• Published 13th Aug 2012
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The Mane 6 play video games - ChoccieWings

Just really the title, i guess. The mane 6 plays video games. enjoy!

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Chapter 1- The sleepover starts!

////Joining steam voice chat: Rainb00m3d. 4 other group members- fashionista932, Flutter, buckallthethings, pinkandeatspie!\\\
Rainbow Dash, your late! said Rarity angrily. "Sorry, I had to practice my new tricks." Responded Rainbow Dash. "You know that the wonderbolts are coming to equestria this month!" Rainbow continued with a fangirl squeal. "Now, ya'll stop argui'n. We hafta discuse whats gonna happen tonight!" said Applejack. "How bou't we all sneak our consoles in, and our laptops as well. I know that twilight has internet." She continued. "I would really like to play a bit there..... " said Fluttershy. "Then its settled!" said Rarity. "See you all there tonight!" "Bye!" "Bye!" Bye!" ///Raimb00m3d, fashionista932, Flutter, buckallthethings left/// "Hey girls!! I back! didn't you know I AFK'D? Girls?" said Pinkie Pie energetically. She then realized that they had left voice chat, but said in the chat bar- "Bring your consoles and PC tonight". Pinkie smiled and got to work.

It was 5:55 PM. Twilights library, also her house, had been decorated with streamers and a table of full snacks. "I can wait for everyone to show up!" said Twilight excitedly. She got her wish nearly straight away, as there was a knock on the door and Applejack was out there with Applebloom. "Howdy, Twilight!" said Applejack "Hey, Twilight!" said Applebloom. "Hi girls, come on in! Said Twilight. They came in and placed their stuff in the corner. *ding-dong!* "Coming!" said Twilight, opening the door.
After a while everyone had came in, and the party had just started. "I wonder what books Twilight has!" said Pinkie, looking through the N section of the bookshelf. "Hmmmmmm, not to read, will scare you forever." said Pinkie reading a book cover. "This shouldn't be in here! I'll go give it to Twilight!" As Pinkie pulled the book out, there was a creak and groan, and a hidden passage opened. Pinkie gasped. "Its like im in a movie!" She said, hopping down the stairs. But what she saw surprised her.

"Twilight, I never knew you where a gamer!" said Rainbow Dash, looking in wonder at what Pinkie had found. Pinkie had found a room with nearly every single video game and console ever! "I felt a bit shy saying it if you all weren't..." Said Twilight. "It only makes you twenty percent cooler!" Said Rainbow. "We all brought our consoles and PC'S!" Said Pinkie, spilling out her bag. "Then lets get playing!" Said Twilight. Then they heard a giant crash and Derpy and Vinyl Scratch came crashing down. "I told you that I didn't want to ride on your back..." Murmured Vinyl Scratch. "Sorry!" said Derpy. The realized where they where. Then they realisms they pathway. Then they realized the videogames in there. "Epic!" said Vinyl Scratch. "Fun!" said Derpy. "Can we pleeeeeease stay?" asked Vinyl Scratch. "Please?" said Derpy. "Sure, i guess." Said Twilight. "Then let the epic gaming marathon begin!" Said Pinkie Pie.

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