• Published 8th Jul 2019
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Cutie Mark Crusaders back in diapers! Yeah! - Foal Star

Cheerilee has a new school project for her students to have them experince the wonders of being foals for a week....

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Chapter Two: The Playdate Begins

While Scootaloo was napping and Sweetie Belle was playing tea party with her sister back at Sweet Apple Acres, Big Mac was curious and was going about digging through the diaper bag pulling out some odd objects, he pulled out a big plush version of himself strapped in a diaper, he pulled out a foal buggy with a red and green apples printed all over it. There was also a collapsible slide with “Hasbro” printed on the plastic and slowly unfolded it in the living room for his sister. Apple Bloom squealed in delight waddling over and shaking her padded rump as she shouted, “yay slide!” She then slowly climbed up the plastic steps and made her way up to the top still shouting out like a toddler, “Yay slide!”

Big Mac watched and saw that his sister was having trouble keeping her balance and scooted a hoof onto the seat of Apple Bloom’s padded rump for support and helped her sister sit herself on top of the slide holding out his hooves at the bottom. Even though the slide wasn’t that high up, Apple Bloom was looking down with a worried look slowly growing on her face as she felt like it was. She gripped the sides of the slide looking down in fright. “No, it’s too high.”

Big Mac blinked confused as he kept his hooves out thinking it was just an act. “Don’t worry Apple Bloom, I’ll catch you.” The stallion cooed watching his sister look around thinking about trying to get down. After a few moments, the filly slowly nudged her way over the edge and slid down and plopped her padded tush right into Big Mac’s hooves poofing foal powder all over his red coat. The big stallion nuzzled his sister back and whispered, “Gotcha, see not too bad.”

Apple Bloom smiled nuzzling into his coat. “Yay big bwuda save me!” The little filly hugged him close and nuzzled her head over his chest. Before letting him set her atop it once more. It didn’t seem too scary like before seeing her big brother was there to catch her. After sliding down a few more times, Big Mac pulled out a few large plushies from the seemingly bottomless diaper bag before retrieving an oddly tall plush shaped indoor apple tree with cute little velcro apples on it. The filly bounced up and down on her diaper in excitement as she chirped, “Oh apple buck!” and pointed with glee.

“Oh does little one think she’s ready for apple buckin. Aren’t you a little young?” Mac teased, poking her thick padding with a hoof.

Apple Bloom shook her head sticking her tongue out. “Nu-uh, me do it.” She huffed taking it as a challenge, after all, she could still do on the farm why not on the plush version. Of course, she hadn’t considered the fact she had the special booties on that would make said task really difficult.

Granny peered over with a giggle. “Oh? Not even little apple seed like Applejack could apple buck as a foal.” She played. “Are ya sure you don’t want help?” She asked, watching her granddaughter waddle over to the toy nearly slipping onto her belly a few times in the process. “Maybe the youngin needs some pads on her knees to keep her from gettin’ some boo-boos.”

Apple Bloom squeaked shaking her head remembering when Applejack has been overprotective over her and had bubble wrapped almost everything. “No way! I a big fiwwy and dun need pads!”

Big Mac can’t help but laugh a bit and joked, “are you sure? I think that cute diaper around your rump says otherwise,” at his sister’s blush who seemed to be quite embarrassed as he sighed, “Come on Granny, I’m sure she can do it. She’s a big filly.” he cooed. “Want Big Macie to show you how it’s done”

“Nu-uh you’d bweak it.” Apple Bloom babbled back sticking her tongue out knowing how strong her big brother was and that sometimes he doesn’t know his own strength.

“I’d be careful,” Big Mac said with a soft tone. “I wouldn’t want to damage little filly’s toys.”

Apple Bloom tapped her chin before grinning. “Otay big broda show me?”

Big Mac nodded as he went up the tree and turn his diaper bottom toward it. “First you line yourself up with the tree then ya lift up your hind legs and kick at it.” He did the action hitting the plush as it crinkled quite audibly just like a diaper material absorbing the impact of his relatively light buck.

Granny giggled when none of the apples fell off the tree. “Aww, maybe it’s you that needs practice.” She teased. “I guess the little youngin will have to show you.”

