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I love the night and all it has to offers. Princess Luna is the best. I love to make friends, give advice, and help others. I love interaction with others, so comments and PM's are highly welcomed.


We all know Queen Chrysalis posed as Cadence to steal Shining Armor's love, so she could rule Equestria. But why did she want to marry Shining Armor instead of just stealing his magic? In the actual song she says she doesn't love him, but wants him all to herself.
Was it just me, or did anyone else think that was a little weird? Did she just say that to uphold her villan image, or did she have another reason? Did she love Shining Armor? This is my story on the story behind the story. Enjoy!

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I liked this. Looking deeper within a story has always been a fun thing to me. Actually makes you wonder. Good job nonetheless.

Comment posted by Nocturnalis Storyhart deleted Aug 23rd, 2019

In all seriousness there is potential here. But it needs fleshing out. It's too rushed and jumpy. :scootangel:

This nice deep dive into Chrysalis mind bout her feelings to Shining. Flesh it out and build it a bit more and I can say this be even better story.

im aint going to lie.forgive me bad english.i really don't read books that are not about button mash.i mean for me it's button mash ,button mash ,button mash 24/7.yes i might even go as far as saying that i am obsessed about button mash but i have to say .reading your book was really nice.

Then the idea struck her like lighting! The wedding! If she was posed as his bride.... She could MARRY him! And while she did, her changelings could feed! And later, she could reveal herself to him, proving he could love her as much as this Mi Amore Cadenza, if not more. But, she did need some precautions. She had to uphold her villain image so that he couldn't be used as a weakness. And if something happened, that she wouldn't be exposed. She needed to hold up that image of a tough, dignified, and strong leader of her people. Not some prancing, giggly, love struck grub. And so her mind was set, as was her plan. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Oh snap!

I always like head-canons like these. Good job!

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