• Published 10th Nov 2019
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To Be A Wonderbolt - Genki Griffon

A Weather Control Pegasi content with her mundane life. doing the same routine trapped in her own bubble, learns what it means to dream big and the consequences that follows in pursuit of happiness...

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Ch.2) Just Another Day At Work

My alarm clock started to buzz, what I wouldn’t give to wake up to the sound of a rooster’s crow it’s far more subtle than alarms. But the burst of adrenaline and the thought that I may be late for something tends to do the trick well enough. It’s exactly 5:30AM, a time when the moon begins to fall and the sun begins to rise from the horizon. In other words, Princess Celestia is waking up and Princess Luna is going to sleep. Good morning, princess of the night and hello to a brand new day! I’m really tired, but I’m used to waking up at this hour every day for the past four years. Wake up then shower, I pull back the shower curtain to my stand-in shower and twist the hot water knob first then the cold water knob. I’m not too keen on hot showers, I think that cold showers are much more refreshing and wake up the spirit twice as fast. Never understood why ponies like hot showers so much. I mean, If they take a hot shower it feels good and all but if it feels too good then they’re less inclined to leave even risking to be late for work just so they can feel the warmth of water on a cold morning. Well, different strokes for different folks I guess. I rinse off my vanilla-scented shampoo and step out of the shower to dry my mane and coat off with a Twenty-gee Tornado Twist.

I look over to my kitchen...sigh...what I wouldn’t give for somepony to make me some breakfast for a change while I get ready for work. I am not all too social and usually keep to myself. However, this action would also mean I have no chance of dating since most of my life is circled around my work. For a brief moment I wondered what it would be like to have a stallion I love and-- priorities Heavy Rain, priorities. Walking over to the stove, I crack a couple of eggs and set some hay bacon bits on top of them into the frying pan. Mix them up a bit and glaze it with syrup and I got myself a nice breakfast omelet, an apple, and good OJ. Better than porridge or fast food, thank Celestia I learned how to cook! By the time I finish and dress in uniform, it’s 6:30AM and time to head out to work.

A bit brisk this morning, it’s nice and tends to put a smile on my face. I never get tired of seeing Ponyville during the early hours before everypony wakes up. If I fly to work it would take no less than ten or twenty minutes getting to my job, about an hour if I trot. Though I wake up really early just so I can have this luxury of trotting to my job and enjoying the scenic route where the trees are all sorts of colors from red to yellow. There’s just something magical about walking the streets at the end of dawn; see a few ponies walking around, coffee wrapped in their magic, yawning earth ponies with tired eyes, the occasional “Hello, how do you do?” on a fine end of Fall; I love it...it’s refreshing and so peaceful.

Ponyville Weather Control Pegasi HQ aka The PWCP if pressed for time. Here we’re in charge of the weather forecast directed straight from the Weather Factory. A yawn escapes my lips, “My livelihood…” I enter the building and head to my locker to put on my vest. Safety first! When operating clouds via push, pull, lift, dropping, kicking, separating, etc. etc. make sure you wear your safety vest. So says our motto if we had one but in our field of work things can get dangerous so these vests give us some protection. Once I saw a volunteer get landed into a hospital because he got electrocuted while managing thunderclouds...it wasn’t my fault though, we warned him what would happen if he didn’t wear a vest, so it was a lesson learned; He never came back.

“Morning, Heavy Rain! Bright and early as usual, huh?” A teal stallion with a purple mane and blue eyes greeted me with an uplifting smile.

“Oh, hi Open Skies! Good morning to you too. I have only just arrived not too long ago before you. But have you seen Clear Skies yet?” I questioned, wondering where our co-worker was.

“Yeah, it’s been clear skies all morning since I flew here, I tell you that wind is chilly. If I knew flying here today was going to be that cold I would have grabbed my jacket to put on top of my uniform, haha!” Open Skies laughed.

“It’s not that bad to me, but I meant our co-worker, Clear Skies, have you seen her yet? Not the weather, Open Skies,” I grinned at him for confusing Clear Skies with the actual weather. (Sometimes that happens in this line of work when most of us are named after the specific weather that is our responsibility, it’s pretty funny; though I never made that mistake yet and I’m proud of that, I keep a personal record.)