Mac just blushed again under his red coat as Apple Bloom waddle up to it and giggled as she jumped up and thrusts her diaper bottom into the tree a few times making foal powder poof out with each diaper slam. Finding it rather fun to do each time she did so, one of the plush apples fell and Apple Bloom began to bounce around the tree laughing with joy. “Me did it, me did it! Did ya see it!” She felt overjoyed at such a simple task no doubt a little bit of Discord’s magic at work.

Big Mac pouted feeling peeved that he was unable to get a single plush apple. “Put those apples back on I want to try again.”

Granny snickered as she placed the plush apples back in the tree and cooed. “Come on little Mac ya can do it.”

Apple Bloom clapped her hooves encouragingly. “Ya big browda do it. He strong.”

For a moment, Mac thought of bucking the same way again but decided to try how Apple Bloom did it. After all, it was just a toy, not the real thing. Lining himself up he began to push his diaper upon the plush tree watching it wiggle and bob around. Before long, the apples began to fall and the little filly was trying to catch them in a little plastic basket. By the end of the attempt, Apple Bloom had managed to catch a few in her basket beaming a smile at her family.

“Wook me did it!’ Apple Bloom squeed showing the basket filled with apples to Granny.

The old mare dawwed taking the basket and ruffling the filly’s mane. “What a good little filly. You’ll be apple buckin’ soon.”

Big Mac gave a beam of pride and asked, “so Granny how was that?”

Granny waddled over and slapped Big Mac's padded rump. “Ya did good, now how about ya go and help Applejack with the apple buckin’ so she ain’t out there all by herself,”

Big Mac eyed Granny and asked, “So you wanna have Apple Bloom to yourself huh?”

Apple Bloom waddled over and also patted Big Mac's rump. “Yeah, I fine Gwanny can watch me.”

He shrugged, “Alright, if you're ok with it.”

“I changed your stinky bottom too before ya spoke your first word. I can handle her, now get.” Granny gesture him the door watching the big stallion leave. She turned to Apple Bloom with a smile. “Now how about a little dress up youngin. Nothing says young like a bonnet.”

Apple Bloom blinked with an odd look on her face as she whispered, “tats funny, I sweaw tat some othew fiwwy is pwayin’ dwess up.”

“Well why not, being cute is what being young is all about,” Granny said peering into the bag. “Let see what I can find in this here bag of yours.” Most of her body seems to disappear inside as she dug around tossing things out at random. “This here thing just keep going don’t it.”

While Apple Bloom was being dressed up in embarrassing outfits Rarity was in her cute frilly princess outfit drinking a cup of tea with her sister Sweetie Belle sitting on big plastic seats around a filly tea set complete with a full set of fine china. Sweetie Belle was quite happy in her ballerina outfit and was kicking about with a big smile on her face while showing off her thick diaper around her rump.

Rarity placed the cup down and replied in an elegant tone. “I have to say this has been such a lovely tea party, I do hope that we can maybe get your friends to come and join us.”

Sweetie Belle was still unsure of the idea as she sipped her tea from a pink sippy cup. “I dun know if day would wana...it might be too uh girly.”

Rarity rolled her eyes. “What nonsense, their fillies and should be a little girly once in awhile. Even Scootalo could use a little etiquette some time. I”m sure they love to play a little pretend. Isn't that right Miss Fluffy.” She asked moving around a white teddy bear with a heart on its tummy.

“Oh yes I agree,” the plusie replied Rarity using a silly voice while she made it wave.

Sweetie Belle giggled and turned to a plush rabbit and asked, “so angel? Ya tink tat Apple Bloom would wana join?”

“No way! She neva weaw dwessies!” Apple Bloom babbled trying to imitate Rarity.

The older mare snickered and turned to Mr. Fluffy, "remember when the crusaders when the Gala, they look very adorable.”

“Mr. Fluffy” responded with Rarity’s gruff voice. “Oh yes, they looked lovely indeed whoever made them was most talented.”

Sweetie Belle rolled her eyes and replied, “awight, wew we gots to invite tem fiwst.” She took the diaper bag taking out some letters that were shaped like big fluffy diapers and some cute pink crayons as she wrote the invitations. “Deaw fwiend ya in..uh invitwed to tea be hewe in a houw.”

She then sealed each letter like a diaper with some seals and hoofed them over to her sister. “They're all done! I even drew a smiley face on tem.”

