• Published 1st Jul 2019
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Sombra's Padded Rehabilitation - Foal Star

Discord and Princess Cadence decided together to help rehabiliate Sombra into Equestrian Society in some emberassing ways.

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Dear Celestia, I learned how to reform King Sombra using Diapers and Chaos Magic

Sombra a dark coated, stallion with a black coat and a flowing black mane groaned as he rubbed his horn, trying to remember what had happened to him. The last thing he could recall was Princess Cadence flying at him and everything going black. He blinked, trying to get his bearings and saw baby blue bars rising overhead and grumbled, "am I in prison?"

The stallion looked around some more and saw the walls had murals of rainbows and suns with smiley faces printed on them. The tyrant growled, "what mockery is this! who would dare put King Sombra in such a stupid prison!" He tried to rise only to lose his balance and fall down onto his bottom. To his horror and rage, a thick pink diaper was strapped around his rump with Princess Cadence's crystal heart cutie mark printed on the padded fabric. He was so furious that he wanted to roar, but what came out instead was a cute little "mew" from his mouth. The stallion blinked in confusion before hearing somepony talk.

"Awake already and throwing a tantrum, you're going to be quite the hood full."

He turned only to see Discord come from out of nowhere Sombar glared at lord of chaos and shouted, "if you're' the one who placed me here! Release me now!"

Discord shook his head, "sorry, no can do, only Princess Cadence has the authority to release you. I'm' just here to make sure you behave like a good little colt."

Sombra reared up and shouted, "if you don't release me, I will destroy you!"

He tried to use his dark magic, but his horn merely fizzled and sputtered out as Discord came over and gave Sombra a pat on the head. "Nice try, but your magic level was reduced to that of a newborn foal."

The tyrant was stunned at what he had just heard. "H...how can you do that! That's' impossible!"

Discord plugged his claws into his ears and cried out, "yeesh, so fussy I think I might need to adjust your special horn ring a little you're' going to wake the whole castle if you keep yelling like that."

Discord took out a remote and pressed on the volume level as Sombra tried to shout again, but it was barely audible, sounding more like a whisper. The lord of chaos gave a small nod. "Aww, so much better. Now I'm going to explain what's' going on little Sombra. First of all, your no longer a king or even a full-grown stallion in fact with that horn ring on your mobility, magic and basic bodily functions have been reduced to that of a one-year-old. Secondly, the more you misbehave and act like this, the more embarrassing things are going to be for you."

The stallion just plopped down onto his padded rump making some foal powder puff out. He then shoved a hoof into his diaper making it sink into the padding and growled,"So tell me, how can you make this more embarrassing for me even more so!?"

Discord rolled his eyes. "That's like asking why the sky is blue? I'm the lord of chaos I can get creative."

He snapped a claw and Sombra was suddenly dressed in a thick pink onesie along with a pink, white frilled bonnet strapped around his head. The stallion tried to tear the foalish garments off but saw that his hooves were now strapped in pink foal booties making using his hooves impossible. The stallion then cried out, "get this stuff off me!" but gasped in horror hearing his voice sounded like that of a little filly.

Discord flew over and asked, "now, if you want me to fix your voice, and take those silly clothes off I want you to perform a curtsey and say. "You were right Dissy I'm a silly baby. Can you take these silly clothes of pretty please?"

Sombra crossed his hooves and growled, "not in a million years."

Discord shrugged, "well ok then, Cadence will be here in an hour or two so get comfortable. Don't think of escaping either that will not be possible. Plus you don't' want a spanking, do you?"

Sombra got up on all fours despite his diaper pushing his legs out and growled. "You dare threaten me!" His jaw dropped in shock as he heard a hissing sound coming from his diaper, making his eyes grow wide as he felt a warm sensation growing around his nethers.
Discord snickered seeing the pink diaper sag between his legs and scoffed, "oh what was that baby Somby? Did you need a diapee change?"

He then flew over and checked the whimpering stallion's' soggy diaper and feeling it squish a little between his claws. "Hmmm, that diaper can hold a lot more and besides I'm' sure Cadence will love to change your soggy butt anyways. So, what was that again threatening you? No, I'm just giving you a silly suggestion filly."

Before Sombra could quip further, Discord swiftly plonked a matching Pink and white pacifier into the ex-king's' mouth. "Mmph" No matter how he tugged, Sombra was unable to remove the infantile soother.

