• Published 13th Aug 2012
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The Mane 6 play video games - ChoccieWings

Just really the title, i guess. The mane 6 plays video games. enjoy!

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Chapter 2- Introducing Joystick and Sulfex!

The BEEPS and BOOPS and "THIS GAME IS RIGGED!" coming from the room attracted 2 ponies attention. The first to get attracted was a pegasus called Joystick. She had a cutie mark of a 1970's joystick and when he walked pass twilights house, she heard the noises coming from the room.
"I think I can hear a song from dance dance revolution!" she said, and went over to Twilights house and knocked on the door. The first thing she saw was Twilight standing at the door. The first thing she heard was sweetie belle saying "I bet none of you can do better me on scoot mode!"
"Hi!" Said Twilight. "May I help you?"
"Hi, im Joystick. I just heard the sound of video games coming from your house and I was just wondering what you were doing" "Well, we are having a gaming marathon tonight and..."
"A gaming Marathon?!?!?!" said Joystick excitedly. "Can I please stay over as well tonight?"
"um, well, sure, I guess." Said Twilight, a bit unsure
. "WHOOO-HOOO!" said joystick excitedly, somehow pulling out a Gamecolt advance out of her backpack and rushed downstairs. "This room is epic!" she said excitedly and started playing Fire Harmony.

*Bring Bring!* *Bring Bring!* Vinyl scratch quickly answered his phone. "Hello? she said.
"Hey, Vinyl!" Said the pony on the other end, Vinyls apprentice named Sulfex.
"Oh, hey Sulfex! Whats up?"
"I just finished my performance and wanted to know if you wanted to come to my house? I bet I could finally beat you at DJ Hero!"
"I'd love to, Sulfex, but im at Twilights for the night. Having gaming marathon here. Hey, I could ask her if you could come over!"
"That'd be cool, Vinyl!"
"k, one sec. HEY TWILIGHT?
"yes?" she responded.
"uh, sure, I guess."
"OK, THANKS! ok, she said you could come, Sulfex.
"Cool! I'll see you there, Vinyl!"
"see ya soon!"
*boop* *boop* *boop*

*knock knock knock*
"Coming!" Called Twilight. When she got up, she saw a Alicorn with a Vinyl disk as a Cuitie mark with a red crosshair.
"Hi!" Answered Sulfex
"Hi! I guess your Sulfex?" asked Twilight.
"Wow, how are you a Alicorn!"
"Its sorta hard to explain"
"Do you want to come inside and then tell me?"
"sure!" Twilight did a *squee* and ran to get pen and paper. "Got to document this!!!!" she said
"Ok... im coming!" Called out Sulfex, following her.

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