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Rainbow Dash here. Starlight had me switch bodies with Rarity, allowing me to use unicorn magic for the first time. As Starlight trains me to adjust to my new body, I prove better with said magic than Rarity. Now you may call me Rainrity.

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Coverart sauce: https://youtu.be/nWniqUJjhSg (SFW) Also the source of the idea, I gather.

Teach me not to poke my nose into the fic itself before posting. Nice work on giving credit!

how is sweetie handling this i don't think she'd handle this well

Sounds like a good premise for a sequel.

I love the idea. But Rainbow's way of talking... It is physically painful to read like that. My only complaint about the story though. It is a cool idea. Leave it to Starlight to bring it up.

Upvoted and faved.

you will make a sequel from the point of view of Rarity

see more videos like this on my profile.
below my scrapbook.

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