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Its been a Month since the Chaos magic that has caused everypony to be diaper dependent has hit Equestria. Rarity is now getting used to her diaper dependency as she begins to design her own styles of diapers for nobles and the like. However a new challenge arises as she finds out that Sweetie Belle is quite the heavy wetter and she doesn't want to wear two diapers to bed.

Cover Artist: Kurikia

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Comment posted by Formerly Committed deleted Jul 5th, 2019

Great story, it was well paced as well as cute.

I liked it and would love to give it a thumbs up.

If I were you man, I would leave the ratings system on, IMO it shows weakness and cowardice, it lets the haters win.

Even though I don't care for the diaper fetish I mean what I say. This is a good fanfic because you put so much heart and time into it. 👍

Apparently you do Sweetie.

Why does this have so many dislikes? Aside from some grammar issues, I thought this was great! Seriously, we need more stories featuring the younger ponies getting diapered.

The older sister scowled as she slowly stood back up and snapped, "keep it up and you'll be in a dozen diapers. Then we'll see if you can even crawl."

Yeah! The thicker, the better! :pinkiehappy:

did liked being babied a little.

This would make for a good sequel.

At this point im just going to accept them. I honestly make these stories for people like you.

9716459 Yeah, that's the important thing.

You should do something with crinkle bottom Chrysalis.

Awesome I love Chrysalis and those crinkle bottom images. I hope her mind and personality doesn’t get messed up like Sombra.
PS: I was hoping for some feed back what did you think about that story pitch I sent awhile back about the regressed inventor and the android nanny

A very nice little story to further build upon the plot you and Zubrick have been working on. It shows kind of a Slice of Life of how Rarity and Sweetie Belle are coping with the situation.

I do like how Sweetie Belle managed to have a little fun at her sister's expense. It had to help lighten the overall mood. Especially for Sweetie as she has always been a tad vulnerable to being teased.

<LoL!> This reminds me of how Sweetie was referred to as 'Repeatie Belle' in the one episode. Seems a lot of interesting variations can be made with her name.

Putting multiple diapers over each other kind of demands you have different sizes.

Also I just had an idea that maybe this could be a contest thing between Applejack and Rainbow Dash. That they make a narrow track which they have to walk while staying between the lines. Then they each put on another diaper on top of their old one and do the track again. Then they keep adding and adding until one of them can no longer stay between the lines.

Also it only works if the disposable diapers in Equestria don’t have the fluid-repelling top sheet that most disposables in our world have. And if they are both cloth it only works if just the outer one has a cover on it.

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