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Peter Parker who has recently gotten his powers ends up in the Equestria Girls earth where he ends up meeting Twilight Sparkle and her family. He befriends her as they attend Crystal Prep together and she helps him as he ends up becoming Spider-Man!

A rewrite of Sc-Twi and the Spider’s Web.
Cover art is Twilight Sparkle X Spider-Man - Requested by Sonic1456.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 9 )

will the sinister six would be there?

I thought Aunt May was gonna be coming with Peter

Sorry it was the original plan but if robot to edit it out of the short description

Interesting, you have my attention

The way Peter hid from Cadence was pretty funny

Interesting, but it needs some serious grammar editing. Let's see where this goes.

Are you gonna continue this?

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