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It's always nice when everycreature can come together for a good buckball game, but outside of the actual match there were three youths in particular who especially had fun with it. And when said game comes to an end, they find themselves, as they usually do, with their other friends.

Will contain spoilers for "2, 4, 6, Greaaat"

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Cool story!

I really didn't like the episode itself, not because of the students, naturally, but because I thought it really was off the mark when it came to Rainbow Dash's character. I won't get into all that since it's a touch subjective and I don't want to cause any big discussions in the comments that distract from what I came here to talk about: your story, which I really liked!

Aside from being really sweet, I did adore seeing Smolder be so comfortable in joining in something that's usually looked down on, even by a fair number of girls. Also, she looked uber-cute in that outfit! Ocellus too, they're my two favorite characters of the Student Six.

Funny thing, but the first time I heard Shimmy and Light talk, I swore they were those two ponies Smolder encountered during her test with the Tree of Harmony back in "What Lies Beneath," i.e. fictional ponies. I had to double check to see that, no, they weren't actually the same as those two; but they sound almost identical! I kinda want to see Smolder go through something similar, like wondering if they actually were the same as those two (dragons do seem to have some trouble distinguishing between ponies, remember) and maybe wondering if they knew about her and her frilly dress and such. Silly idea, I know, but hey.

I really like the message of liking what you like. True story, I went to AnthroCon once, about five or six years ago with a friend. I wore a MLP t-shirt and in the vendor hall, some guy in full fursuit came up to me and asked what that was. I explained it's My Little Pony. Then he said, "you know, you have to turn in your man-card, right?" I just blinked, kinda nonplussed and a little confused. I eventually got out, "well, I have a Brony card and that's way better." Then he just stalked off. I mean, if anybody should know what's it like to have people look down on your likes and interests and assume it's something bad, you'd think it'd be fursuiters, but this guy...oh well.

Again, cool story!

My thoughts in the episode where "Rainbow you know the best cheer pony around, get in contact with your mother!"

I’d totally watch a web series centered on the Young Six. Just a few five or ten minute long episodes or something.

I get the feels that Sandbar cheerleading = Yona likey.

Totally agree with this sentiment. Even just a couple of Equestria Girls-style shorts would be welcome. Speaking of, R-Double-D, you ever have any interest in writing anything for the Student Six? Or incorporating them into Lunaverse?

Also, it seems like a lot of shows nowadays are going for two half-episodes of 10 or 11 minutes rather than full half-hour episodes (ex. Infinity Train, Amphibia, DC Super Hero Girls, 101 Dalmatian Street, Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty, Mao Mao, Loud House, etc.) I wonder if MLP G5 won't go the same route?

I love the young six they always do incredible things :)

"Hey, you're getting better. You might not even need your floaties net time."

Next time?


I've generally been proved wrong (Adventure Time, Star Vs the Forces of Evil) but I can't help but think that 11 minutes is just to short a time to tell a proper story and really develop characters, many times 25 minutes can seem to rushed. I guess it comes down to how skilled the writers are.

Anything you write about the six of these guys is always gold

Ocellus is actually in the Lunaverse now! She makes her debut in The ‘Ling from Another World, and has her own focus story in Ocellus’ Ordinary Day.

I’ll incorporate the others as I find the time.

Loved this story, especially when it includes my fave orange student dragon. :moustache:

I wouldn't mind seeing more Young Six stories, they do have a lot of potential! :pinkiehappy:


I though the Lunaverse was dead. Any chance to read someday the endgame with Corona (and maybe Discord too?).

Working on it now! And it's not dead...in the past few months I've updated Treasure Hunt and For a Few Bits More and I just started and posted a few days ago a new story in it, A Day in Canterlot (which is actually part of me gearing up for the Season 2 finale since I want Tempest Shadow in the Lunaverse and need to work on her character and how she'll fit in before getting to work on the season finale). Zap Apple Smash also added a new story, Big Trouble in the Big Easy, and ThatGuyVex recently added another update to Contest of Champions.

Plus last year in addition to updates to For a Few Bits More, Treasure Hunt, and The Rime of the Ancient Pegasus, I also wrote those two changeling stories I mentioned featuring Ocellus.

*forehead slap* Right, right, I've actually read those (and loved 'em!).

"That does it! Sandbar, I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to ask you to turn in your cool guy card."

The young stallion looked to him with confusion.

"I had a cool guy card?"

Gallus pondered that, then smirked.

"Yeah, good point."

Hah, burn! :rainbowlaugh:

As usual, nice story. :twilightsmile:

I've check out some review for the episode and I realized, why weren't Yona, Smolder, and Ocellus the focus of the episode? Think about it, instead of having Dash be a jerk to the cheer squad, it could've been about Ocellus coming out of her shell. We probably even had Smolder showing her more girly side and Yona probably could've learned to take things down a notch.

It might not be much, but I think it still be better than the episode we got. I just had to let this out and I couldn't figure out where else to post this.

Sandbar as a male cheerleader? Man, would I love to see that. :twilightsmile:

Actually, I just had a thought for JD: have you ever seen the Tumblr "Ask the Student Six" (https://studentsix.tumblr.com) by Sintakhra (https://www.deviantart.com/sintakhra)?

It seems like your thoughts tend to run a bit parallel to each other on the Student Six. Maybe you could collaborate on something; Sintakhra drawing a sketch as a cover for one of your stories, or you writing a drabble for something she draws? Could be fun!

This was really nice reading. And I didn't expect that bit with Sandbar :rainbowlaugh: But I ain't complaining, that was nice!

9789468 I already know of that blog, and while I love their stuff I'm not really one for collabs. Sorry :twilightsheepish:

"Don't get me wrong, we Griffons may be changing for the better these days, but we're still Griffons . Getting us together long enough to have a sport is already pretty difficult. But getting a bunch of other Griffons off to one side to genuinely cheer them on? Yeah, that ain't happening anytime soon."



A silence passed, and after a time, Sandbar blushed, looking down to his hind legs, which were still in that split, before again glancing to his friend.

"I, er...I think I might be stuck."

Being stuck as as a bipedal is tough enough.
As a quadruped, that would be tough.

"Griffons? Playing sports? I wish!"

Except there were three griffons who were seen competing in the Equestria Games back in season 4.

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