“Oh, Clear Skies whoops sorry!” He smiled meekly, “No, no I haven’t seen her yet but I hope she doesn’t fly in late again or we might have to hear Fluffy Clouds cry again.” He rolled his eyes.

“Fluffy needs to grow a backbone, He’s a boss for crying out loud...no pun intended. I feel a second-hoof embarrassment when I see him cry his eyes out,” I retorted apathetically as I sighed.

"Well don’t let him hear you say that about him or he’ll definitely cry,” Open Skies makes his best impression of a weeping face, which I chuckled a bit. I have to admit it was pretty funny, zipping up my safety vest over my uniform and closing my locker door as Open Skies gets ready for work by his locker. I lean on the locker next to him as I wait for him.

“So, how’s your colt?” I cocked an eyebrow up anticipating a good story. The one thing good about working here-- and everypony knows it-- is that Open Skies has a knack for telling good stories about his life. Making the most mundane things sound comical, he was just that charismatic pegasi of the office. So most ponies, during their free time, would ask him about his affairs. They’re usually family shenanigans but most of us in the office or on the field don’t have the time or luxury to think about starting a family. Open Skies was one of the exceptions considering he already had a family when he started working with us three years ago. Though he’s older than me by ten years, that technically makes me his senior.

“HA! My colt, where do I even start?!” His face lit up, already excited to tell me a story. I couldn’t help but be interested in what he was about to say now.

“This’ll be funny for you I promise, let me tell you! I get off my bed to wake my colt up for school and my colt says he’s too sick to go to school. Now you know how it is, I’m not buying it, so I tell him to get up and get ready. So I head to the kitchen to make myself some breakfast, pepper red hot chili omelets with the chili peppers I bought yesterday but there were none for some reason. I look at my colt and ask him where the chili peppers I was saving, assuming he ate them for a snack or something. And the little rascal looks at me with an expression like he’s seen a ghost!” Open Skies babbled on and on.

I kind of zoned out of the amusing story. I could only imagine this is what it must be like to have foals. I snicker, “Then what happened next, did it turn out that he ate them after all?” I hadn’t noticed that I invested myself in his story as he closes his locker and we both headed off to the conference room to be briefed on today’s weather forecast and our assignments for today. He answered unexpectedly, “Then I noticed his bulge-” I was taken aback and couldn’t help but blush in my surprisement. “-What?! I’m sorry what? Um…” my ears folded back and I was left speechless, of course, Open Skies is completely unaware of my discomfort and continues as he always does.

“I tell my colt, ‘pull down your pants!’ Something was definitely off.” He looked at me for a sec before continuing.

“Um, wh-where-what even! Where is this story going?” I whispered, “This is not safe for work…”

“A bunch of red hot chili pepper starts tumbling everywhere and I mean everywhere! Chili peppers, chili peppers all over my floor!” I looked at him blankly, “You have got to be kidding me?” I gasped and while he burst out laughing. “That’s what I’m saying and I tell him, ‘Son wha-why did you do all this?’ and he tells me, ‘I thought if I shove chili peppers in my underwear it would give me fever!’ AHAHAH! Oh boy, my son.” His laughter bellows through the small hallway, though it was so contagious I couldn’t help but join him in his laughter.

“Foals these days am I right?!” I shrug with a wink. Though I wouldn’t really know to be honest; I never took care of a foal before. “My wife wasn’t happy, HA! Had to leave early just to avoid her stink eye, when I told her ‘this colt is all you’...I’m sleeping on the couch tonight for sure,” his head lowered in uncertainty.

I wince a bit, why would you say that to your wife stupid stallion. “Oh yes definitely; better come home with flowers~” I chimed playfully as we walked into the conference room where we find a cream-colored pony with a mane of various shades of blue and sky blue eyes waiting to be briefed on today’s work.