Rarity blushed seeing the embarrassing letters having the fancy wavy font on them as she cooed, “these are really cute, I have to admit I might use these for a formal padded party later.”

She squeaked as they suddenly disappeared and scowled, “Discord! You better not be spying on us!”

The mare turned to see that Discord was somehow a plushie sitting there at the tea table with a stupid grin stitched on his face. Sweetie Belle was already stumbling about trying to pour the plush a cup and eyed the teapot as it sputtered out hot cocoa instead. “Huh, wewid did ya make hot cocoa Wawity?”

The older mare just crossed her forelegs with a smirk growing on her face,” no and I do have to say Discord it’s rather rude of you to show up uninvited and not wearing formal attire. I'm sure we stated you needed to be wearing a diaper and a dress.”

Sweetie Belle pulled out a pink frilly doll dress and a thick pink doll sized diaper and shouted, “oh dun worrie I got Dissy!”

She tackled the plushie and dressed him up like a doll with a small pink diaper and an embarrassing pink frilly dress as he squirmed and cried out. “Hey, easy! Watch the tail!”

It didn't take long for Sweetie Belle to dress the Lord Of Chaos in his embarrassing outfit and plopped Discord back down in his chair wearing his new frilly dress as he crossed his arms grumbling irritably.

Rarity snickered and sipped her tea. "well, it is a princess tea party cutie."

Applejack was bucking trees alongside her brother when a letter appeared right on her face. “Gah,” she paused her work and peeled it off her face looking at it. “Huh, it’s an invite for Apple Bloom.” She opened it up and had a bit of a hard time trying to read the letter seeing Sweetie Belle's hoof writing was terrible and a lot of the words were misspelled. “I think she is inviting Apple Bloom to a tea party...I think?"

She squinted to re-read it as Mac peered over her shoulder looking over it as well.

Big Mac blushed and replied, "well I ain't wearin' no dress. You can take Apple Bloom to that."

Applejack chuckled and smiled. “I guess I can.”

She smiled quickly heading off to the house. Upon entering, she saw her sister dressed in a yellow bonnet with pink polka dots and a matching frilly dress from fifty years ago. Her diaper too was somehow cloth with a silly safety pin. The farm mare couldn’t help but snicker a bit even as her sister blushed like a cheery.

Granny cooed pinching Apple Bloom’s cheek. “Little youngin dressed up just like I was back in the day.” She patted the diaper. “Don’t yah like it little apple seed?”

The big foal just kept blushing nodding slowly before looking over at her sister. “Hey Applejackie what's up?"

“Well, Sweetie Belle has invited ya to a playdate.” Applejack cooed tickling under her sister’s chin. “Don’t that sound like fun?”

“Yay pway pway!” the filly cheered bouncing on her bottom some while Applejack got the stroller ready. Apple Bloom beamed a smile and exclaimed, “dis fun so far!"

“Well, that’s good to know.” Granny patted Apple Bloom head before helping to sit the filly into the stroller and buckling her in. She finished off with setting a plush kitty in her hooves.

Once all ready to go, Applejack pushed the stroller out whistling as she did so taking the special diaper bag of course. “Let's get the little one to her playdate.”

As Applejack pushed Apple Bloom down the street in her stroller they saw Diamond Tiara waddling in a fancy diaper down the street too.

She gasped upon seeing Apple Bloom being pushed in the stroller and squeaked, “Apple Bloom why are you in a stroller! And in those clothes!”

“Howdy there Diamond, little sugarcube here is doing her class assignment being just like a foal. Ain’t she cute?” Applejack cooed, adjusting her hat.

Diamond Tiara had to put a hoof over her mouth trying to hold back from bursting out laughing. “Seriously? Even if it was for extra credit I wouldn’t be caught dead in a stroller!”

“Well, your diapers sure are fancy enough to count as a foal,” Applejack remarked before patting Apple Bloom's diaper some making the yellow filly blush.

Diamond stared back at her own diaper which had fancy gem print like diamonds and rubies it had a purple leak guards with the filly's tiara cutie mark printed squarely on the seat of her padding. “These are a designer brand made with some of the best quality fabrics in Equestria. Only the most sophisticated ponies wear these."

