• Published 16th Jul 2019
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Twilight's Second Life - deadpansnarker

Twilight Sparkle wakes up one morning, to find she's living with her family and is a filly again. She's not in Canterlot but in Ponyville though, and that's just the beginning of the changes. Like her new school, and the identity of the Headmare...

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Chapter Two: Old Friends, New Friends

If Twilight was worried about this supposedly alternate universe being difficult to navigate around, she needn't have bothered.

After surreptiously dashing out of 'her' front door to explore the surrounding area, it turned out that the charming small town she fell asleep in last night was pretty much identical to the one she awoke bleary-eyed in that very morning.

Minus the age gap, loss of magical prowess and feathery adornments, of course.

There was one additional change from the previous day, and that was the unassuming two-storey home she'd just emerged from.

The modest thatched-roof cottage where her filly self currently resided with her family was certainly incomparable to her previous royal address, but it looked snug enough for ponies on a low-to-medium income.

It was conveniently positioned in the centre of Ponyville too, just adjacent to the market and around the corner from Sugarcube Corner.

Hmm, maybe I should start searching for clues there. Pinkie might be working today, and I might be able to get a snack... wait, this is no time to be indulging my sweet tooth...!

"Ahem!" The sound of some creature clearing their throat nearby caused a pensive Twilight's ears to twitch, and she broke out of her self-imposed stupor just in time to see none other than five of her most valued students from Friendship School approach her with vague concern.

Unlike her blood relatives in this new 'fake' world however, each one appeared to be not be a day older or younger than when she'd dismissed them from lessons the previous day.

Before Twilight could analyse this fascinating discovery to any greater degree and perhaps compare it with what she'd seen so far though, the quintet of creatures stepped forward to talk to her themselves.

"Should... we be concerned?" Always the outspoken one, Gallus was the first to speak amongst his peers. "We've been following you and calling out for the last five minutes, but you completely ignored us. Is anything the matter?"

"Even for smart pony, her 'Twilighting' right now is something Yona never seen before." The aforementioned yak giggled slightly at the filly's unresponsiveness. "Did pony skip breakfast again to reach class early? Yona not understand this. Healthy appetite lead to healthier appetite for study later!"

"Not all of us need ten bales of hay to get through first period you know, Yona." Smoulder grimaced slightly at her bovine friend, before turning her attention back to Twilight. "You said you'd help us cram for the big test later, remember? No-one can answer the questions as well as you. In fact, most of us lose points by writing our names in the wrong paragraph! Those grading systems are really harsh!"

"I know, right? All I did was transform into an octopus so I could finish my essay on Generosity faster, and I got an instant 'F'! An F!!" Ocellus wailed, with her head bowed in defeat. "There was nothing wrong with my work, but because I 'misused my special abilities' it was automatically ruled as cheating! How can I tell the other Changelings I... flunked?"

"There there, Ocellus... I'm sure everything will be alright: you'll see!" As chipper as ever, Silverstream did her best to comfort her despondent pal. "I'm absolutely positive that if our class president has a word with the headmare, she'll let you take it again! Isn't that right, Twi? Please say you will, poor Ocellus has been fretting about this ever since we met up this morning. She even turned into a cat at one point... a cat with the saddest face I've ever seen!"

"N-Now just hold on, every creature..." Feeling a bit overwhelmed at this juncture, Twilight slowly began backing away from the eager faces around her. "Before I help any of you out with anything, I have a few questions of my own. Like, for example: where I am, how did I end up here, how do I escape... and where on Equestria is Sandbar? Usually, you six are completely inseparable!"

Looks of total confusion and utter bewilderment greeted Twilight's honest queries, and after exchanging apprehensive glances the five students suddenly entered an impromptu huddle inside which there was no possible intrusion.

Certainly not for a little filly the size of Twilight anyway, no matter how hard she tried to tried to squeeze her way in or jump over the assorted hooves, paws and claws. (She could've easily used magic to pry open the unwelcoming throng of course, but that would've just been plain rude.)

As it was, all she caught from the private session was a few snatches of isolated dialogue...and they didn't exactly manage to fill her full of confidence about the situation. "Poor thing..." "Working so hard it's fried her brain..." "I knew we'd pushed her too much..." "Maybe take her to Nurse Starlight's office...?" "Yona like being so close to friends, can do this more often...?" "Now she's even imagining creatures, just who the heck is 'Sandbar' supposed to be...?" "I don't know, maybe a character from one of her books...?" "It's tragic, truly tragic when somepony loses their mind like this. Just like what happened with my elderly mother..."

"W-Wait a second. Do you mean to tell me... Sandbar doesn't exist in this timeline?!" Twilight shrieking statement led to the suspension of the gathering, along with attracting a few funny looks from bemused passers-by. "Just what kind of crazy mixed-up place is this? Hey... if the one causing this to happen is listening, I insist you stop this right now! Give me back my friends! Give me back my life! Give me back... S-Spike..."

Having little experience of dealing with sobbing equines on the verge of a nervous breakdown, the other creatures present looked nervously at each other, unsure what their next course of action should be.