“Hey, you two! Open Skies, Heavy Rain, good morning!” she smiles, so happily yet relaxed carrying a cheerful yet understanding attitude. If I had a sister, she would be it; somepony I can rely on and have my back. Considering she’s also my senior at the PWCP, she holds not only the merit of her status but the experience behind her kind and loving, sunny smile. “Good morning to you too, Sunshower.” I respectfully reply meanwhile-

“Sunshower, got to tell you what happened to me this morning. I tell you it’s a doozy! Wanna hear my story?” Open Skies practically dive-bombed onto the conference table ready to regale the same morning story he just finished telling me on the way here. Sunshower looked at me with worry and immediately crossed my hooves in an X formation while shaking my head frantically to say no. She then smiled at me appreciatively. I mean, his story was good except for the inappropriate parts. I think one mare hearing that is enough; why did it have to be me though?

“U-um no thanks,” a blush creeps on her face, “I heard half of it and I rather not. Something about...undressing?” Not safe...this is a workspace; poor mare started listening to it at the wrong part. “Okay suit yourself,” Open Skies shrugged and took a seat; I took the seat next to him.

Right now the time is 7:50 AM and the briefing starts at eight. With just ten minutes of spare time, our boss walks in to prepare the briefing. A skinny stallion with buck teeth, a blue coat, a mane as white and fluffy as a stratus cloud, green eyes, and a cute bowtie his name is Fluffy Clouds; (some of us call him the Sad Delegate, sort of an inside joke.) Soon enough, the briefing starts.

“Okay everypony and good morning to you all! Ready for another fine day of work?” Sad Delegate smiles from cheek to cheek, he honestly loves his job; I just want to get paid.

“Of course Fluffy Clouds! What’s the assignment for today?” Sunshower assured.
“Yeah, what clouds the Weather Factory wants us to push today?” Open Skies added.

“Firstly, the good news, we’re going to have great weather as usual! First off, uh-um where’s Clear Skies?” Sad Delegate took a minute to look around the room, noticing that the team is one pony short.

“Oh Celestia not again...” I face-hoofed, she’s late again. What is with this mare, do I need to start waking up even earlier to go to her house and pick her up or something? Just as the others were rolling their eyes, (yeah I’m not the only one tired of this), Clear Skies bursts open the conference room door. “So so sorry I’m late it won’t happen again I swear it, aaaah!!” She flies in and a bunch of papers she was holding scattered all over the place leaving a trail for office ponies to pick up and hoof over to her. I’m only hoping more that Sad Delegate doesn’t give his nickname justice and starts crying.

“You’re late Clear Skies! You’re late late late again why that makes it the ninth time this month!” He whines, teary-eyed, as he looks at Clear Skies with an annoyed expression.

“Ten bits, he starts crying.” Open Skies whispered in my ear. I roll my eyes and smile at him giving him a nudge on the foreleg. “I’m sorry but y-you see w-what happened was-”

One painfully long and bizarre story later…

“-And then I rushed here as fast as I could…I swear it!” Clear Skies looked at our division boss in distress.

“Just...sit down Clear Skies. I'll talk to you in private later” Sad Delegate said feeling his patience was exhausted. “...Yes sir…” Clear Skies sat, head down in shame for her constant tardiness and underperforming.

“Now back to the forecast!” Sad Delegate’s smile returned and clopped his hooves “We’re going to have a good weather forecast today. Sunny skies all around and partially cloudy. That means Open Skies is taking point today, Clear Skies, you get rid of any access clouds and leave the little ones and do it right this time, please. Open Skies, spread the clouds out. And Sunshower if you happen to see any clouds that may have too much water in them dump the water into a river, a lake, or something but not on ponies like Rainbow Dash tends to do,” that remark got a snicker out of the staff, myself included. “Okay everypony, let's get to work and make a beautiful day happen!”

I couldn’t help but feel like something wasn’t right. Then it dawned on me and I looked at everypony with a puzzled expression. “...what about me?”

“Hmm, o-oh yes, Heavy Rain…” Sad Delegate scratches his neck uncomfortably. “Uh Manehattan is getting a bit dry...due to all that industrialism of the city and the air is getting a bit polluted. They could use some heavy rain clouds, regular nimbostratus clouds will do. The problem is that there’s a festival and it’s a really important one for friends and families. Meaning you’d have to...can just...I’m sorry, Heavy Rain,” he looked at me pitifully.

