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This story is a sequel to Two are Better then One

Cheerilee has set up a new school project for her students to experience different aspects of being back in diapers for a week. The cutie mark crusaders are quite excited about it seeing they get to hang out with their sisters (while Scootaloo gets to hang out with Rainbow Dash). However, Discord is also involved helping Cheerilee set up the challenges the students will have to endure and has started to make things interesting among the cutie mark crusaders and their caretakers.

Co-author: Zubric

Cover artist for Sweetie Belle: Kurikia

Cover artist for Apple Bloom in the barn: Kurikia

Cover artist Padded Pegasi Evilfrenzy

Chapters (7)
Comments ( 25 )

It's good a few spelling errors(not counting the baby talk) but it's good and cute

Cheerilee blushed and waved a hoof. “You better not trying to butter me up Rarity even if you make me fashionable diapers, I’m not going to grade Sweetie Belle’s any differently.”

There needs to be a "be" in-between not and trying

But it is good

Looking forward to it. You always are good providing the extra spice and conflict that help push your stories several levels up from standard ABDL stories.

This is fantastic! I love the moments with Scootaloo and Dashie! Keep up the great work!

<LoL!> Scoots and Dash stole the show in this chapter. Seeing dash acting like her mom certainly was unexpected but definitely an interesting twist with the story.

The rivalry between AJ and Big Mac seems to have flipped around again with Big mac being all loved up by Bloomer while AJ takes second saddle. Big Mac did need another quality moment with Bloom.

Rarity and Sweetie seem the most balanced in this assignment. There are just kind of going with it and having their mischief when they can.

Again, you and Zubrick come together for great work.

I do miss the spankings in your stories still. While you did overdo it a few times I think omitting them entirely has robbed your stories of a lot of strength.

<LoL!> I like how Dash is being to Scoots as her mother was to her. You go Momma dash!

I also enjoy how Button Mash is getting along with Sweetie. It is a cute couple. The only other character, I feel, would be perfect for Sweetie is Spike. They're more the same age and would likely relate better. Though, if I hear right, Gabby Griffon may be interested in a #1 Assistant.

Discord is definitely having good fun in this one. He doesn't even need to do a thing outside of just resting back and enjoying the beautiful chaos that results from all the foolish activity.

I'm sure Diamond is having quite a time, too. I do like her in a position of being 'nicer' to the CMCs.

<LoL!> Love the running gag of 'running a daycare' and 'running a pre-school' that lead into it being what will occur in the coming chapter. Nicely played. :)

There was also some really awesome moments with the creativity of Dash, AJ, and rarity. The choices for their arts and crafts were very fitting based on their personalities.

The little battle for whose picture should go on the fridge between twilight and rarity was super cute! I'm sure Spike liked seeing Rarity make such a sweet picture for him. Now if she would do it without the influence of discord...

I loved how Twilight went into 'teacher mode'. This is definitely chaos if Discord's influence can even get twilight's mind to go all-in on a chance to run a pre-school. :)

This was a very silly chapter. Lots of great visuals and extremely easy to imagine.

The way you started it with each Crusader having a moment with their family was perfect. It set the tone well for all that was to come.

I also enjoyed how Discord and Spike battled each other. Spike may not be 1,000 years old but he definitely has the smarts to push past the limitations Discord can impose.

The rivalry with Scoots and DT worked great, too. It was fun hearing the two press to be 'right'.

Nicely done!

<LoL!> This was a delightful new chapter. Some of the chaos that went on was just so darn cute and whimsical.

My favorite part was Scoots becoming a bird. Birdaloo. Imagining her as a little bird was heartwarming. Plus it was very good to not see her default as a chicken. :)

I really liked Button Mash becoming a Yoshi. The part where he ate Twilight's notebook was awesome! He even, like the Yoshi in "Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door", managed to lay an egg through his diapers! Impressive!

This was a super fun conclusion to an adorably silly story. I think it was so cute how Rarity turned out when mentally regressed to being a foal and I loved how Sweetie Belle handled everything. Sweetie gets my gold star for effort.

<LoL!> Discord in a mini van is hilarious! I could just see him zooming off in such a bizarre vehicle given what Equestria's citizens are used to.

Great job on a fun story. :)

I can see it now twilies visit to the chaos doctor

Why so much hate on this one??
I mean if you don't have the imaginative tolerance of a DL just move along. Hate it to yourself but don't put a dislike on it. That gives it a bad first impression even to those who read this stuff.
This is story of the year right now in my mind!:heart:

Wow thanks for the comment. I wrote this when I was a zombie on the night shift at work so I wouldnt say its my best work. But I put my heart and soul into it. So thank you

I kind of miss the spankings. While in your older stories you resorted to them too quickly at times it hurts your stories that they are gone completely. It weakens them and robs them of potentially touching moments.
What I said in the older stories was that the characters seem too eager to punish. That they were throwing around threats rather than actually explain why something is naughty.

I think right here maybe it's something that the parents can decide. That they can grant Cheerilee the rights to spank them. After all a time-out is a big waste of time.

Wow, Discord really went all out. :D Then again, he’s Discord. He never does anything boringly. X) I get the feeling there’s more of his magic at work here, though. I get the feeling that he made it so once the bags were open they’d have some kind of effect on the big sisters, too.

You gotta admire Discord’s mastery of his craft. Able to turn things completely upside down while still managing to make sure nopony gets hurt. :D

Not gonna lie; this story is adorable so far. Shame it had too much dislikes than likes

That’s adorable; especially with button mash and sweetie belle in love with each other.

its totally adorable, I just wanna hug them all eee! :yay:

ah magic powder and zee castle turns into a preschool fun

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