• Published 4th Jul 2019
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A shadows love - Moonlight_shadow78

The grand galloping gala is being hosted however things don’t go as planned how you ask? Well twilight is gone flurry is returned and King Sombra is back

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The King

Everything in the room was tense as none other than King Sombra appeared on the stage “KING SOMBRA!” Celestia shouted “what do you want? We all thought you were dead!” Celestia shouted angrily as the dark mage smirked

“What I want.... is a deal.” The tyrant claimed. Celestia’s ears perked, she was one more into solving something in a orderly manner instead of brutality as a solution

“What kind of ‘deal’ is this? A cheat?” Rainbow dash quipped as she got into her fighting position

the dark mage chuckled in amusement as he said:
“No You have something that I want. I will give you flurry heart if I get something in return.” making a mischievous grin on his face

“Which is...?” Celestia asked

“I want a willing hoof in marriage”

the room fell silent. nobody knew what to say they were all shocked at what they had just heard.

“Oh no! No he is not getting any pony!” Rainbow dash exclaimed as she shot up into the air.

“I second that! That..that Brute is getting Nopony!” Rarity exclaimed as she pointed to him.

“but it could our only chance at saving flurry heart...” Fluttershy pointed out as her voice trailed off

“She does have a point you know” twilight said “as much as I hate it”

King Sombra just laughed. “You have 24 hours once you have decided meet me at the everfree forest and if you don’t comply well.. let’s say you won’t ever see her again.” and he disappeared without a trace.

The room was silent for a moment

“No way we are not giving him any pony!” Apple jack stated.

“We will talk about this in the morning.” Celestia said “you ponies can stay here I’m truly sorry about this.” Celestia said before leaving

The morning the next day...

“Twilight breakfast is ready!” Spike called out. No respond.”awww come on twi you can’t stay in bed all day!” As he started walking over to her bed he noticed a note as he picked it up and started reading it he fell into shock and horror and started charging towards the breakfast room in sheer panic “EVERYPONY I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMTHING!” Everypony looked up completely in shock.

Meanwhile with twilight....

“I’m sorry Everypony but I have to do this.. I’m should be the one taking responsibility for this.. I’m her aunt.. I barely see her.. it won’t matter if I’m gone flurry will forget me when she’s all grown up...” she muttered to herself as she saw the dark mage at the entrance to the everfree forest. As he saw her he looked up in surprise he did not expect twilight to be the one he expected Luna or her sister but instead he got her. but then he realized what an opportunity he had just been given the element of magic and a princess was what he was getting. oh the things he would to with her... it was All to perfect

As she landed she heard a “princess twilight sparkle.” Shivers went down her spine as she walked towards him “I didn’t expect you to come Of all ponies.” As a smirk formed on his face. “Let’s go twilight.” He said menacingly.

Just as he was about to leave with his future wife he heard a “TWILIGHT!” He looked over to see her friends coming but before they could reach him and twilight they both disappeared and all that remained in their place was a sweet flurry heart.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Shinning Armor shouted and stared crying as Cadence picked up flurry heart.

“Were too late.....” Cadence’s voice trailed off

Meanwhile at sombra’s new palace twilight was fast asleep much to his liking as he placed her in a spare room “oh the things we will do together...” he chuckled and left the room quite pleased he had a princess and the strongest element of harmony with him but he didn’t want too fall in love again it was too painful. all he cared about was his plans for her and all the fun he was going to have making her fall for him then she wouldn’t use the elements of harmony against him. he smiled at the thought. And the look on her big brothers face when he is married to his little sister. ‘it will be priceless’ he thought though he did wonder.. could any pony ever love a tyrant like him who took over an empire? Only fate could answer that question he had in him.

He just hoped the answer was yes.

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