"There nice sweet dreams little Somby." The Lord of Chaos then flew over to a pink music box and turned it on as soothing tone of, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" started to echo throughout the nursery. "There that'll help calm you down, now go on and get some sleep. You have a big day coming up, and Princess Cadence wanted you well rested."

Despite being frustrated about his situation. Sombra found his eyes starting to get heavy fatigue setting in as his body dropped to the mattress with a loud squish from his sodden diaper. A pink teddy bear then suddenly appeared in his hooves. The former tyrant suckled on his lacifer and watched it bob up and down to the tune of the lullaby as he slowly drifted into a deep sleep.

A few hours had gone by, and Sombra soon awoke to see himself now on a giant plastic table of some sort. He looked down to see the embarrassing foal clothes were gone as well as his diaper. The stallion gave a sigh of relief, "that must of been some crazy dream."

"What was that sweetie, you had a lovely dream?" Sombra blinked in confusion, looking up to see the pink coated Princess Cadence (who was also wearing a thick white diaper around her rump) standing over him with a big smile. The stallion gasped seeing a new thick pink diaper in her magic as a container filled with foal powder. Sombra knew what was coming next and squeaked as Cadence poured a healthy dose of powder all over his bottom. His struggles were in vain as Cadence tucked his tail through the back quite forcefully and pulled his new crinkling diaper over his belly and cooed, "Did the little foal sleep well, I bet he did." She babied, using a sweet sing-song voice.

"Let me go," Sombra tried to escape even as his thickly padded prison was taped up snuggly around his bottom.

"No can do little Somby, you are my new foal now." Cadence cooed, floating the whining Sombra with her magic. The stallion was quite angry kicking and screaming, making foal powder billow out from his leg holes and making his thick diaper plump out.

Shining Armor walked in (also wearing a thick blue diaper around his rump) watching the faint blush on Sombra's cheeks appear as he tried to hide his diaper with his hooves. "Oh good he's all changed, is he ready for num nums?"

Cadence smirked and replied, "you don't worry about Somby dear, you just get Flurry ready for daycare. This might take a while seeing how fussy he's' being."

Shining shrugged , "alright, still I don't think this was a good idea. You sure you can handle him by yourself?"

The princess rolled her eyes. "I'll' be fine, now get out of here before I put a pink diaper around your rump."

Shining squeak and hurried off leaving a trail of foal powder behind to take care of Flurry with a blush upon his cheeks knowing full well Cadence might do it anyway if she was in the right mood.

Sombra was confused at what he saw and asked, "what is going on! Why are you and the prince in diapers!"

"Oh well since you been banished and all I might as well tell you a story." Cadence replied, giving Sombra's nose a boop. She then carried the pouting tyrant over to a large high chair as and swiftly buckled him in.

The princess hummed as she then took out a jar of green looking foal food and the stallion wrinkled his nose at the sight of the mashed peas and roared, "you're not going to feed me foal food! I am a king and I'bababhbplhhh." He blinked as his mouth seemed to be unable to make words. ""Babaheepl""

"Oh you're right, I did forget your wittle bib, how silly of me." Cadence placed floating over the large baby bib with "Spoiled prince labeled on it. The mare took out a spoon covered in the green goop and cooed, "Now open wide sweetie."

Discord just watched from afar as Cadence fed the King scoop after scoop of the green mush and joked, "even for an evil king he's' surprisingly is cute in a diaper." This made Discord's' mind swarm with ideas going through his head, and he then snapped a claw. "Oh, I know how to make this even more fun!"

He then took out a claw as Cadence was going to spoon feed him another mouthful of the mush, but his mouth suddenly closed shut to quick, and foal food got all over his mouth and bib. Cadence smirked seeing Discord's magic at play and went along with it. "Oh what a messy colt! That's why I had to put a bib around you."

Sombra tried to argue it wasn't him only for more nonsense to escape his mouth. His talking only left an opening for Cadence to spoon more for the blandish mush into his mouth.

"Here comes the choo choo train," Cadence sang keeping it up. During the feeding, she watched as his head would jerk, suddenly causing more smears upon the stallion's face much like a foal. After a few more bites, Cadence took out a foal wipe and wiped his mouth cooing, "what a good little colt eating all his yum yums. Now it's' time to wash it all down."

Cadence then took out a massive foal bottle filled to the brim with formula. "Now drink your baba, and I'll tell you why we are all in diapers." She mothered her magic, pushing the nipple into his mouth.

