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I am a newcomer. I will be writing some stories with intense imagery at times. Take that as a warning.


Chancellor Neighsay has been rebuking the times when the ponies and the Non-Pony races have helped each other in times of danger. However, when a mysterious entity cracks down on the EEA, he is shocked by who rescues him and his comrades.

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well, i just read through the whole thing and...honestly? even disregarding the Christian aspect, this isnt very well written. there is no build up, no real plot, none of the elements of Story...looks like a first time writers attempt at making a multi chapter story if i had to put my claw on it. the fact that at least two of these 'chapters' r little more than a paragraph...yeah, it speaks very strongly of a first time writer. with more time to bake in the oven, it might grow into a proper short story, but as it stands now...i must give a Dislike...and for that, i apologize...

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