• Published 4th Jul 2019
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A shadows love - Moonlight_shadow78

The grand galloping gala is being hosted however things don’t go as planned how you ask? Well twilight is gone flurry is returned and King Sombra is back

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It was a warm bright night in Ponyville everything was calm and it was almost time for a very special event...

“Spike!”a young Alicorn mare shouted. it was princess twilight the princess of friendship. And she was struggling to get ready in time for the grand galloping gala

“Yes?” Her young dragon assistant said.

“Are you ready? The girls are waiting!” Twilight asked impatiently

“I’m ready! Let’s go! I wanna see rarity!” The young dragon replied.

As they both ran outside they saw their friends Fluttershy the element of kindness, rarity the element of generosity, Rainbow dash the element of loyalty, Applejack the element of honesty, Pinkie pie the element of laughter, All together the 6 of them made the Title:The Elements Of Harmony

“Rarity you look great!” Spike complimented

“Awww thanks Spikey Wikey” rarity gushed and with that, they hopped onto the carriage and were off to the grand galloping gala the most exquisite party in Equestia.

Once they arrived they all were mesmerized in the lovely sight of the Canterlot Castle “good evening princess twilight!” A passerby said and waved as she waved back and entered the palace with. Her friends

As they walked in they heard: “Twilight sparkle!” And saw Princess Celestia coming towards them As twilight Rushed over to give her beloved mentor a hug

“It’s good to see you Twilight.” Princess Celestia said

“you too!” Twilight responded And out of the corner of her eye she saw her friends Go different places to enjoy themselves as Twilight caught up with her beloved mentor.

After a while of catching up Twilight heard a “Twiliy!” And she looked behind her to see cadence and shining Armor Trottiong towards her

“ Hi B.B.B.F.F!” They both have her a compassionate hug and said:

“how have you been?”

“I have been doing great!” Twilight responded

After a while the royals were all strolling through the garden and talking about there lives.

“So Twily What have you been up to lately?” Shining armor asked.

“Well I have been just hanging out with my friends and I’ve been a little stressed with my new princess duties.” Twilight responded.

“That’s Okay Twily!” Shining Armor responded.

“We should go back inside the ponies are probably wondering where we are.” Celestia said.

Once they were all back inside, twilight realized something.

“Hey... Cadence Shining Armor? Were is flurry heart? I have not seen her at all And I’m starting to get worried.” Twilight said. Shining Armor and cadence turned pale with fear. “W-what’s wrong?” Twilight asked.

“I thought we had her! WHERE DID SHE GO!?” Shining armor shouted.

“Shining Armor calm down!” Celestia said “we will find her! Twilight get your friends I’ll set out a search party!” Celestia said

“okay!” Twilight said nervously

2 hours later....

“We can’t find her!” Rainbow dash exclaimed

“well we better! Twilight’s about to have a mental breakdown!” Pinkie pie Exclaimed. Pointing to Twilight who was hyperventilating

“Twilight it’s okay just breathe.” Cadence said


Before anybody could say anything else they heard something something that scared all of the ponies out of the great ball room. “I know where she is” a voice said as a shadow formed on the stage

Author's Note:

DUN DUN DUN!!!!! Anyways I hope you enjoyed my very first fanfic I’m new to this so I hope you enjoy!

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