• Published 21st Jul 2019
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The Traveler Rises - Night Sparkle Production

When the universe is in need of a hero, one shall rise, with power unimaginable. In her hand, the fates of all worlds shall reside, for she is The Traveler; protector of all

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Chapter One: New Revelations

“Gah…” Sunset managed to moan as she slowly pushed herself up off the ground. She stared down through blurry vision at the ground as she blinked multiple times, her eyes refocusing as she stared down at the rocky ground, her hand braced against it.

“Wait, what!?” Sunset yelped as she fell backwards, realizing she was now in her human form, wearing the same clothes that she had worn through the mirror at Canterlot High. She held her hands up in front of her face, noticing she was shaking slightly, before lowering them and moving her gaze towards where the hammer lay on the ground, still sparking arcs of purple lightning off the head every once in a while.

Hesitantly, Sunset stood up slowly, taking a step forwards and reaching out a hand to grab at the handle of the hammer. However, before she even got close, the hammer shot off the ground and smacked into the palm of her outstretched hand, and with a shout of surprise Sunset leaped back, dropping the hammer on the ground.

“Okay…” She said, taking a deep breath to calm herself. “Let’s go at this smart…” She held her hand out again, and just like before, the hammer shot off the ground and smacked into her palm, and this time she closed her fingers around the handle. Letting out a breath she hadn’t known she was holding, she weighed the weapon experimentally in her hand, before giving it a test swing at her side, surprised to find that with just one swing, the momentum began to build, and within seconds the hammer was a blur of motion by her side, purple lightning crackling in its wake.

“Let’s see what this does…” Sunset thought aloud, before bringing the hammer forwards and letting it go, sending it flying at the opposite wall of the cave. The weapon hit like a bomb, and with a crack the wall exploded, and Sunset yelped as she threw her hands up to shield her face from shrapnel. When nothing hit her, she lowered her hands to discover that all the debris had been deflected off a shield a foot away from her. With a relieved sigh, Sunset held out her hand, and the hammer returned to it once more.

“No, not THE hammer now,” Sunset thought to herself as she turned it over in her hands. “MY hammer.”

Sunset turned and began retracing her steps from the cave, and within a half hour she found herself back at the bottom of the pit she had fallen into. Staring up towards the sky, Sunset looked down at her hammer, before back up.

“I wonder…” She said aloud, before beginning to spin her hammer by her side, and when it had reached its maximum speed, she swung it upwards, only not letting go of the handle this time.


Seconds later, Sunset dropped down down on the ground at the top of the pit, breathing heavily and her body flooded with adrenaline. She hadn’t expected that doing what she had done with her hammer would cause her to go flying skywards at a ridiculous speed, taking a fraction of the time it had taken her to go out that it had for her to fall in.

“Woah… Twilight is going to love running all sorts of tests on you…” Sunset said, shoving her hammer through her belt as she began walking. However, she had barely gone a few yards before a figure in a sandy gold cloak stepped out before her, blocking her path. Sunset stopped as her hand dropped to her hammer and pulled it from her belt, holding it at the ready as she assessed the other person.

The other person stood slightly shorter than Sunset, and other than the cloak, the only other visible apparel was a yellow scarf that hid the lower portion of their face from view. Over their right shoulder, the feathered ends of about a dozen arrows were visible from where they protruded from a quiver, and held in the figure’s left hand was a metal recurve bow.

“Did you pick that up without any magical assistance?” The figure asked, gesturing at the hammer Sunset held in her hand. Sunset narrowed her eyes, and as if responding to her emotions, purple lightning started crackling around her hammer’s head.

“Yes, I did. Who are you, and why do you care?” She snapped, and the figure snapped their left arm up and over their right shoulder, sliding their bow into their quiver before reaching up and pulling the scarf down, and then flicking their hood back, revealing a familiar face framed by long pink hair.

“Fluttershy!?” Sunset yelped, nearly dropping her hammer. Fluttershy gave a small smile, before raising her hand and putting a finger on something in her ear.

“Yeah, it’s her. Pick us up.” She said, and then Sunset nearly dropped her hammer again as a massive, black-hulled ship materialized above the two of them, casting a large shadow on the ground below it. Sunset looked down at herself as white light suddenly began spiraling around her, and before she could say anything she suddenly found herself in the middle of a strange room, the light dying down as Fluttershy walked towards the door, gesturing at Sunset to follow, to which the fiery-haired girl complied.

“We’ve been waiting for you for months now,” Fluttershy said over her shoulder, leading Sunset along a hallway, multiple doorways or other corridors visible as they walked along.

We?” Sunset asked, and then Fluttershy stopped in front of a door just as it opened, the two girls stepping inside, and then Sunset’s jaw dropped. They were standing in a massive room which had a large window in the front of it, several displays visible on it as it gave them a perfect view of the surrounding area.

“Welcome to the bridge of the USS Firebird.” Fluttershy said, gesturing at a seat in the center of a bunch of consoles. “That’s the Captain’s seat. It’s been empty for months.”

“Why?” Sunset asked, before her head snapped around as she heard another familiar voice.

“Because our last Captain sacrificed her life ta’ try and slow down our enemy,” Applejack said from where she leaned up against a wall, the country girl also in her human form, and wearing a dark purple-magenta outfit, her boots wrapped in light purple fabric, and a pair of gloves that matched her boots were visible hanging from her belt. She was wearing her normal cowboy hat, but hanging on a hook over the station she obviously manned was a large, floppy-brimmed dark-purple hat.

“Applejack?” Sunset asked, before holding up her hands. “Okay, let’s slow down! What the hell is going on here!?”

“You’ve just inherited the privilege of becoming one of the most powerful beings in existence.” Another familiar voice said, and Sunset turned to find four other people had entered the room behind them. Standing in the middle and front was Twilight, wearing dark violet jeans, and a magenta blouse. To her right stood Rainbow Dash, wearing a dark blue bodysuit that had a white circle with a rainbow-colored bolt of lightning shooting across it, a bunched amount of fabric around her neck hinting towards a mask.

On Rainbow Dash’s left stood Rarity, the fashionista wearing a dark purple cape that flowed behind her, wearing a dark blue leather vest, leg guards, and arm guards. Hanging around her neck was a white scarf, trimmed with violet. And on Twilight’s left stood Pinkie Pie, wearing her normal clothing, but having an advanced-looking watch strapped on her right wrist, and her eyes assessed Sunset with a startling precision.

“W-what do you mean?” Sunset asked, and Twilight smiled slightly as she responded.

“You, Sunset Shimmer, are the new Traveler.”