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(this is a continued book project so next chapter will be coming soon)

Long ago, Equestria use to be a happy place. Filled with happiness of filly's playing and ponies all gathering around friendly and nice. It share moments like never before and they would of had their long happiness without, The Elements and Harmony, and their users. The Mane Six protect Equestria together, defeating their main enemies to resume the peace to the land. Until the land quake of a new evil that spawns in the shadows. Quickly the shadows covered every town, every city, and every settlement. With this new evil the Mane Six were overrun and defeated, however the leader of the Elements have made through the shadows and to the castle up on a mountain with two of the Princesses. With the Elements in evil hoofs their was nothing that could happen, Until a light of a warrior will step up past the gates to defeat the evil in the shadows.

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Comments ( 2 )

This is an interesting concept for your story and I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Unfortunately the grammatical structure makes your story a very difficult read for most people. I would very highly recommend working with an editor to help make the story a smoother and easier read. Please don't be discouraged by my comments. I really think this story has promise and I would like to read more. So please ask around for help, it can really help to improve your writing.

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