She huffed leaning closer to Apple Bloom. “I still can’t believe you’re doing this even for extra credit.

Applejack adjusting the stroller some. “I’m sure she loves to chat, but she’s not supposed to talk too much being a foal and all.”

Before the rich filly could respond further, Rainbow Dash came flying down with her mane cut short and wearing a shirt with “Scootaloo #1” printed on it came pushing a sleeping Scootaloo in a baby carriage that was designed with Wonderbolt designs. She came up with a big smile on her face as she whispered, “Hey Applejack ya heading to Sweetie Belle’s tea party too?”

Applejack scratched her head. “Uh...why ya whispering and don’t take this the wrong way or nothin but you seem different?”

Diamond looked up at Rainbow as well noticing something was way off with the daredevil pony and asked. “Is that a new mane style?”

Rainbow Dash scoffed, “What are you talking about? My mane was always like this. Also, you two keep it down my Scootaloo the number one napper is taking a nap if you hadn’t noticed.”

Applejack snickered, “aww, you became your mom huh?”

Rainbow blinked shaking her head. “What no I’m not!” she denied. “Why everyone saying that. Not that my mom isn’t cool or anything.”

Diamond stared at the carriage and peeked in. “She sleeps through Cheerilee’s classes sometimes, I think a little talking isn’t going to wake her.”

Rainbow dash suddenly picked Diamond up causing the filly to squeak and kick about in her adorable diaper as the mare cooed. “oh just look at you cutie! You wanna join and take a nap too?”

The filly wanted to say no but she oddly yawned and stretched out her hooves. “well...I am quite tired...I guess a quick nap would be fine.”

Rainbow Dash tucked the filly next to Scootaloo popping a Wonderbolt pacifier in her mouth. “There you go, sweetheart.”

Applejack dawwed, “oh! We should find other foals to join the tea party! The more the merrier I say!”

Rainbow Dash shouted, “yeah that does sound like a good idea! Although my carriage only holds two.”

They then both turned to see Button Mash waddling down the street grumbling irritably as he waddled off in a thick diaper. Applejack waved a hoof. “Hey Button mash wait up a sec!”

The colt turned around and asked, “What do you want!? Ya gonna make fun of my cool video game diaper too!” Said diaper had cute minecraft prints with pixelated hammers, diamonds and slime creatures printed on it.

Applejack scoffed, “what! No of course not! We just wanted to ask if ya wanted to come along with it to a tea party?”

Button Mash squeaked and shouted, “wha no way I’m a colt! I can’t go to tea parties!”

“Maybe he just needs a dress?” Rainbow joked.

Applejack rolled her eyes and continued to explain, “hey Sweetie Belle will be there and I think she also has a new game colt game she wanted to show ya.”

Button Mash mulled it over tapping a hoof to his chin. “Wel...i...if Sweetie Belle is there…” He looked up and asked, “so what game is it? “

Applejack gulped and stammered, “its um...it..a Foal Land?” Rainbow Dash burst into laughter as Button Mash gasped, “seriously! She has it! I heard that game was coming out but I didn’t think it got released yet!”

The two mares shrugged as Applejack replied,” yeah sure now come on we're wastin’ time here!”

Button Mash thought about it for a second before relenting, "fine I'll come! But I'm not wearing a dress! and don't tell my mom!"

Applejack took the padded colt and plopped him next to Apple Bloom. "There, now ya sit tight if ya need anything just let me know."

The colt sighed as Apple Bloom commented, "I like you diapee its cute."

He blushed as he scrunched the padding between his legs and asked, "ya think so? thanks, I hope Sweetie Belle likes it."

Apple Bloom gave his padding a pat making foal powder puff out. "Oh, she will! your diaper is super thick and cute!"

Button Mash squeaked as he kicked about in his crinkling diaper and cried, "mom put too much foal powder on my rump again! ugh!"

Applejack dawed as she continued to push the foals down the road. “Remember Apple Bloom small words.” She chuckled as they head for Rarity’s home.

Once there, Rarity opened the door and raised her hooves up with a big smile on her face. "Welcome darlings! I'm so happy to see you all have come!"

She gasped upon seeing Button Mash and cooed, "oh looks like a colt has decided to join the party!"

Button Mash blushed as he pressed his hooves over his padding and cried, "yeah!? but I'm not wearing a dress."

