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New positions often heap a great deal of stress upon he shoulders of those who have them, and while Sans Smirk has proved a capable stallion at the Gag Factory, he nevertheless feels the burden of his newly-given role there. Thankfully, he soon finds himself getting a visit from exactly the pony needed to lift his spirits.

Will contain spoilers for "The Last Laugh"

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Comments ( 4 )

This was a nice story. I quite enjoyed it, felt like a nice follow-up to the episode. :twilightsmile:

You always come through with these follow-up stories. Nice work!

Very good! Nailed Cheese Sandwich perfectly!

Ah, so relatable. It's very easy to let yourself believe you need to be something to support or encourage it, or even make it happen, and sometimes we need a reminder that the most important part of any responsibility is the intent and dedication.

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