Putting the pieces together I came to a realization of what he was asking me to do and I felt a pain in my chest. An instant of anxiety filled my mind before I quickly regained my composure, hoping nopony noticed, “No no, I get it, pretty much do what I do best; ruin everypony’s day. Especially on Manehattan pony’s heads. I’ll be sure to grab a pair of earplugs, heh, I mean they aren’t really the nicest folks, no big deal.” I replied, a sullen smile across my face.

“If it makes you feel any better Heavy Rain,” Sunshower approaches, “I get rain on ponies too sometimes...but you’re really good at handling upset ponies, I think I would cry if all those ponies yelled at me. You’re an angel sent from Celestia herself I tell you!” She smiles faintly. Hearing her say those words made me actually feel like I can do this. I can handle today, and she may not know how much it meant to me by how I replied, “Gee, thanks that make me feel a bit better,” I smile back at her, (it’s nice to have friends like her.)

“Okay everypony let's go go go!” Sad Delegate said with so much spirit.

“Yes Sir!” We all said in unison.

I once read in a pony’s tale that there was once a mare who delivers the clouds that harbor her love creating her gift of rain that pours over the land and feeds Equestria’s soil so that flowers may bloom in her path to create a colorful, prettier Equestria. That’s where my mother got my name from. At least the earth thanks me, but the ponies who inhabit it don’t really appreciate my efforts. My rain is gloomy, it’s dark and cold, hard to see through, and spreads sadness to the hearts of fillies. I can’t help how they feel, to me the rain is calm, refreshing, makes one think and clears the mind of worry and sorrow. The pitter-patter of droplets against grass or pavement makes a nice melody and is good for sleep. That’s fine though, it doesn’t really matter what other ponies think because in the end I get paid; it’s my job to do this every now and then.

Approaching Manehattan with heavy rain clouds, I notice the festival going on down below. It slipped my mind that today was the Summer Sun Outing Festival where ponies gather to appreciate the sun and time with the ponies they love. Not to be confused with the Summer Sun Celebration which was the literal celebration of the Princess of the Sun and all her glory. Naturally, it’s more of an excuse for hardworking ponies to have one day off from work. Which means…

A moment of hesitation, I let out a dreadful sigh, ”...sorry everypony, it’s just business,” I whispered melancholy.

The sky starts to turn dark. Heavy clouds start to block out the beautiful sun as the wind starts to pick up. The darkness of the clouds swallows the sun’s radiance and soon enough water droplets trickle out from the sky and hit the snouts of the pedestrians below. Taken aback, some look up to see that heavy rain clouds have formed over their city. Some were wise enough to carry an umbrella at least, (looks like someponies actually read the newspapers today, huh, surprising enough). That makes me just a tiny bit relieved at the very least; not so much at the festival though because a few ponies have already spotted me. You know what they say, the worker in orange is the one who manages, and by this decree, I am obligated to hear what they have to say. A form of customer service, more like banter on why I ruined their day, (no seriously, this is part of our policy).

My ears fold back as I wince at the angry crowd of ponies looking at me. It just dawned on me that I forgot my earplugs, “Okay, let's get this over with.” I started to descend from high up the atmosphere to the festival grounds where everypony was already starting to circle like foals readying to whack a hanged piñata.

“Hello, everypony, may I help you?” I look at them with a bewildered expression, as if I couldn’t possibly know what’s the problem. As soon as I uttered the words a list of complaints came in drones.

“May you help us?”
“You have some nerve”
“What do you think you’re doing?”
“Why is it raining?!”
“Bring the sun back, jerk!”
“You ruined the celebration!”

I was bombarded with inquiries and tried to keep my brave face but it was wavering at an alarming rate at this point.

“Do you have any idea what you just did?” A mare said ticked off.

“M-my job ma’am…” I look at the mare almost sheepishly, but I realize it’s important to keep eye contact and can't show that I'm the weak one here, that If I can’t hold my ground, they’ll step all over me like everypony used to.

“Well your job just ruined a very important day, and you have the gull to come down here and act like you did nothing wrong? How dare you!” A stallion retorted.

“To be fair sir,” I look at the stallion now, “The festival could have been postponed, almost every day is sunny so why does it matter?” I answered annoyed.