Discord couldn't' help but watch as Sombra chugged down the chalky (but surprisingly tasty) formula. His eyes were wide, with wonder seeing how warm and sweet it tasted. But he didn't' realize it started to make him gassy, and when he finished, he looked down to his surprise to see that his belly was bloated. Cadence squealed and clapped her hooves. "Time to burp the baby!"

Sombra shook his head, but there was nothing he could do as Cadence lifted him over her shoulder with her magic and gave his back a couple firm pats until he let out a loud burp and spit up milk all over Cadence. The princess looked down at Sombra as she explained in a patronizing tone. "For being such a good colt during breakfast, I'll' let you have the vocabulary of a two-year-old. However, if you become too rowdy I'll' reduce it back to baby babble am I clear?"

Sombra for the first time in a long time gulped and slowly nodded even as Cadance wiped off his muzzle. "Y-yes mama I gonna be a good colt." He squeaked at what he just said as Cadence cooed, "oh, that was adorable, you can call me mommy or mama if you want?"

Sombra just looked down with a blush growing on his face as he was beyond humiliated at this point. Cadence then took Sombra by the hoof. "Come on, we need to get you dressed for magic daycare."

Sombra stomped about in his diaper and whined, "magic daycare!? But why, mama! I know magic!"

The alicorn princess was going through the closet as she explained, "didn't Discord tell you that your magic level was reduced? You can barely levitate things at your level, sweetheart."

She then took out a blue onesie with a smiley face sun printed on it. "Oh! Yes, this is perfect!" She slipped the foalish garment over his head and buttoned the bottom flap around his thickly padded rump. His diaper was quite thick seeing the buttons were straining to pop open to reveal his padded behind to the world. Not only that diaper material suck out from the leg holes seeing there was no way to hide his diaper. Cadence wasn't done yet as she went about cutting and combing his mane and tail to little stubs of hair. She then tied a baby blue bonnet around his head and cooed, "there, my little prince is ready for his first day of Magic daycare!"

She then took out a camera and started taking pictures making Sombra squeal and whine kicking about trying to avoid looking at the camera. Cadence got a little flustered and scolded him. "Somby faced the camera, or you won't' get any candy after daycare."

For some reason that was beyond Sombra's' understanding, the former tyrant complied and blushed as he slowly looked up, and Cadence took some more photos. "There perfect! Oh, I have to send these to Celestia!"

She then took out a blue baby stroller and a giant blue diaper bag around her. "Now Somby do you want to get in or do you want mommy's' help?"

The stallion was quite fed up being babied as he stomped over to the stroller and shouted, "I can do it myself! I'm a big colt!"

He plopped into the seat and fussed about with the safety straps getting them all tangled up. Discord and Cadence just watched and dawwed seeing how hard Sombra was concentrating on his task. The stallion was fuming as he whined, "this not fair! Dissy is using chaos magic and making me wook stupid!"

Cadence rolled her eyes as she came over and simply strapped Sombra into the seat. "Look at that all done, next time just let mommy do it, ok sweetheart?" Sombra was going to throw another temper tantrum, but he saw that look in Cadence's' eyes and simply pouted. "C...can I at least have some toys to play with? This is gonna be boring."

The princess gave him the pink teddy bear from the previous night. "Here you go!" The angry tyrant whined, "no this is a filly toy! I want a colt toy!" He threw the bear across the nursery.

Cadence scolded Sombra. "That was very naughty! For misbehaving, you can play with something more embarrassing instead."

Discord snapped a claw, and a plastic bar came around his belly filled with little flashing buttons designed for infants along with a big pink rattle appeared in his hooves. Cadence smirked and responded, "there you can play with that, or do we need to add more?"

Sombra shook his head not wanting to know what else can be added to his embarrassment and whimpered, "no mama, I stop."

The princess then took the stroller and started to push it out into the streets of the Crystal Empire. The flashing lights on his stroller made ponies look over, and despite all of them wearing diapers they all couldn't' help but snicker and laugh at the former evil tyrant that once enslaved them was reduced to looking like an infant. The stallion was quite embarrassed seeing his subjects jeer at him, and he placed his hooves over his eyes, wanting to be anywhere else. This only got ponies to laugh even more. Cadence, despite having her own grievances with Sombra, saw this was getting out of hoof and scolded her subjects. "Now that's' enough! Yes, Sombra was quite cruel, but that doesn't give any of you the right to laugh at him. He's getting his punishment, and hopefully, this will rehabilitate him. Now, am I understood?"