Eventually, it was Silverstream who fluttered forward, albeit hesitantly. As the most empathic of the quintet, it pained her to see anyone in such obvious distress. If she could help the stricken filly in front of her, she'd pull out all the stops to do it...

...Even if it meant talking like an idiot to achieve this worthy goal.

"H-Hello, there. Nice to meetcha. Your name is Twilight Sparkle. I'm Silverstream, and these are Yona, Ocellus, Smoulder and Gallus. We've been your besties since the School Of Friendship opened around a year ago, when you moved there from Ponyville Elementary. There is no 'Sandbar' or 'Spike', nor has there ever been. Unless, you're talking about a teddy bear or something, which is totally cool! Weird names, but who am I to judge..."

After a promising start, Silverstream had began to get lost in one of her trademark tangents, but Twilight had already heard enough.

Let's just be diplomatic and say, the hippogriff's laudable attempt at a 'pep talk' didn't exactly have the desired effect.

In fact, it made the whole sorry predicament roughly ten times worse. "You mean to tell me... not only have I lost my dragon, my crown and my livelihood... I'm expected to take the place of Sandbar to be the token pony in your friend group, at a school I founded?! T-This... this is too much! I'm galloping down there right now to get to the bottom of this! But before I go, Ocellus: don't let anypony make you ashamed of who you are! I don't know who this alleged 'headmare' is, but she sounds almost as bad as Neighsay was! Anyway, must dash... and no offense, but the next time I see you all, I want you to be the ones looking up at me! Bye for now!"

So it was for the second occasion that day, Twilight left a group of nonplussed acquaintances choking on her dust as she unerringly made her way to the big building on the horizon, otherwise known as The School Of Friendship.

"W-What was that all about?" Silverstream wasn't sure what tasted worse: sand in her beak, or the taste of failure.

"I don't know, but we'll get the blame somehow." Smoulder rolled her eyes, accompanying it with a long sigh.

"Yona not care about trouble! Yona want to help friend feel better!" The concerned yak stamped her hoof on the ground in determination.

"For such a smart pony, she sure acts screwy sometimes." A notably less sympathetic Gallus remarked, shaking his head with perplexment.

"Whatever junk Twilight's going through right now, she's still our friend and she needs us now more than ever!" Ocellus tried issuing a rally cry to the 'troops'. "She'd do the same for any of us, so enough talking and let's get after her! Besides, if we don't hurry up then we're going to miss Professor Fluttershy's flower arranging class. It's my favourite, all those pretty colours..."

With that stirring speech, there was no further hesitation or argument from those assembled. With a series of clearly meaningful nods and expressions, each youngster took to the sky to pursue their 'deranged' friend and hopefully bring her back to cold, hard reality...

...With one obvious exception.

"H-Hey, wait for Yona..." The earthbound yak protested, before glancing a dark figure staring suspiciously in her peripheral vision. "Huh? Who there?"

But by the time the panting yak had rotated her muscular neck to get a clearer view, the mysterious individual had already vanished.

"Huh. Must just be Yona imagination. Should not eat so much in morning. Does funny things to head." The thoughtful yak commented without much medical evidence, as she ran headlong (more like amiably trotted) to catch up with her airborne buddies.

Author's Note:

Well, here it is.. the long awaited update. Let's see if the next one can be somewhat quicker, now that the dumpster fire that is has my life has settled down a bit. looking forward to reading your comments... bye for now! :twistnerd:

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Comments ( 36 )

"W-Wait a second. Do you mean to tell me... Gallus doesn't exist in this timeline?!"

Twi, sweetie, you were just speaking to Gallus a second ago. I think you meant to say Sandbar.

Already edited a few seconds after publication. :scootangel:

So confusing for Twily bit I a sure she'll find a way, as she always does.

A nice chapter, worth the wait!

Always enjoy a good time-travel/alternate universe story like this. Lots of potential for fun. Looking forward to the next update. "Misusing special abilities" gives me an idea of who the Headmare is...

Hm, no Sandbar, no Spike, and Starlight isn't the headmare. I'll be surprised if it's not Cozy Glow or Neighsay running it, though I wouldn't be too surprised if it turned out to be Celestia for whatever reason. :applejackunsure:

Starlight’s a nurse now, interesting.

Misusing special abilities

I wonder if that means unicorns have to use there mouths to write with instead of their magic?

BELIEVE IN TWI 2k19 :twilightblush:

Hope you enjoy what's to come... :raritywink:

More shocks and surprises ahead. Stay tuned. :moustache:

Hmm. Maybe, maybe not. :coolphoto:

Kirk: *spins chair around a few times cause of boredom* "What do you make of this, Spock."

Spock: "I'd say 25% chance she's entered the time loops, 25% chance she is in a coma, 25% it's a new villain, 75% chance it's Discord messing with her for a laugh, and 75% chance Discord did this in an attempt to help her relax from alot of stress captain."

Kirk: "That's 225%, Spock."

Spock: "It's Discord, captain."

Kirk: "Excellent point, Number 2."

Interesting. Looking forward to more chapters.

