After a few seconds to regain her composure, Sunset looked towards Twilight.

“That girl, with the golden armor… was that me?” She asked, and Twilight let out a laugh.

“Yes, and no.” She responded. “That was Sunset Shimmer, but not yourself. She was the one from our world, and her full title was Queen Sunset Shimmer, ruler of Equestria, the Crystal Empire, and the Fire Realm, as well as The Traveler. She was the last Traveler.”

“She’s the one who sacrificed herself to buy you guys time?” Sunset asked softly, and Twilight nodded.

“And she was the Captain of this ship,” Fluttershy added. “A title which you’ve also inherited.”

“So… what am I supposed to do now?” Sunset asked, and the other girls exchanged glances.

“Train up, become a warrior, and fight back against our enemy,” Twilight said.

“And… who’s our enemy?” Sunset asked nervously, and this time Rainbow Dash spoke.

“He’s called the Anti-Traveler,” the speedster said. “His power and abilities are the exact same level of power as yourself, but on a more evil and darker scale. He’s already destroyed dozens upon dozens of worlds throughout the Multiverse, and we’re all that stands in the way of him and complete domination.”

“And your first lesson starts now,” Twilight said as she motioned for Sunset to follow her, which the fiery-haired girl did as she nervously twirled her hair. After several minutes, Twilight led Sunset into a room lined with weapons, crossing over to one wall where her two katana-like blades were visible, grabbing the hilt of one and with a zzzzing the blade slid out of its scabbard, gleaming in the interior light as Twilight then gestured at the walls.

“Go ahead and choose a blade or weapon that you’re going to use other than the hammer,” she instructed, and Sunset gulped as she walked along the walls, her eyes scanning the different types of swords and weapons until they fell upon one in particular, which caused her to stop as she looked it over more.

The sword was sheathed in a scabbard made of some sort of golden metal, with a finely crafted silver hilt and black wood handle, the pommel another ornately crafted piece of silver. Sunset reached out and lifted the sheathed blade off its rest, before unsheathing it with a ringing zzzzing, the inside of the scabbard being oiled leather, before inspecting the blade, which was about three feet long and made of a shining metal, the edges of the blade having a unique blued steel flame-like pattern to them. Sunset weighed the blade in her hand, before doing a swing with it, marveling at how it felt like an extension of her arm.

“This one,” she said, and Twilight made a grunting sound, before nodding.

“Square up,” Twilight said, flicking her blade, and Sunset did, dropping the scabbard on the ground before raising her new sword, Twilight bringing her sword up before immediately attacking, her blade swinging through the air in a whistling arc of steel. Sunset let out a yelp, blocking with her own sword, before retaliating, only for her sword to be deflected with a steely screech by Twilight’s.

“Yeah, definitely a lot of work to be done here,” Twilight said just as she began a complex series of blows, driving Sunset backwards before with a quick twirl of her sword she flicked Sunset’s sword from her grasp, her sword’s tip sweeping up to rest right on Sunset’s neck.

“Damn Twilight,” Sunset breathed, barely moving. “How’d you learn all that?”

“Queen Sunset taught me. She was an amazing swords-woman.” Twilight said, bringing her sword’s blade down and stepping backwards. “Something it’s now up to me to teach to you. So…” She flicked her swords tip at Sunset’s blade, and the fiery-haired girl picked it up, settling into a battle stance.

“Let’s begin,” Twilight said as she started forwards, her blade already in motion.