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Oh boy, more Wind Sprint? HELL YEAH, I need to make a fic of them myself soon.

I kinda want to see this movie for myself.

You just might be able to and get turn this into a feature length film if you donate to my totallylegitdonationpagethatwontjustbeusedtobuycottoncandy movie fund. I will totally be responsible with that.

MMMMMMmmmmmmm! Cotton candy......... :heart:

Dude. Amazing work. My only disappointment was that we don't get to read what happens 'later tonight'.

Welp, that's quite a way for Quibble to have some family fun time:twilightsheepish:.

Munro #8 · Oct 18th, 2020 · · 1 ·

well that was a nice read, and getting a little of the movie was fun too ^^

Very sexy. I like that the audience was watching them towards the end.

What if they were caught by the one pony they never saw it coming and still do it?

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