Many ponies looked down and whimpered," ye...yes mam." They then quickly dispersed as Cadence continued on her way towards a building made of both baby blue and pink crystals modeled together with a sign overhead that read. "Sunburst's Sunnyside Magic Daycare!”

Sombra looked to see many of his "classmates" who were mostly either foals and toddlers being escorted into the building by their mothers (who all gave Sombra nervous looks). The stallion shuffled about nervously, and Cadence took notice and reassured the big foal. "oh don't' be nervous Somby, none of these foals know anything about you and even their parents are in diapers, so I doubt you're going to be laughed at. Just remember to be on your best behavior Discord will be watching you."

Sombra just pouted again and grumbled, "whatever let's just get this over with." He was then pushed into the daycare, not knowing how much more embarrassing his day was going to be.

Sunburst, (who was also diapered with his padding have a smiling sun printed on the seat of his diaper) was looking over the foals and blushing as he turned to Sombra and was quite stunned upon seeing the tyrant dressed up as a foal. Cadence waddled over and chirped, "hello Sunburst, how are things running your own daycare?"

The orange coated stallion blushed and gave a nod. "Uh...yeah, I'm doing ok...so uh this Sombra?"

The grumpy stallion gave him a cold stare as Cadence eyed him. "Now, now you be a good colt, or I'm going to have to punish you even more."

Cadence then helped Sombra out of his stroller who gave a loud humpf as he waddled off shaking his padded butt side to side. Sunburst gulped and nervously asked, "uh...you sure this is a good idea?"

Cadence gave Sunburst's diaper a firm pat. "Oh don't you worry about Somby. Discord will be around to keep him under control."

The orange coated stallion rolled his eyes. "Oh great, that's reassuring I'm sure Discord won't try to make things even worse."

He turned to see the stallion blushing as other curious foals waddled over trying to ask the big pony in diapers questions. Cadence giggled and explained, "it's just for today we need to see how he interacts with other ponies. If he starts becoming too much, just send me a letter and ill make sure he's punished appropriately."

Sunburst just shrugged and grumbled, "fine, I'll do it, but you better have a backup plan if he somehow gets his inhibitor ring off."

Cadence pointed to a plushie that looked like Discord. "Like I said he'll be here making sure he doesn't. Now go on and begin your lesson. I have to be at a meeting about a new diaper factory being built. "

She then waddled off as Sunburst preceded go the front of the class, and many of the foals turned toward his small pupils. "Alright, class were going to go over the basics of magic levitating objects with your horns."

The class cheered as Sombra crossed his hooves with a cute pout. The stallion placed foam cubes in front of each foal and asked, "now I want you to do your best. Now, go on and try lifting them."

They all started grunting and focusing all their energy on the foam cubes. Some foals were able to lift there are no problems others kept flipping it over while others like the former tyrant however just sat there making the horns spark. Sunburst walked by and snickered, "aww Somby, it's ok, don't strain yourself too much."

The stallion whined out with rage as he kicked about and shouted, "this is unfair! I was really good at magic, and now I can't even lift a stupid block!"

He then kicked the block and stomped off. Sunburst shrugged as he went over to the other students and looked over their progress. Sombra then saw Flurry Heart for the first time she was playing with blocks and cooing as she mashed them together. Sombra waddled over and asked, "so you're Princess Flurry Heart."

The baby alicorn looked up and burst into laughter, flapping her wings. All the while, Sombra stomped about and shouted, "Seriously! How can you be an alicorn princess! you're not even out of diapers!"

Flurry flew over and smacked his padded rump causing the stallion to shout, "this is because of your stupid mom! I'm not a ba- ababbbhopp!"

He squeaked as he somehow lost the ability to form words. Discord waddled over and scolded him. "Hey! Remember what Cadence said!"

Sombra shouted, "abababa!"

Discord snickered as he gave Sombra a pat on the diaper. "Hey, at least you can talk with Flurry Heart."

Flurry waddled over and shouted, "yeah! ya can tawk ta me big meanie!"

Sombra stomped about some more and whined, "ya mean ya ta only one who can hear me!" He squeaked as ghe back of his onesie poped open revealing his padded rump to the whole class. Many foals snickered and Flurry Heart jeered, "ya such a big baby! ya need ta biggest diapees eva!"

Sombra's eyes began to tear up seeing how humilated and being unable to do anything he was going to run off. However a young, dark blue coated colt with gold eyes and a short golden mane and tail waddled over in a bright blue pull-up. "Wow! ya can tawk wike a baby too! tats so coow!"

