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Equestria has changed since the rearrival of Princess Luna. Almost ninety years have passed, and her new focus on technological improvement has brought Equestria into a new age with technology rivaling what we here on Earth enjoy. This technology has only been stumped by the requirements of an old, royal regime that requires certain ideas to be kept secret. This royal interference and the ever-broadening sense of awareness that the growing pony population is achieving, paired with a greater fear of those who are different, brings about dark events that further complicate this struggle that has hit Equestrian society.

Following Stellar Apsis through his life, the adventures that he takes will create a wick, a fuse, a catalyst for change in Equestria.

As I write this story, I want readers to be aware that this is my first story that I have put a ton of thought into, and have ideas for sequels already. I also want those who read to understand that I am actually quite supportive of anyone using this idea for their stories.

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Don't worry I am still on it. Just got busy over the last week.

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