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Welcome to Nightmare Moon. She fought Celestia, was banished, escaped a thousand years later, etc. She's finally won, and yet she's missing something...

Wait a minute. WHERE ARE HER KEYS?!

(At least I was actually awake for this one.)

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Comments ( 4 )

Wow. Where did Cthulhu come from, XD


Plot convenience, the most powerful of all BS.

This very much earns the Comedy and Random tags. It's comical and the jokes/gags land most of the time. It's short, sweet, and the ending ties it together nicely. While it could use some cleaning up, it's not a bad little fic.

My only concern would be that the bits between NMM and the narrator felt off, a little forced. But given it's a random comedy fic, it's easily forgivable.

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