Sombra gulped and whimpered, "I can understand babies now?"

Flurry Heart gave a nod as she babbled, "yeah Tinkwe Spawk is supew smawt! so if tats what he says its twue!"

The colt snickered, "wow ya whiny for a big pony are ya sure your not just a baby who is a big pony in disguise!"

Flurry flee over to her friend and giggled "Nah, he, just a big meanie my mommy and daddy sealed away for being a poopy head."

The foals giggled again as Sombra sat onto his diaper and pouted, "Not true! I'm not a poopy head!"

Flurry Heart flew over and poked his padding with a hoof and babbled, "Yes, you awe! You such a meanie to my mommy and daddy!"

Sombra looked down at Flurry and snapped back, "Weww, it's my kingdom! They stowe it from me!"

Tinkle Spark chimed in. "Um I heard ya put ponies in chains and stuff that sounds naughty ta me."

Sombra paused unsure of what to say and nervously responded, "yeah maybe...well I'm getting punished for it now."

Flurry heart flew up to look Sombra in the eyes and exclaimed,. "Well, how about we help ya! Discord is good, and so is auntie Starlight! maybe ya can be good too!"

Sombra blushed, and for some reason, he gave a nod. "I...um...I…guess...so... It's probably the only way for me to get out of this."

The colt tapped his hoof on his chin for a bit then suddenly shouted, "Hey! I kinda find a way to help you out!""

Sombra gave a pout and asked the foal. "Yeah well...how are you going to do that exactly?"

Tinkle Spark waddled around and added. "Well first of your black fur and green eyes are scary…I tink he needs a makeover."

Flurry Heart squealed in delight and clapped her hooves together. "Tat sounds wike a wot of fun!"

She giggled, ""ya know? Since ya kind of like a bwuda to me now, why don't you have white or pink fuw?""

Sombra squeaked as he stumbled back and stammered, ""Um...what? Why!? I'm a prisoner, not your brother!""

Flurry Heart came over and exclaimed, "why doesn't Dissy help? he knows wots of magics!"

The plush draconequus waddled over and bowed, "yes princess, I can make Sombra look a lot less intimidating."

With a simple snape of his claw, his black fur was turned into a bright pink and his mane became poofy and striped purple and pink, making the foals burst into laughter. The tyrant whimpered and crossed his hooves over his eyes and cried, "change me back to normal right now!"

Discord rolled his eyes and snapped a claw, and his coat turned into pure white as the mane turned into a bubble gum pink. Sombra squealed as he saw himself in a mirror and whined, "stop that! I'm not a filly!"

He stomped about angrily as Discord snickered, "aww but you look like if Celestia."

Sombra was now just frustrated and snapped back, "at least change my mane color!"

Discord shrugged, as magic went into Sombra's mane making it strppied blue and black and his eyes became a bright blue. Flurry Heart gave a nod and commented, "yeah now he wooks wike daddy!"

Sombra was still pouty as he crossed his hooves and grumbled, "at least my coat isn't' pink anymore."

The draconequus simply scoffed, "eh, you looked better in pink, to be honest."

Tinkle Spark looked the stallion over and was tapping a hoof into his giant diaper as he babbled, "now we need to change his voice! It is so deep and angwy! Ya gots to sound mowe happy."

Discord took out a dial and exclaimed, "I can fix that!" He then slowly turned it to "Fluttershy" Making Sombra shout in anger only to have him give a soft, "eep" He was so angry he kicked a stack of building blocks only making the tower slightly wobble. The colt shook his head, "too soft, also too girly."

Discord turned the dial again to "Sunburst" The stallion then started to stutter. "Wh...what.. why do I sound so...nervous!"

Flurry Heart bounced up and down as she squealed, "that's almost perfect."

Discord then switched the dial to, "Shining armor toddler". The stallion reared up and babbled angrily, "stop changing my voice!"

Tinkle Spark gave a nod lf approval and babbled, "well at least ya sound better and not so scary."

Flurry nodded as he grumbled, "fine, well, what now? Ya gonna tuwn me into a baby too!"

Discord smirked as he gave the idea some thought but shook his head and responded, "I could, but would you want that?"

Sombra just scoffed. "Heck no! Dun even try poopy head!" He then turned around smacking the plush Discord with his thickly padded rump and waddled off. Sombra then plopped down and began trying to stack foam blocks into a tower as Flurry babbled, "wow he a cranky one! I tink he needs a nappy."

