• Published 21st Jul 2019
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The Traveler Rises - Night Sparkle Production

When the universe is in need of a hero, one shall rise, with power unimaginable. In her hand, the fates of all worlds shall reside, for she is The Traveler; protector of all

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Prologue: The Winds of Change

“It has to be around here,” Sunset Shimmer said, frowning down at the map she was levitating before her. The yellow unicorn turned and levitated her compass out of her saddlebags, glancing between it and the map, and then her calculations for location in the maps margins.

“The source has to be somewhere around here!” She exclaimed, putting both the compass and map back in her saddlebag, looking around with a frustrated look on her face.

Several months prior, Sunset had decided to finally return to Equestria, saying goodbye to her close friends and coming back to her old home. While part of her had been nervous at first, Princess Celestia soon forgave her, and then she settled down in Ponyville with Twilight and the pony versions of her friends back on the other side of the mirror. Only a couple weeks ago, Sunset had started detecting a massive surge of magical energy in the southern part of Equestria, and after collecting any needed supplies, she had set off on her journey to track down the magical anomaly.

Now, here she was, right at the location of the source, and yet, nothing to show from it. With a frustrated snort, Sunset stomped her hoof hard on the ground, before freezing as a massive bolt of lightning- purple lightning - cracked through the sky above her, rain suddenly pouring down out of storm clouds that had gathered in the area, blotting out the light of the sun and quickly covering the surrounding land in darkness.

“What the hell?!” Sunset yelled, her eyes wide. This makes no sense! There’s no way it could have just started storming that fast! There’s no-

Another air-splitting crack filled the air as a massive bolt of purple lightning smashed into the rocky ground only a few feet away from her, making Sunset yelp and leap backwards, only to slip and fall on the slick stone. As she stood, she heard a rumbling sound, and her eyes widened and her ears lay back on her head as she turned and saw a massive network of cracks now branching across the stone, already underneath her hooves.

Before Sunset could make a sound, the ground beneath her hooves crumbled into nothingness, and she dropped into darkness, still able to see the flashed of lightning from above. She tried to catch herself with her magic, or teleport, but none of her spells seemed to be working. After what seemed like hours of falling, she was starting to get annoyed and bored, and then without warning she landed with a thud on the ground, her head hitting something hard and sending a bright white light of pain through her head, before everything faded away into the soothing darkness of unconsciousness...

With a groan, Sunset raised herself up off the ground, sitting down and rubbing her head to try and relieve the pounding headache that came from smashing her head against hard rock. With a sigh, Sunset ignited her horn, allowing a little more light to illuminate her surroundings. She was at the bottom of what appeared to be a hidden entrance into an underground cave system, the surface being roughly… forty or fifty feet above her, if she had to estimate from the time it had taken her to reach the bottom. With a resigned groan, Sunset turned to venture deeper into the cave system, pausing as she felt it once again; that mysterious powerful surge of energy. And now it was closer than ever before.

With unrestrained excitement, Sunset hurried as fast as she could through the tunnels of the cave system, using a tracking spell to lead her onwards to where the magic originated from. She had lost track of how many tunnels she had gone through and corners she had made, before she turned one last corner and stopped short, her mouth falling open and her horn fizzling out at the sight before her.

The massive cave she had just entered was unlike any she had ever seen, and probably one of a kind. All of the walls were covered in a layer of amethyst crystals, the purple crystals glowing like they had an inner illumination. But the reason she was so transfixed was the whirlwind-like vortex of purple lightning that was crackling across every surface of the cave, originating from the very center, where a chunk of stone about a foot and a half high protruded out of the ground.

Mesmerized, and wanting to discover the source of the lightning, the unicorn slowly moved towards it. In the back of her mind, she noticed that as she approached, the lightning seemed to focus on the side of the cave opposite her, allowing her unimpeded access to the source of all the tendrils of electricity.

Atop the chunk of stone was a war hammer, the steel head buried halfway in the stone, its golden handle gleaming in the light of the lightning. Sunset walked up to it, before standing up and placing her forehooves on the edge of the stone, investigating the hammer closer. The unicorn narrowed her eyes, before casting a quick spell to confirm her suspicions; sure enough, the strange magic was originating from the hammer.

“Okay Sunset, this goes against every rule you know when dealing with really powerful, probably dangerous magical artifacts,” Sunset said, talking to herself. “But here goes nothing.” The unicorn climbed up on the stone and braced herself, gripping the handle of the hammer tightly with both her forehooves as she pulled with all her might.

While outwardly, it seemed like nothing happened, Sunset could feel the hammer give a little; not enough to be noticeable visually, but enough to be felt through her grip on it. With a growl, Sunset grit her teeth and pulled even harder, and with a loud crack she went flying backwards, the hammer landing with a thud a few feet away her. Sunset shook her head as she stood, before trotting over to the hammer with a small smirk.

“Good job Shimmer, couldn’t have gone any better,” Sunset said, before she grabbed the handle again with her hoof and lifted it up. As she did so, the head began to glow with purple lightning, and before she could react a million blots of the purple colored electricity shot out of the amethyst crystals covering the caves walls, shooting into the head of the hammer before surging up the handle and into her, causing her to let out a scream as she dropper to the ground, her body twitching as she felt the energy of the lightning coursing through her, along with a strange extreme burning sensation. And then her world went black as her eyes rolled up in her head and she passed out for the second time.

Author's Note:

Yeah, I know it's kinda a dick move to end the chapter on such a cliffhanger like that, but I like being mean and building up suspense with my stories. Hope you enjoy the story, and feel free to comment or criticize as you'd like!