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"you horses are such clods.."


Oh, gee, it's been almost five years since Sombra kidnapped Flurry as a painful stab at Cadence and Shining Armor, she's a preteen now. What he didn't realize is that she started calling him dad. It's not too great, considering he never saw her as a daughter. It was only until he noticed that he literally treated her like one her entire life!

What's this evil tyrant going to do?

Source of art, as credit is due: https://www.deviantart.com/basykail/art/Fear-My-Little-Pony-599477760

DISCLAIMER: This is indeed an Alternate Universe in some right, so Sombra is the king of some kingdom, he just wants the Crystal Empire.

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Looks good so far, I'm waiting for more! :3

Interesting I wait for more

Liking what I see so far, hope to see more soon :pinkiehappy:

So wait, has Flurry been given the Rapunzel treatment, with Sombra playing Mother Gothel?

sure, if you wanna put it like that, go ahead. i unintentionally made it like rapunzel, and now i realize the similarities. oh well. 🤷

surprised sombra hasn't got a lie ready for flurry "mother" like claiming her mother was Radiant Hope ( sombra childhood friend form the mlp comics) or something like that


Not really. Flurry's mom is obviously an alicorn, and there are only a few of those.

"Do not tell me I have to marry a prince or something to be a queen! I'm quite alright." Sombra raised a brow in a judgemental attitude as if that wasn't the options. "Well, I'd always love to rule over this kingdom, was mom the last queen?" Cadence said suddenly which made Sombra halt in his steps, Cadence took it as pain.

I think you should replace Cadence with Flurry here ;)

oops. my fault for writing that at 4 am i'll edit that ty for pointing that out

That's a really interesting start. Though what have her actual parents done in the 5 years she is already gone?

One would think they would have found her by now.

"Princess Twilight?" She said ever so suddenly, that gained the most disgusted look that ever formed on her father's face. "Yes, that would be weird."

"INDEED." He said

Lol,then I am weird...

lol we all ship different things.

An... interesting premise, I have to say.

I also wonder why she doesn't remember Cadence. If today's her eighteenth birthday, and she was taken just under five years ago, she was taken at thirteen... and she should remember that. Something's not adding up.

doesn't matter, the story is delicious.

Please update, I am thirsting for more!

This is great so far! I can’t wait for the next chapter.

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