Discord shrugged, "nap time will be in an hour so yeah, maybe he'll be less cranky then just give him time."

The colt turned around and asked," hey, Flurry wanna go play tag?"

Flurry booped his nose. "Of course, and ya it!"

Tinkle Spark cried out. "Not fair! Get back here!" The two giggled and began chasing each other. All the while Sombra looked over longingly at the two foals playing happily together secretly wanting to join in.

It was now lunchtime as Sombra looked down at what he was given, it was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich cut up into small pieces with a sippy cup filled with formula. Sunburst turned towards the grumpy stallion and asked, "do you need help?"

The stallion just grumbled some angry babble and stuffed the sandwiches into his mouth and the pieces of sandwich out of his mouth and smearing it all over the sides of his face. He groaned, knowing Discord was messing with him again. He then took the sippy cup and started to suck down the warm milk from inside, and it slowly transformed into a pink color with sparkles printed all over the cup. Sombra squeaked as he dropped the cup, making it fall down as the stallion blushed and looked down with an embarrassed expression. Sunburst simply rolled his eyes and preceded over to Sombra and cleaned his mouth up with a damp rag as he whispered. "Hey it's okay, every foal gets messy during lunch time."

The angry stallion wanted to snap back that he wasn't a foal but didn't say or do anything just pouting and looking away irritably. Sunburst gave a shrug unsure of what to do and exclaimed, "now everypony come on it's time for nap time!"

They squealed as they got off the plastic tables and rushed to their sleeping mats. Sombra stood there and slowly waddled over to his mat and laid down as the lights were dimmed and nursery music started to echo throughout the room. The former tyrant felt lonely and alone as he whimpered he saw that a pink teddy bear and hugged it close to his chest as he fell into a deep sleep.

Sombra groaned as he got up on his hooves and looked up around seeing a dark and scary library it was made of a dark black crystal with medieval weapons hanging on the walls. It was definitely something that was making him nervous as he felt alone and confused about everything. He then turned his attention to Tinkle Spark waddling over with a smile on his face. The little colt looked up and asked, "hey, Somby! How ya doing?"

The stallion was a bit nervous as he scrunched his diaper making it crinkle between his legs. "W..where am I?"

The colt came over and explained, "well, in your dreams sort of...but youw dweam is really scary...it wooks like a prison."

Sombra blushed as he asked, "Can you help me..make it better? I...I mean…I dun know why but I would like if it was less dark."

Twinkle spark gave Sombra a big smile and exclaimed, "well...I could..but um you should know this could alter you in other ways as well."

Sombra eyed the colt and asked, "what do you mean?"

Tinkle Spark looked around and explained, "I think this is um...like you..and if I change you ya gonna be different."

Sombra scrunched his diaper between his legs again and whimpered," just do it! I dun wanna be alone!"

Tinkle Spark gave a nod as his horn lit up and exclaimed. "Well prepare to be amazed!"

He his the walls turning them into a pink crystal and the floor was turned into a baby blue foam floor. Tinkle Spark then waddled over to the books and pulled on "How to enslave ponies?" that's not helpful, especially if you want to make friends. He then threw it aside and placed in a book called, "How to make friends with ponies" there that's better, what else should I change…"

He then took out a book called "One-thousand ways to torture a pony "Ewww!, how about this!"

He threw the book aside and placed in "One-thousand ways to love a pony." Sombra was starting to feel more bubbly as his eyes widened, and he squealed," oh, I'm feeling better already! Keep going!"

Tinkle Spark gave a nod, "sure.." He waddled over and saw an entire shelf of books. "Hmmm, well you have a lot of books on being a meanie." The colt started tossing the black scary looking books out and filling them with cute baby blue colored books and shoved them back in. He turned around. "There now, instead of being the most evil pony ever! I gave you books that, make you the most cheerful pony ever!"

Tinkle Spark squeaked as Sombra pulled him into a hug shoving his face into the stallion's diaper. Sombra began bouncing up and down as he squealed in delight. "Thank you! Thank you! I'm so happy and giddy all thanks to you!"

Tinkle Spark blushed and replied, "yeah...well, that's good to know, well I guess my work is done."

Sombra placed him. back down on the padded floor and shook his head, "No, not yet! I...I want to be more like a baby!"

Tinkle Spark's eyes widened, "are you sure! If I do that then, you gonna be like a baby for a long time!"