“You ruined our merchandise,” a vendor mare told me off, “you better pay for the damages!”

“S-sorry ma’am but I-I’m ahem I am NOT responsible for any damaged products when delivering the weather system when it is at the designated location. This is mother nature”, I pointed up at the dark rain clouds; my gift, “and mother nature doesn’t pay for what it has done, I’m sorry you feel that I should be accountable but that’s not gonna happen.” I addressed the vendor sharply.

“Why do we even need rain! It’s better when it’s always sunny!” An arrogant stallion said.

“Okay, firstly, you have no idea how bad that would be for Equestria, and secondly, maybe if you cut back on the air pollution in the city I wouldn’t be here giving Manehattan the water it desperately needs.” I rebutted.

“Did she just blame us!?” voices murmured in the background of a dozen irritated ponies.

“My family was so looking forward to this festival all year! ALL YEAR!” A mother wept.

That one hit me a little in my soft spot. (I have a thing for families), and of all ponies, I really dislike ruining their days. I try my best not to confront them when I deliver heavy rain but to see their sad faces...it almost breaks my heart.

“I’m-I’m so sorry for your family, I wish I can make it up to you and yours but I just can’t this is my job and-”

“-Maybe you stink at your job!” A colt yelled at me. Shocked by the comment from a little colt my wings flared up almost hitting the pony next to me before I immediately put them away. That was a breaking point for me, however.

“Don’t you ponies ever read the newspaper?!” I yelled, all my patience and calmness has left me, no, now it’s my turn to be angry. “I mean seriously, it only takes a minute to go to the weather forecast section and just LOOK AT IT! They’re printed every morning at 6:00AM on the dot before any of you wake up for your nine to five jobs!” I grab a nearby newspaper and show them the article of the day where it says that Manehattan would get heavy rain today. (Though it’s just drizzling right now, it’ll be pouring buckets soon enough.) “You cannot be so lazy that you won’t even bother to take five minutes while making breakfast to read the general articles if anypony here should be blamed, it's the manager of this festival who neglected this information and decided to go ahead with the festival instead of postponing it. Now you’re mad, I’m mad, we’re all mad!

The ponies around me look at each other with puzzled expressions, thinking to themselves, looking left and right wondering if they should still be angry or accept their own fault for not reading the news. I can’t blame them though, if I waited so long for a festival I wouldn’t really read the news either. Soon enough the crowd starts to disperse and as I ready to fly away I hear a mare in the crowd.

“You’ll regret this, hmph!”

I look behind me, but I can’t pinpoint the pony who said it. The crowd continues to disperse a bit faster now. The drizzle has reached an all-time high and the sky looks as if it’s weeping. I tell it that it’s okay to cry...there’s no shame in crying. Water flows down from my eyes and I’m filled with a sense of sadness. I can’t tell if it’s the rain in my eyes or if I’m really crying myself. The day in Manehattan gets quiet save for the honking of carts, signs, and neon lights lighting up the sky, making it feel more...serene. My job here is done, time to go home…

Back at the PWCP, we all shared our reports for the day and how the weather was proceeding. I report my assignment was successful to Sad Delegate and that Manehattan is getting the rain it needs. He looks at me with a pitiful smile; (don’t look at me like that.) I headed over to my locker to put my orange work coat away when my co-worker, Sunshower approached me out of consideration.

“Hey there Heavy Rain,” she spoke softly, noticing I wasn’t feeling well, “long day huh?”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” I said plainly, “ It’s just...draining”

“I understand,” she said. “Do you?” I retorted, however, the way I asked made it seem almost accusatory. I can feel myself wanting to lash out, to ask her if sunshine and rainbows bouncing off water droplets are just the same as my cold showers plaguing the sky. I had to refrain myself. The locker room fell silent leaving the two of us standing alone awkwardly trying to avoid eye contact. Neither of us broke the silence, the last thing that echoed in the room was my locker closing shut as I trotted out the building leaving Sunshower alone.

