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Cutie Mark Crusaders back in diapers! Yeah! - Foal Star

Cheerilee has a new school project for her students to have them experince the wonders of being foals for a week....

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Chapter seven: The Final Test

Fluttershy gave a glance at Discord tapping her hoof. “And you are absolutely sure regressing their minds won’t have lasting effects like Twilight?” she asked looking a the group approaching the cottage.

Discord tapped his hands together. “Well, you never know with this special chaos magic going around.” He sees Fluttershy’’s eyes narrow. “But I’m sure it will be fine...hopefully.”

“Discord this better not cause more trouble than there already is,” she sighed staring toward Cheerilee.

Cheerilee sat comfortably on the couch looking over the grading rubric. “It looks like everything is in order. I think once the foals come we can start the test. Also, thanks Fluttershy for letting me borrow one of your diapers they’re really comfy.”

Fluttershy blushed. “Oh, was no problem. They’re a custom order.”

“Oh really? Don’t tell me Rarity is getting into making custom diapers. I heard rumors.”

“Well yes, she has been having inspirations about patterns or different materials. I think she’s even working with cloth diapers too.” Fluttershy felt a little sheepish.

Cheerilee picked up a big package of Wonderbolt style diapers. “Scootaloo insisted that I got these for Rainbow Dash and I thought it was quite curious.”

Discord looked at the huge packaging. “I think that’s what the Wonderbolts are using officially now. Best absorbent brand around for long term flights.”

Fluttershy snickered, “I even got a package from Appleloosa from Braeburn. He’s been carting their own brand all over Equestria. I had no idea so many ponies would be making so many kinds of diapers.”

“Well, it’s not like they can choose not to wear diapers.” Discord snarked. “Why not go all out with them?”

Cheerilee turned to Discord. “Well enough diaper talk I need to talk to you about the test. Now, your going to be mostly in control and can do what you want with your chaos magic to make the test interesting. But you better not go too crazy.”

Discord waved a claw. “You worry too much, nothing is going to go wrong.”

“Well before the foals come, do you want some tea?” Fluttershy asked.

Cheerilee blushed, “I rather not, I don’t want to have an accident during the test.”

]It wasn’t long till the Cutie Mark Crusaders and their sisters walked into the cottage allidly chatting. Apple Bloom even had a cloth diaper on with flower print. “I think we can handle whatever is next. Don’t you think girls?”

Sweetie nodded. “Yeah after what we’ve gone through, how hard could it be?”

Cheerillee waved at the crusaders with a smile. “Hello, girls. Hope your ready for your test.”

“Yeah, I see you got the diapers for Rainbow too.” Sclootalo chuckled.

Rainbow blinked seeing the package. “Wow, are those the official brand? Haven't tried those yet.”

Rarity blushed as she took out a fancy diaper bag. “Everything I'll need is here Sweetie Belle and please make sure I’m well powdered I don’t want a diaper rash.”

“Rarity this isn’t the spa,” Sweetie said rolling her eyes. “Besides I don’t think you’ll really be able to complain once you’re regressed.”

Applejack saw the apple printed diapers already set up and snickered,”Braeburn came and made the delivery. Remind me after the test to tip him.”

Cheerilee waved a hoof. “I already did, he said they added extra sheep wool in your padding to make them poofier.”

Applejack blushed not really sure if that was a good thing. “Yeah...I guess that’s okay.”

“Come on Applejack Braeburn’s diapers are the best and don’t ya worry I’m gonna take care of ya good.”

Cheerilee getting the group’s attention held out a paper. “Now girls, once Discord gets your sisters regressed I’ll grade you on certain tasks I’ll be doing. I can’t tell you what those are but if your good Caretakers you should do great.” She looks over to Discord as he went over to each of the sisters and booped their noses one by one. Swirls appear in their eyes before fading back to normal each stumbling a bit as they look around

“I guess we gotta change them into their proper diapers first.” Apple Bloom said, easily taking Applejack’s hoof leading her over to the mats set up

Cheerilee nodded watching the other two take their sisters over.

