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I thought you said weast...

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Hopefully there will be consequences

I um..... I don't know about this one chief. :derpytongue2:

You don’t have to read :P

The normal stuff will be coming in the future.

Huh, how about that. XD

Well, the other girls are taking it damn well all things being equal. Wonder how this will develop going forward...

Oh my gods :rainbowlaugh: this is just so ridiculous :rainbowwild: I love it:yay:

Ooo. I am ok with this.

~Skeeter The Lurker

My waifu is next to taste Twilight's futa cock.... now this I like.

So are the rest of the girls going dicks with Twilight and have a big sexy orgy party.

Oh boy... This is getting pretty steamy.
Good work.

Yeah, the next one is gonna be predictable. Not that I mind, though. Besides, everybody wants to cum inside Rainbow Dash. :trollestia:

And now for the important question - is accidental dick contagious?

So... who is going to end up actually getting the 'D'.:derpytongue2::twilightblush:

Y-You're look so hot stroking your cock, Twilight!

hmmmmmmmm 🤔 that's not right. Great story so far can't wait for next chapter.

See 9752346. RD's going to end up looking pregnant and loving it, I bet.

Damn this was fucking kinky... I want more

Preety awesome. Though I do wonder how the last three are going to top that without 'going that far'? Hmmm, I do have some ideas... Will be interesting to see where this goes.

God damn, that was a kinky threesome Twilight just survived, but now she must survival four-way, while Rainbow and AJ continue to have a fun

"We won't go that far, (...)"

Shame, it'd be lovely to see Sunset get all that load inside her :rainbowwild:

Damn this story is sexy! I can really feel the eroticism in that room, and the way it was Rainbow Dash who escalated things is excellent. Keep up the good work.:pinkiehappy:

I'm sure things will continue to escalate.

This is making me wish you would write second person clopfics with each of the Mane 7. You would be a beast at writing those! This was amazing!

Welp, looks like we're past the point of no return

The cover picture gives the perfect picture of the story

Can't wait for you to do more of this, I'm looking forward to Sunset Rarity and Fluttershy the most.

before the realized something


Also, if she has both parts, does that mean that she's wet AND hard? What a two-fer, those poor pajamas

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