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After learning about American football in the human world, Princess Celestia has a goal post built on the edge of Canterlot. This has many wondering why she would do such a thing.

Today, they are going to find out.

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How many points does she receive?

American Hoofball

Ha! Worth the read for that joke in the end! Was not expecting that!

This is even better than the trap-door-in-front-of-the-throne method!

Now can we build one for the torries? :trollestia:

*Holds up both arms while blowing a whistle.* IT'S GOOD!!!

Damn, split the uprights.

*super smash bro's KO noise*

Ass over Tea Kettle! Ah, sweet revenge... though I feel sorry for whoever has to pick up the bill for that.

Can Tia sign for the Browns this year? Our kickers can learn a thing or two...

or sign for the Double Doink Bears

I was expecting a "moving the..."

"Simply put: we raise taxes in the rural regions, while also reducing government funding to the same."

Meanwhile, in America...:ajbemused:

Downright entertaining one-shot. :-D I admit, I got a big kick (no pun intended) from seeing Celestia make such a visible effort to deter some of the more jerkish nobles. And, yeah, the fact that Sunset gave her the idea was beautiful too.

Anyway, really good job on the exchanges and characterizations in this one shot. Hopefully, Celestia will teach Twilight that goal kick before she and Luna retire. :-D

now where is she going to find another noble for the 1 point conversion?


Gonna be real, for the first time in a while, you guys look in prime position to do some damage in your division this season.

As a Raider fan, I only aspire to such things.

Don't sell yourself short, you guys look good too, but having the Chargers and Chiefs to go through (and Denver getting a major QB upgrade in Flacco) is going to be the hard part. On paper, 8-8 or 9-7 with a Wild Card looks feasible for you guys, but I am still pussed at the refs for giving us a screwjob against ya'll last year. Good luck on 2019

Alondro #18 · 1 week ago · · 1 ·

9721760 Yeah, we need to slash funding to those big cities instead! I mean, look at how much of a mess they are! Clearly they can't handle the money well! It's like metaphorically giving handouts to crack addicts... except... kinda literally... :trollestia:

Wonderful bit of Celestial catharsis. I imagine Luna will get significant use of the post herself.

(You'd think the nobility would learn from this incident. You would also think they'd learn from centuries spent close to Celestia that she might not approve of these kinds of propositions.)

Three. Despite the last line, Tea Kettle was kicked between the goalposts rather than carried across the goal line.

Now, if she assigned some guards to get in position for the reception...

I’d prefer if it was a set of rugby posts and it was a conversion, but the concept is sound.

This was awesome! Have a favorite and an upvote!

I’m amazed that I am the first overly literal pedant to point out that isn’t a touchdown.


I have little to no care for football (or sports in general), but i can pretty much guarentee you that that isnt the right term


No, it isn't, as FanOfMostEverything pointed out 9722102. However, I needed something to end the story on. "Field goal!" doesn't sound right or have the same punch, and having a pony throw up their forelegs to signal "it's good," did not really make sense since only Celestia is familiar with the idea. So I went with the best known term, even if it is inaccurate.

Kinda figured. Personally I’d have gone with having her float out a blackboard and putting a hashmark on it but it does lack the cleanliness of a one word one liner. As I said I mostly pointed it out because my nature demanded it, also missed the previous post because I scanned for uses of touchdown and field goal to see if someone else had as opposed to reading out every word.

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