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Just another dummy on the internet, with too much imagination and time on their hands. Sometimes I write cohesive stuff...mostly StarBurst.


Wait! You can't just buy a mare like a toy at the supermarket!

At least, not normally.

Driven by an unknown desperation, Starlight Glimmer had her memory wiped three years ago and put herself up for sale at Sable's Garden Inc. And who should be lucky enough to buy her? Why, Sunburst of course! And he did so just before her expiration date, meaning he owns her for life. Now Starlight must deal with a forgotten past that's rearing it's ugly head, while Sunburst struggles with the moral conflict of loving a mare he has absolute power over.

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When I saw this story pop up I was like, huh, interesting concept, I wonder what... Oh... It's the guy that writes bits and pieces, and Head over heels, and you know what I guarantee it's a... Yep StarBurst once again! As if I'm complaining, that's what, 4 of your fics on my tracking now... Oh well I can't get me enough of this square shaped candy as it is, BRING ON THE SHIPPING!

Not gonna lie, you had me at the first half :rainbowlaugh:
I'm glad you like StarBurst because that's aaaaall I'll be writing from now on, so strap on because this ship is about to sail!

This is...interesting. I’m having trouble understanding what’s going on with all the mares for sale though? Are they just up for sale as suitors for stallions? Either way, I guess I’ll track since I like Head Over Heels so much

Wow, dude I love this a lot. Im excited to see what you do with the idea of sunburst battling with his own morals and conscience. I sincerely hope you keep working on this, concepts like these dont come up often enough. Reminds me a ton of this story
Good luck!!

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