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I'm an American author who doesn't care what people think about what I write.


For a long time, Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, and Trixie Lulamoon have been friends, living in Equestria under Princess Celestia's rule. However, one fateful night, their world is turned upside down, and they discover the truth.

Celestia has become obsessed with keeping her power over Equestria, being a dictator in secret that eliminates all threats to her power. However, before the three can be captured by Celestia's forces, they are saved by an Ice Mage from a resistance group that stands against Celestia.

Twilight, Trixie, and Sunset are some of the most powerful unicorns alive. Will their magic and friendship be enough to stand in the way of Celestia's want for domination? Or will they just become another lost cause?

Fan Discord: https://discord.gg/PVjy4T2

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I hope when she over thrown, she not turned to stone but stripped of all her power, and wings and horns and still made immortal to wander the world alone and wailing over her mistakes.

This is so intriguing.


This story... is a good story.

Is this story in any way based off of Knights of the Realm?

Roughly, I drew inspirations for the way the Mage spells are worded with the constant preliminary phrase changing per caster, but that is the only inspiration I drew from Knights of the Realm, the rest is either my own making, or vaguely taken from other stories, such as the Combat Magic and combat avatars are my slight revamp of the magic combat magicians use in The Kane Chronicles

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