Sombra shrugged and grumbled, "so what!? I'm already in diapers and treated like foal I might as well be one. I...I want to start over. I dun wanna be hated and alone anymore..."

Tinkle Spark gulped, "Uh...I think I might need to make sure…"

"It's fine," they both turned to see Luna flying down in her own thick diaper. She then cooed, "if he wants his mind to be reverted to that of a foal of his own free will I don't see the issue."

Sombra looked up at the princess and asked, "really thanks, Lulu! You would do that for me?"

Luna shrugged, "Well, to be honest, no. My sister and I were unsure of this rehabilitation would really work, I thought it would take years at the least...but somehow Discord was able to make things work in less than a day...you really proved us wrong. In that sense, I guess, now I owe you a favor."

She then went to the back of the library labeled where a book shelf labeled,"Big Pony stuff Every Stallion should know."

Luna turned around and asked, "now what do you want changed?"

Sombra shrugged, "um...bring down my knowledge so I can think like a foal…"

Luna found the book, "look, if I do this, it's permanent that means your going to have to relearn everything from basic motor skills to knowing how to talk…"

Sombra looked down at thick diaper between his legs and responded, "I know, and I otay with that, I just wanna start over."

Luna gave a nod, "okay I'll see what I can do." She then took out a giant book labeled, “A guide on Walking, using your hooves, and horn like a big pony!”and morphed it into a book called, “A foal’s guide on basic motor skills" and placed it on the shelf, Sombra squeaked as he suddenly lost his balance and fell onto the seat of his diaper. Instead of getting angry the stallion giggled and clapped his hooves together as Luna continued, taking out Big Pony knowledge! and replacing it with what you need for Daycare, Sombra's mind suddenly went blank as his mind was dumped of so much knowledge and replaced with wanting bottles of milk and playing with bright colorful objects. Luna preceeded and took out “A how to guide in basic potty training”, and replaced it "How to love using my diapers!" She turned to hear a loud hisssing noise from the gigging babbling stallion as his white plain diaper sagged between his legs. Tinkle Spark turned to Luna and asked, "so...um...are you sure this is a good idea?"

Luna ruffled his mane, "well my young apprentice this a one time use scenario...besides... it's different for Cadence and Discord in approving of this I wouldn't have done so." She turned to Sombra. "Now, there's only one thing left to do."

Tinkle Spark looked up and asked, "what's that?"

The princess of the night looked down at her pupil and explained, " just be his friend, with the right support and the love and compassion from others. I bet in a year, this little stallion will be completely reformed into our society."

Tinkle Spark gave a clumsy salute and chirped, "you can count on me, princess!"

After nap time, Sombra was rudely awakened a second time that day and looked down at the thick pink diaper being untapped and having his regions wiped clean by none other then Sunburst whose entire face was a deep red. "Uh...hey...um...sorry but you really soaked your diaper during your nap…"

The stallion for once didn't say or do anything and simply lifted his back legs and babbled, "tats otay I dun wana be in a soggy diapee."

Sunburst eyed him but nervously continued to wipe the stallion down. After awhile the royal crystaller powdered him again over his new white fur and then re-diapered him with a thick white diaper with a smiling sun printed on the seat of the padding pushing his legs out. Sombra was thrilled seeing his new diaper and kicked about in glee poofing foal powder all over the place. Sunburst snickered and buttoned his onesie back up and he was then slowly placed on the ground. The former pouty king babbled happily as he waddled over with the rest of the foals who were all seated in a circle. Sunburst then placed a foam block in front of Sombra who looked down at it with foalish wonder. The orange coated stallion looked down at him once more and asked, "now go on and try to move the block with your horn."

Sombra sighed and then concentrated with all his might, and he eventually lifted the block with his magic and levitated a few feet above the ground. He gasped in surprise, and something came over him as he clapped his hooves together and bounced on his rump making his onesie reopen with his dipaer plopping outwards and making foal powder billow from his leg holes.

All the foals watching also began clapping and boucing on their own diapers in joy. Sunburst then ruffled the stallion's mane and cooed, "what a good colt! You did a such a great job!"

Sombra hugged Sunburst and nuzzled into his caretaker. The orange coated stallion held it for a little while and slowly began buttoning the flap of Sombra's onesie again and asked, "hey before Cadence picks you up. Why don't you go make an art project for her?"

Sombra's ears perked up and squealed in delight, "Yeah! I wana make something fow mama!"