Rarity waved a hoof and scoffed "I would never dress a colt in a dress. However, you do need to wear some proper attire."

Taking him into the store she quickly reached into the magic bag and began to dress the squirming colt in a cute baby blue suit onesie. All the ponies burst into fits of giggles as Button had the onesie had a button strap printed around his thick diaper.

Rarity smiled “Oh very nice.” She looked at the sleeping peacefully in the carriage. "Oh you brought another filly too how nice.” She watched the two sleep onwards seemingly undisturbed by the noise.

Rainbow Dash whispered. "Can they finish their nap first? I don't want them being fussy during the tea party."

Rarity clapped her hooves and replied, "Oh Sweetie Belle should have a nap too we can do the tea party later."

Button Mash crossed his forehooves across his chest and shouted, "were not actual toddlers we don't need naps!"

Rarity picked him up and booped the colt on the nose. "Nope sweetheart, you are in our house so you have to follow our rules.” She carried the pouty colt along in the nursery room noticing new cribs had appeared.

Button Mash wanted to fight back but stopped seeing Sweetie Belle plopped next to him as she squealed " Button mash wanna sleep with me!"

The colt's face turned a bright red as he stammered, "s..su..sure."

Rarity dawwed seeing the two snuggle each other in their thick diapers crinkling together as the mare whispered, "oh, that's just adorable."

She turned to see that Scootaloo was still sleeping next to Diamond in the comfy carriage while Apple Bloom laid down with a plush bear. The mares all smiled dimming the lights before heading out to let them snooze.

Diamond Tiara was the first to awaken rubbing her eyes. “Mmm, this isn't my bed.” It took a few moments for her mind to catch up before she saw the nursery before her. “Hmm?”

Scootaloo yawned as she woke up as well looking at her confused. “Diamond, what are you doing here?”

Diamond spat the Wonderbolt pacifier out of her mouth as she rolled her eyes. “I'm here for your tea party apparently.” She gave a smile though as she looked over at Sweetie Belle's crib and snickered, "look at those two love birds!"

Looking over, Scootaloo also saw that Sweetie was hugging Button close like a teddy bear. As the colt slowly woke up he was quite flabbergasted cheeks burning red as he held still. Scootaloo snicker. “Hehe, I guess she really likes you.” The fillies forgetting about the whole talking rule thinking they aren’t being overheard.

Button Mash blushed, "so what? were best friends."

Apple Bloom pressed her hooves to her face. "I think I hear wedding bells!"

Scootaloo jeered, "oh! I bet they'll be having foals of their own too!"

Button Mash whined, "It's not like that! were not getting married!"

Sweetie Belle snuggled him more opening her eyes sleepily. "Would you want to be my special somepony?"

Every filly gasped as Button Mash's face was a bright red as he whimpered, "I...uh...well...I guess…"

The fillies squealed, "yay! they finally tied the knot!"

Before the three could celebrate more, the door opened as Rarity came trotting in. “Oh my is that talking foals I hear?” She scolded playfully.

They all squeak as Sweetie Belle babbled, "sowie, we be babies we go back to sleepies."

Rarity peered down with a coo, "now, now my little ones it's time for a nap. I want you all to be well-rested for the tea party. Also, don't be alarmed if you pee its natural for foals to wet the bed."

“But that happens to everyone now.” Diamond countered back as she kicked about in her padding making it squish. It was quite evident she peed already with the white diaper had a big yellow stain with some of the prints started fading.

“Ub huh no buts but yours getting comfy.” Rarity mothered.

“I'm not tired, I wana get up!" Button added shifting about embarrassed in his own slightly soggy padding

Rarity eyed the colt and scolded him. "You better listen darling or ill tell your mother how naughty you were."

The colt instantly clapped his hooves over his mouth as the mare gave a nod. "Good, now you foals sleep for another hour at least.” Rarity strolled over to a small music box giving it a crank before letting the soothing music play and the box sparkling with magic. The little ones tried to resist the rhythm chimes eyes drooping with each note playing in their ears. Rarity watched as one by one each foal falling back into slumber, Sweetie Belle snuggling again as well. “Sleep tight.” She whispered and headed out of the room and gently closing the door. After all, she had teddy bears to dress for the party.