Scootaloo tried laying Rainbow down, but the big foal was kicking around once on her back. “Gah, come on hold still.” She looked around figuring she just had to distract her somehow first. “Oh, are there any Spitfire plushies around?” She let go of Rainbow and hurried to the small toy chest set up to look. Rainbow cooed rolling over and tried to waddle away to look around some. Scootaloo found the plush she needed and turned only to see Rainbow playing with a lamp. She gasped and hurried over pulling her away. “No Rainbow, look I got you a plushie but you gotta lay back down first, okay?”

Rainbow’s eyes looked so innocent as she happily laid back onto her changing mat holding her hooves up to the Spitfire plush. “Spitty”

“Yeah Spitty fire,” Scootaloo said, giving her the plushie and removing the diaper before getting the Wonderbolt brand diaper unfolded.

Meanwhile, Apple Bloom whined as she was trying to undo the tabs on her sister’s diaper only for Applejack to pull her into a snuggly hug. “Applejack stop!”

“No, I wanna hug!” Applejack babbled out kicking about without a care and a goofy smile.

Apple Bloom groaned as she saw Big Mac waddling over and gave her Smartypants.”This should help.”

Applejack gasped letting go of her sister and reaching out for the doll. “Ooh, me want!” She snatched it up swiftly cuddling it close. This allowed Apple Bloom to move in to change her the foal barely noticing when she had her old padding removed.

Surprisingly, Sweetie Belle was having better luck as Rarity was too occupied with sucking on her hoof to pay much attention to her diaper change. Her legs would kick on occasion as her old padding was taken off and the frilly pink diaper was slid beneath her. The diaper was, of course, extra soft too. “Huh, this is easy,” Sweetie joked, powdering her foal’s bottom before taping it all snug into place. She awwed as Rarity sat up and pulls her into a hug cooing.

Big Mac at the same time had moved over to Cheerilee and gave her a hug nuzzling her. Cheerilee cooed, ”oh big mac how ya doing did you have a nice nap?”

“Eyyup!” the stallion chirped.

Fluttershy blushed, “seems his mind was regressed too?”

Discord shrugged “he’s the one who asked for it, and Cheerilee agreed to be his caretaker for a few days even though I’m sure he would rather have Sugar Belle.”

Cheerilee scoffed, “she’s the one who asked me to be his caretaker it’s not like he’s cheating on her! She still has a bakery to run.”

Mac smiled nuzzling again. “Hehe, your coat soft.” He giggled while watched the crusaders finish getting the diapers onto each of the big foals.

“Aww, Big Mac regressed just enough to be foalish but still able to help that’s cute,” Fluttershy remarked.

He took his hooves out and babbled. “Auntie Flutter!”

Cheerilee blushed, “um Big Mac she’s not your aunt.”

“Aww, you can call me auntie if you want,” Fluttershy said blushing. Mac seeming overjoyed, waddled up and gave her a big hug.

Sweetie looked over at Apple Bloom with a smile. “Hey how about we style our sister’s manes?”

“Yeah, if we can make them sit still long enough for us to do that.” Apple Bloom said even as Applejack bounced Smarty Pants around on the floor.

Cheerilee was snickering grading them. “Your all doing very well, but remember during playtime foals can start fighting.”

Sclootaloo nodded. “Yeah, I guess so...hey!’ She looked back seeing Rainbow was over by Applejack trying to grab Smarty Pants for some reason. “Rainbow, you have your own plush.”

“No, Spitty needs more wonbutts!”

Scootaloo had to put a hoof to her mouth to keep herself from bursting out laughing and replied,” oh...I guess we should get you a Soarin plushie!”

She turned to the giant diaper bag with the Wonderbolt lightning bolt symbol on it and pulled out a Soarin plush just as she needed and gave it to Rainbow. “Now you say sorry to Applejack.”

Rainbow shook her head sticking her tongue out. Scootaloo snapped, “you have the count to three? One...two…”

Rainbow whimpered and babbled, “sowie Abbwejackie didn’t mean to twy steawin your plushie.”

Applejack blushed. “tats otay, but I wanna play wonbutts with ya if tats oaty?”

Rainbow sighed,”fine ya can pway but Spitty captain!”

