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This story is a sequel to Discord's Playdates

King Sombra was defeated some time ago and now he has come back in his physical form only to find himself diapered and unable to perform even basic magic. Discord and Cadence then humilate the poor king as they try to rehabiliate him and who knows how much emberassment the poor tyrant will endure before his mind finally gives up and he becomes completly foalified.

Co Author: Zubric

Cover artist: Cuddlehooves

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 8 )

Is it wrong that I feel bad for Sombra?

This was so cute! I'm glad Sombra found happiness as a cute diaper butt~
I sense some revenge by the alicorns and Discord getting padded soon~

It's always fun to read tales in which you and Zubrick do. You make a great team.

I do believe this particular story takes place in the parallel universe that has been developed where everyone needs diapers? Kind of like with "Pinkie Diaper Pie"?

My favorite scene was with Tinkle Spark in Sombra's dreamscape. Tinkle Spark is a super fun character. Getting to know a budding Dream walker is really cool and certainly a delightful OC.

Zubric #5 · July 3rd · · ·

To be fair though, i only really helped wit the first half of the story

This series needs more

I don't think so. Even if it's for the better people having their personalities re written is creepy and wrong. And the fact that he ends up a grown stallion that acts like a little foal just makes it creepier.

Well this had been a surprising fun read, I think he would have been best in pink.

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