Unlike Manehattan, which’s getting drenched in my heavy rain, here in Ponyville it’s still a lovely day. The ponies are so happy as usual; too in contrast to my own work. It looks like the other Weather Control Ponies finished way earlier than I considering its open skies all around. Perfect time to just sit on a bench and unwind. Thinking back. today was tough; those clouds weighed a ton and the ponies down under were worse for wear when I rained on their festival. I sighed, relieved that the day is over. For a while, I just sat there indulging in my hobby of pony watching. The Cakes seem to be going somewhere leaving Pinkie Pie in charge. The Carousel Boutique seems to be busy today too, I wonder what’s the fashion trend now? I’ve been so busy I haven’t really paid attention to the latest styles in fashion. Maybe I should buy a dress, (no no no, not right now! Heheh, not with my salary), I thought to myself.

I looked around more when I heard some gossip; something about a Wonderbolts event? The Wonderbolts never really piqued my interest though. A teal-colored mare with the same color mane that has a white streak and golden yellow eyes sat next to me on the bench in a very odd position, (a position you’d have to wonder if their back is okay), with a sandwich in her hooves, and gave me a warm welcoming smile. “Hi Heavy Rain, how are you today?” She asks.

“Hey Lyra, it was the same old same old. The same thing it’s always been since I joined the PWCP. Take my clouds, rain on some poor ponies, they get mad, I get yelled at, I move on.” I give her a faint smile in return.

Lyra ears fold back “I guess…but each experience is different in some way and your face kinda shows it.” I look at Lyra blankly. “What happened this time, Heavy Rainy?” She asked.

“It’s nothing, forget about it.” I averted my gaze but didn’t bother to hide what I felt from her.

“Well if you ever want to speak up, I’m always here to listen. Would it cheer you up if I told you how my day went? I know you’re curious about how other pony’s day goes. That’s what makes you a good listener.” Lyra gives me a gentle smile.

I sigh, “Sure Lyra, that would cheer me up actually. I could use a good story right now.”

“But it’s not a story, it’s about the significance of number two pencils.” Lyra looks at me with a pouty face. “Pencils? Really Lyra?” I look at her quizzically.

“Yeah, my studies give me a reason to believe that number two pencils were not originally created by ponies but humans dating way back before Equestria was formed. Back to a time where man ruled the earth in ancient times, a place called England found graphite deposits. Back then the humans didn’t have magic so they used what we call chemistry to put lead into sticks! Or something like that isn’t that cool?!” Lyra beamed at me with starry eyes.

“I-it’s something. Interesting to say the least, Lyra.” I gave her a feigned smile.

“Aaw, you don’t believe me, do you?” she pouted.

“I believe you've been seeing Casual Conspiracy a bit too often...that mare has a few screws loose if you know what I mean.” I shrugged at her with one eye open, “Humans don’t exist Lyra, they never have.”

Lyra got close to my face, “Then how do you explain why a number two pencil is held by the eraser end and there’s no mouth grip. Clearly, it’s supposed to be held with hands! That’s why it’s manufactured that way!”

“Maybe it’s just a coincidence? But you know, that’s actually interesting...to say the least,” I wondered.

“Whatever, everypony will see one day. I’ll work hard to show Equestria that humans once walked among us! That’s why I study anthropology so hard.” Lyra says with determination and takes a bite of her sandwich, making its contents spill out the other side. “Aaw... my sandwich.” I can’t help but admire her passion to do what she loves. In that aspect, she might be the most courageous pony I ever met. I can’t help but wonder…

“Hey, Lyra…?” I asked.

“Yeah?” She looks back at me from her ruined sandwich. “Why do you do what you do?” I questioned nonchalantly.

“That’s a very vague question, Heavy Rain, why does anypony do what they do?” she raised an eyebrow at me.

“I-I mean, why do you, you know, follow this weird...dream of yours? Studying these human creatures even though nopony believes you. Anthropology? You realize that you get looked at like you’re crazy right, doesn’t it bother you?” Lyra takes time to ponder my question as if I asked her what the meaning of life is, (and she wouldn’t necessarily be wrong to do so), It takes her a few minutes to think which sort of makes the atmosphere awkward for me.

“Y-you know what nevermind f-forget I-” Lyra interjected “-Well, to put it plainly, It’s fun proving the world wrong, so why would I follow the status quo?” Lyra smiled.

Her answer left me befuddled “Wha-I I mean...”