Cheerilee gave a nod seeing that Scootaloo did an excellent job in handling the situation and gave her full points. Big Mac squirmed, “wanna pway wonbutts too!”

“Ok but you play nice and be careful your a big foal!”

Big Mac squealed waddling off shaking his giant diapered rump around.

Scootaloo seeing they all wanted to play reached into the bag and smiled. “Hey look little ones, I found Wonderbutt socks for all of you.” She said showing the white socks with the Wonderbolt’s logo printed on them. The foals cheer as she helped each slip them on. “Now you can all be WonderButts. Hehe does Rarity want to play too?” Scootaloo asked looking over at Sweetie Belle.

“I don’t know do you, Rarity?” Sweetie asked seeing Rarity tilt her head. “I don’t think she gets it.”

“Oh okay,” Scootaloo said going back to focus on Rainbow again.

Sweetie Belle giggled watching the scene as decided to play a game with Rarity. she poked Rarity’s chest. “Okay Rarity, time for some patty cake.”

“Yay cake! I want cake!” Rarity exclaimed bouncing on her padded rump in excitement.

Sweetie Belle squeaked “wait! I don’t have cake I meant the game patty cake!” Rarity started to throw a tantrum.

Sweetie Belle got stern .”Rarity you stop that! You can have some cake later but not right now.”

Rarity stopped and whimpered, “promise?”

Sweetie held out a hoof. “Promise, now come on I’ll show you what I meant when I said patty cake.”

Rarity held out her hooves giggling as she followed the motions that her sister taught her.

Cheerilee once again was watching and grading giving Sweetie Belle full marks. Discord rolled his eyes. “This test is too easy. I think I need to make things more difficult.”

Cheerilee pondered and replied, “how about during nap time, we can see how they handle trying to put the foals to take a nap.”

After feeding their sisters some foal food and had them drink a bottle of warm milk, the three young fillies were tucking their sisters into their sleeping mats.

“No wanna nap, no tired,” Rainbow whined trying to get up whenever Scoootaloo laid her down.

“But you don’t want to be cranky for Spitfire do you?” Scootaloo shook the plush around a bit hoping it would work.

Apple Bloom looked over tapping her chin. “I know a bedtime story would always put me to sleep.”

Rarity was whimpering clinging to her blanket. “Sweetie Belle I scared of the dark can ya put on the nightlight.”

Sweetie Belle giggled, ”I remember mom telling you were scared of the dark when you were little. So I did bring your nightlight!” she plugged in a purple gem-shaped night light. It glowed a soft pink.

Rarity smiled upon seeing it and nuzzled Sweetie Belle. “Thanks, big sissy wuv you.”

Sweetie Belle felt proud of being called the big sister and gave Rarity a pat on the head. “Love you too, but it's time for you to get some sleep and don’t worry about anything that’s why you have that big diaper around you.”

Rarity nodded kicking about getting comfy. “Yeah! I wuv my thick diapees! It is so soft! I wanna make diapees one day!”

“Oh, I’m sure you will,” Sweetie mothered.

Applejack was easiest to settle as she hugged Smarty. She was still bothered by how fussy Rainbow was being and saw her kicking about in her diaper making loud crinkling noises. “Um Apple Bloom ya put a diapee on me right?”

Apple Bloom scoffed, “of course I did.” she lifted the blanket. “See there your rump all padded up.”

Applejack pouted. “Rainbow’s diapee is poofier ten mine.”

Apple Bloom rolled her eyes. “Applejack, you don’t need a super poofy diaper, besides yours is thick enough.”

Applejack whined, “but what if I pee awot! I dun wanna soak my mat and have Dashie waughing at me!”

Applejack took out another diaper and strapped it around her sister’s rump. “There now you have two diapers there’s no way you’re going to leak now.”

Cheerilee nodded “good job, foals don’t really understand how things work and get jealous over silly things.”

Apple Bloom turned, ”have you ever heard of a foal getting jealous over how thick their diapers are? I feel like that was too silly.”

Cheerilee blushed seeing Discord’s magic was involved but she couldn't tell Apple Bloom that. “Oh...well...you never know with foals? I wouldn’t worry about it too much.”

Rainbow saw Applejack getting another diaper and whined, “Scootaloo! I want another diapee!”