Interesting, that you made Twilight a member of the young six. I can tell things are going to start picking up pretty soon.

Damn poor Twilight

Starlight is a nurse, interesting...right now my money is on this somehow being something Cozy Glow did.


And more chapters you shall get :yay:

That's the plan... :trixieshiftleft:


I wouldn't put it past her.... :rainbowkiss:

Already feeling this fic. Anxious for this story to play out, you've got me, hook, line and sinker.
This fic is Di Molto!
A story already feels like it was Made in heaven!
The universe has been reset, and you will bring us anew. What a Wonderful world. The only thing that has followed is a weather report, and it seems cloudy for Twilight at the moment.

Hype for the next chapter.

"I know, right? All I did was transform into an octopus so I could finish my essay on Generosity faster, and I got an instant 'F'! An F!!" Ocellus wailed, with her head bowed in defeat. "There was nothing wrong with my work, but because I 'misused my special abilities' it was automatically ruled as cheating! How can I tell the other Changelings I... flunked ?"

That's actually a pretty stupid rule. She was being resourceful.

Now you're going to say, "hopefully we won't be waiting as long!"

Twilight need to read more spy or scifi novels. She should understand that voicing your opinion out loud might let the enemy (if they exist) important information. Plus, if this is a case of an isekai, doing/speaking something that seem out of character (she is a filly right now) might give others impression that she is going insane.

I'm sure there's some kind of frame of reference for this. Anyway, glad it meets with your approval. :duck:

Can'd disagree there. Like so many other pointless rules at work/school... :pinkiesad2:

As somepony who occasionally shows signs of neurosis when feeling pressure, and considering her current predicament, it's no real surprise to see her freaking out just a bit... :rainbowderp:

No Spike, no Sandbar, but a mysterious figure approaches.

Yona is best yak.

Excellent job on this latest chapter. Thus far, it seems like Twilight and her immediate family are the only ones that got deaged in this universe, but this is early, so that could EASILY be an incorrect guess. And, yeah, the mysterious headmare DOES sound pretty strict if she gave Ocellus an instant "F" for using shape-shifting abilities on an exam. I DID like Twilight's interactions with (most of) the Young Six, though, even if they (understandably) currently think she's crazy (well, crazier than usual). And, yeah, the mystery deepens and I have a hunch the next chapter will, again, provide more questions than answers (since this is still pretty early on).

Okay, so far, the most likely theory is that Twilight's mind got switched with that of her filly self from another universe by some sort of spell. There are certainly no shortage of powerful magic users who could do a multiversal mind swap spell and, as much power as it would take, it would require LESS power than deaging Twilight and her family and messing with literally EVERYONE's memories.

And, yeah, right now it seems like the "headmare" is an adult Cozy Glow (just as likely as not to also be an alicorn), but somehow, I am thinking that's TOO obvious. So my guess is that it is probably going to be somebody MUCH LESS obvious; possibly even somebody Twilight never saw before in her entire life.

On the other hand, I'm probably overthinking it.


New Headmare.
Nurse Starlight.
Mysterious figure...... Curiouser and curiouser.

"I know, right? All I did was transform into an octopus so I could finish my essay on Generosity faster, and I got an instant 'F'! An F!!" Ocellus wailed, with her head bowed in defeat. "There was nothing wrong with my work, but because I 'misused my special abilities' it was automatically ruled as cheating! How can I tell the other Changelings I... flunked ?"

That reminds me of the time that I pasted the essay that I'd typed uo exoressly for the purpose of the exam that I was doing, which it said in the rules that I could do, but when I explained that, the teacher on duty gave me a 0 anyway and took me to the principal's office! I was literally banging my head against the wall for a time. When I explained to the principal what happened, I got 50% on it instead.

Goddamit that went by so quickly.


So from an F, up to an F.

Well, I was still able to graduate that year, so it wasn't all bad.

You said it.

More generally: Glad to see another chapter. If Twilight is supposed to be Sandbar in this timeline though, the cover picture should really feature a slightly older Twilight. I'm imagining barely-got-her-Cutie-Mark Twilight here after the first chapter.


I thought the obvious one was Neighsay. Cozy is an even more scary thought. At the end of Chapter 1, I suspected the headmaster would be Spike, but with the Student 5 not knowing him...

On the other hoof, it looks like the other Mane 6 are around. My big question is if there is still an iconic tree in the middle of town with a library carved into it, or a giant, crystal castle on the outskirts of town (Or both). Judging by the chapter as is, I'd say the library is still char and the castle still there.

Yeah. Point taken, but if it were Neighsay, it would be "headSTALLION" instead of "headMARE". Unless Neighsay was gender-flipped in this universe.


Oh no! Spike doesn't exist!

Oh, and, uh...that other guy...what's a Sandbar again?

Wow basically nothing of importance happened this chapter. cool.

Hmm. Mysterious figure, arbitrary rules at the school... Curiouser and curiouser. We'll see what happens from here.

Well apparently I favorited the story but forgot to upvote it. Just did that now! Nice to see the update. :twilightsmile:

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