Lyra continued, “The secret of living is giving, if you follow your dreams then you'll have something worth sharing with others, hope, inspiration, and a meaning to live, and that to me, is a great contribution. Don’t you think, Heavy Rain? That’s why I’ll never stop dreaming and believing that humans existed.”

I don’t even know what to say to her. I just stared at her completely dumbfounded. I blush and hang my head low out of embarrassment. How could I even argue with that logic? It just makes me look like the foolish nonbeliever. Here was a mare who was dealing with the same thing I was. It may not be under the same circumstances between us two but I felt even more sorry for myself knowing that I was so weak-willed. That I couldn’t easily shrug off the negativity like her, my inspiration.

“Heavy Rain, I never asked you this out of respect for, you know, your privacy and all but, are you happy?”

I gasped, “WHAT!?” My ears shot backward, before I could even make a rebuttal Lyra started talking faster.

“You go to the same job every day for years, get yelled at by some ponies you don’t even know, you act like you enjoy your work but you’re miserable! Then you sit on this bench and talk to me just so you can hear something new for once, n-not that I mind. But I can only imagine how...Heavy Rain don’t you have a dream?” Lyra looks at me genuinely worried for my well being- (stop looking at me like that. Don’t pity me)!

I snort at her which takes her by surprise. Tears started to well up in my eyes and my vision began to blur and I swear I started to see red. I try my best to calm down, Lyra of all ponies doesn’t deserve being lashed out at. My own mood is brought down to a softer tune but not enough to keep my attitude in check. Once again, my emotion got the better of me and I scoffed at her.

“Happy? I’m satisfied. Does that count for happiness, Lyra!?” I leered.

“Not exactly but-” I stopped her talking as I continued “-It doesn’t matter, I have a job I’m good at and one that needs doing. I don’t have time to dream. Besides dreaming sounds riskier than maintaining the stable life I already have. Who are you to question my happiness!?” Before I could stop myself I let my feelings be known and immediately felt regret for what I’ve said.

Lyra looked at me with pain in her heart and yet she still smiled at me. “I’m your friend, like any other, who cares for my friend’s well being. It’s okay to have a dream, Rainy.”

We both sat in silence till I whispered in my soft sobs, “I don’t have the luxury to dream.” After that, I was tired of talking but Lyra spoke up again.

“We all may not have the luxury to be dreamers but we are allowed to dream anyways. I gotta go, Bon Bon is gonna be home soon so I’d like to catch up with her when she gets home. I’ll cya later Heavy Rain. Please think about what I said okay, like, if you’re not happy I’ll be sad.”

“Y-yeah okay, I’ll cya later…” I say to Lyra before she turns her back and starts to head home. Meanwhile, I’m still reflecting on her words about dreams and happiness. I’ll think about it before bed.

Back at my own humble abode I couldn’t help but stretch my wings. Today was just another day at work but I can’t help but feel emotionally drained which is odd. I don’t normally come home so tired at night. I slipped out of my uniform and prepared dinner. A salad bowl and a protein shake are enough before I hop into the shower to wash off today’s musk. Feeling refreshed I turn on my TV to see what’s on. I admittedly like to watch the sports channel, cooking, and music; sometimes even the Wonderbolts to see what they’re up to but they’re all on commercial break.

“Commercials ruin everything!” I say to myself. (If only commercials didn’t exist I would be able to enjoy my shows). I turn off the TV and head to bed for a good night's sleep...I suddenly thought of Sunshower back at the PWCP HQ standing by my locker sad and hurt. Why was I mean to her? My thoughts then focused on how I lashed out at my friend Lyra...why did I say that to her? Why was I so defensive about my sense of self-pity, I don’t do pity parties remember? I don’t do pity parties, I don’t pity myself, I’m fine, everything is okay...I drift off to sleep...

Author's Note:

Hello to all and future readers, sorry I put this story on hold. Since I finished chapter 3, I was working on chapter 4 I went on hiatus. However, when I came back after brushing up my writing a bit, I realized I wasn't satisfied with many grammar mistakes I made. So I went back and fixed up chapters 1 and 2. Expect chapter 3 to get revised as well, then I can safely pick up where I left off on chapter 4! Thank you for reading!