Scoootaloo asked, “why? If you have another diaper you won’t be able fly let alone being able to move at all.”

“I wanna another!” Rainbow kicked around flinging her blanket off. “Now, now now!”

“Can I have another?” Rarity asked innocently.

Scootaloo scolded her charge. “Rainbow, that;’s not how you ask for something. What's the magic word?”

Rainbow pouted and grumbled, “can I have another diaper please?”

Scooaloo took out another Wonderbolt printed diaper and quickly strapped it around Rainbow’s rump. “Alright but this really silly.” The foal couldn’t even close her legs.

Sweetie Belle was doing the same with Rarity and giggled,” foals are so silly.”

“Mine prettiest” Rarity giggled putting a hoof to her muzzle.

Rainbow scoffed, “who cares mine ta coolest! Spitty always says ta thickew ta diapee ta better!”

Scootaloo laughed, “that would be funny if she actually said that.”

“She does all ta time! Another of her sayings is, have baba of milk with ya, or if ya need a changie wet me know.”

Fluttershy blinked “uh...Discord did you make her say that?”

Discord snickered. “no, it seems Spitfire is maybe acting as the Wonderbolts mommy.”

Apple Bloom groaned. “Come on, you little ones need sleep. Can’t you all settle down?”

“No,” they all shout in unison before laughing together.

Discord snickered as the three older mares all keep chatting on who’s diaper was better. Applejack teasing Rainbow on how she can’t even crawl away. Apple Bloom groaned putting her muzzle in her hooves. “Come on, we were so close.”

Suddenly the trio of big foals all stopped bickering as Sweetie Belle began to sing. Combined with the music box she’d rewound, the foals heads sway to the gentle lullaby. The song continued on for about two minutes each head drooping slowly back down to their pillows. The fillies all sigh backing out of the side room as Cheerilee watched with a smile.

Later as the foals slept Cheerilee had the Crusaders gather around the dinner table as she double-checked her papers. The soft rustling of the diapers was heard as the fillies lean forward awaiting the results. “So, how’d we do?” Scoootaloo asked first.

“Yeah, are we good parents?” Sweetie Belle added.

“We’d better be with what we all went through,” Apple Bloom pouted.

Discord smirked swirling a ball the tip of his claw. “Oh, you act like you didn’t have fun being young,” he teased.

Sweetie Belle scoffed, “I would rather be the young one, being a parent is tough.”

“Yeah! Even though Rainbow Dash as my mommy was going crazy. Hopefully, after this is all over she’s turned back to being just normal Rainbow Dash.” Scootaloo grumbled. “Her being like her mom was nuts.”

Discord blushed “hey don’t blame me Windy Whistles must have passed down her craziness to her daughter.”

“Are ya sure?” Apple Bloom asked, turning to watch Cheerilee put her papers down with a smile.

“Did we pass!” The three fillies chimed together with worried looks on their faces.

“Not only did you pass, but you also got all A+s you three did so well and were so patient and loving with your charges. I think that you three if you ever decide to have foals would be great mothers.” Cheerilee exclaimed.

The fillies cheered and slammed their hooves together shouting "the Cutie Mark Crusaders did it again!”

Cheerilee rose up and glared at Discord. “Now, Discord you better change the mares back normal. Also, you should help Spike care for Twilight as what happened to her was mostly your fault.”

Discord let out a long groan. “Fiiiine, but surprisingly I can’t control all chaos magic that is happening.

A few hours later after their nap, the three older mares minds were back to normal and they were wearing three diapers around their rumps.

Applejack kick around on her back grunting. “Ugh! I can barely walk like this!

“Please! Somepony get these diapers off me!” Rainbow Dash shouted trying to tear hers off.

Rarity however, waved her thickly padded rump around. “I think the extra diapers looks quite flattering and with the extra protection you’ll have to deal with fewer changes. This is giving me an idea to make thicker diapers with extra padding.”

Applejack rolled her eyes “yeah but ya have to waddle around everywhere!? Makes it kinda hard to buck apples and do my other chores. I’d tire out so quickly.” She kicked around. “Can somepony help me up already!” She tried to roll but with little luck.

Scootaloo waddled over to the pair chuckling a bit.. “hold still, it’s hard to take these diapers off with you squirming around.” She moved over to Rainbow Dash giving th diaper a pat before undoing the tabs.

Apple Bloom assisted in taking off her sister’s diapers rump. “You do look rather cute, ya sure ya want me to take these diapers off?”

“Please Apple Bloom, just take them off, I don’t need all this extra padding. I don’t have that many accidents.”

Sweetie Belle turned to her sister, “are you sure you want to keep your diapers on?”

“Oh yes, darling! It’s giving me inspiration for an order of diapers I’m making for Fancy Pants! Among the nobles their competing to see who can make the poofiest diapers wear around their rumps.”

Discord chuckled,” this new padded Equestria gets weirder and weirder.”

Cheerilee agreed, “yes, but it seems that everypony and creature are taking it in stride.”

Discord nodded, “yeah this week was rather fun and eye opening.”

Fluttershy looked at Discord sternly once more. “I hope this has taught you to be a little more careful.”

“Your right, this chaos magic affecting Equestria is a lot stronger than mine at the moment and I think it has manipulated Twilight. Which reminds me.”

He snapped a claw and poofed out a moment again. “I need to take Twilight to the chaos doctor for her check-up. Hopefully, she likes Lion King.”

Fluttershy snickered, “I think she would prefer something more educational and please be careful with her she really does think she’s three.”

Discord waved a claw. “Oh don’t fret, I took care of Celestia and Luna quite well.”

“Well okay Discord, I trust you,” Fluttershy said, fluttering up to pat his head.

Discord blushed, “you could come with me if you want?..but I would have to treat you like a foal for safety reasons.”

Fluttershy squeaked in surprise and whispered,”me go to the chaos realm...i’m not sure it sounds scary, didn't you say there were monsters and stuff.”

“Oh that sounds like quite the trip could I come! I would love to explore this new dimension myself.” Cheerilee exclaimed.

Discord smirked, “sure Cheerilee! Besides, I get to perform my parenting skills on you this time!” with a snap of a claw Cheerilee was now strapped in a foal’s car seat in the side of the minivan kicking about in her padding. Fluttershy shrugged, “fine, I’ll go besides I’m sure Twilight could use a friend to come with her.”

Discord then strapped her up in a car seat as well. “There now just relax and let me take care of you ok?”

“Ok Dissy.”

As Discord sped off in the minivan towards Twilight’s castle Apple Bloom snickered.
“I think that Cheerilee really came onto that trip to secretly grade Discord’s parenting skills.”

Sweetie Belle nodded,” yeah he’s gonna get an F- for sure, I don’t think he actually cared for the princesses.”

Scootaloo shrugged,” well he can use chaos magic, who knows what tricks he has to the ability to use.”

“So no school tomorrow?”

Sweetie Belle blushed, “oh I think she forgot!? How about we teach the class!”

Scotaloo bounced up and down in excitement. “We can teach the class what we learned about changing diapers and stuff!”

Apple Bloom chirped out in excitement,“Ok, i’ll make up a lesson plan, Sweetie Belle should do the teaching, and Scootaloo you can demonstrate the parenting techniques on some of the students.”

“The Cutie Mark Crusaders all slammed their hooves together again and shouted, “Cutie Mark teachers yeah!”

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This was a super fun conclusion to an adorably silly story. I think it was so cute how Rarity turned out when mentally regressed to being a foal and I loved how Sweetie Belle handled everything. Sweetie gets my gold star for effort.

<LoL!> Discord in a mini van is hilarious! I could just see him zooming off in such a bizarre vehicle given what Equestria's citizens are used to.

Great job on a fun story. :)

I can see it now twilies visit to the chaos doctor

Why so much hate on this one??
I mean if you don't have the imaginative tolerance of a DL just move along. Hate it to yourself but don't put a dislike on it. That gives it a bad first impression even to those who read this stuff.
This is story of the year right now in my mind!:heart:

Wow thanks for the comment. I wrote this when I was a zombie on the night shift at work so I wouldnt say its my best work. But I put my heart and soul into it. So thank you

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