The stallion quickly waddled off to the plastic tables so clumsily that the back of his onesie opened up again re-exposing his padded rump once again. But Sombra didn't care as he proceeded to start getting out crayons and began drawing on a white piece of construction paper with his magic. After doodling for at least an hour he finished making a big pink heart. Flurry Heart and Tinkle Spark turned to watch and giggled seeing how lopsided the heart looked. Discord (who was still a plushie) peeked over and snapped a plush claw. Jars of hoof paint appeared, and Sombra giggled in delight and started smearing yellow and blue paint around the heart then a big jar of glitter appeared. The former tyrant began to shake it about so much it started going everywhere. Sunburst waddled over and shouted, "Hey! your getting paint and glitter all over you!"

Sunburst took the stallion into his magic and began cleaning him off with a damp rag. All the while Sombra babbled and kicked about in his diaper quite adorably. He then saw that the onesie was covered in paint and removed it revealing Sombra's thickly padded rump which was stained yellow again. Sunburst was quite flustered and wanted to scold Sombra but the foalified stallion held up his art porject to Sunburst who instead dawwed, "Awww, Somby. This is adorable!"

He picked it it up looking it over as he cooed, "Cadence is going to love this!"

Sombra beamed a smile of pride as Flurry waddled over. "Yeah, ya doing so much better!"

Sombra giggled as he bounced on his diaper and babbled, "yeah this is so much fun! I dun know what's happening to me!"

Tinkle Spark came over and poked Sombra's soggy diaper making it squish and babbled, "I tink I know! Ya finawwy accepting tat your foaw! Isn't it so much better ten being a bowing old grown-up."

Sombra blushed and scrunched his diaper between his legs. "Ya think so?"

Tinkle Spark nodded and continued, "wew ya peepee in ya diapees, ya eat wike a foaw, ya play wike a foaw, ya act wike a foaw and make awt wike a foal. I think ya foaw!"

Flurry Heart clapped her hooves and chirped "yay! Somby a big baby bwotha!"

Sombra smiled, seeing the admiration from his friends, and he picked them up and nuzzled them both as he exclaimed, "tank you fow being such good fwiends!"

Discord, however, was dumbfounded and whispered, "Luna did quite a number on him during his nap, I hope she doesn't do something like that to me."

Cadence was quite surprised as well upon seeing the new Sombra toddling around in his diaper and playing with the other foals quite well. "How did this happen? When I dropped him off, he was so angry and pouty."

Sunburst waddled over leading Sombra by the hoof who was toddling alongside the caretaker as he explained, "yeah, he was for some time, and later after his nap, he did a full one-eighty and is now a happy little stallion."

Sombra waddled up to Cadencen and held up his arts and crafts project. "Look what I made for you, mommy!"

Cadence snickered as she looked down at the messy looking heart painted over in a mess of colors and hugged it to her chest. "Aww, thank you so much for this Somby."

She looked down and asked, "so Somby,...um, how old are you?"

He put a hoof to his chin and whispered," Umm...I think I'm two!"

Cadence placed a hoof to her heart and dawwed, "oh wow you really are a toddler now, so...um... what's one plus one?"

Sombra bounced around in his diaper, making foal powder billow outwards and exclaimed, "Is it one billion!"

Cadence was surprised, "the...this can't be an act..." she pointed to her fur." what color is this?"

Sombra shrugged and guessed, "I uh...I think it wed."

Cadence looked up to Sombra who shrugged she whispered, "Sombra really thinks he's a two-year-old foal …there's one way to really know for sure if he's changed." She bent down and gave his diaper a pat hearing it squish.

"Hmmm, seems your diaper is a bit smelly, and soggy wanna diaper change."

Sombra wiggled about shaking his saggy diaper and whined, "Cady! Can we do it later I wanna play with Tinkle Spark some more!"

Cadence was taken aback as she then whispered, "this has to the work of Luna...but she would only do something like this if she had permission?"

Sunburst shrugged, "I have no idea what's going on? But considering he's...well...now kind of like a foal is it wise for him to come to daycare still?"

Cadence rolled her eyes and scoffed," "now more so than ever, I still have a lot of things going on considering everypony is in diapers."

The orange coated stallion groaned, "I was afraid you were going to say that...well fine..but ponies are still going to be reluctant in having their foals play with Sombra."

Cadence hugged Sombra close, nuzzled him and gave his diaper a firm pat then cooed," look at him now! Trust me after a few weeks ponies are going to love the new and improved somby!"

Cadence was walking down the road in Sombra's still improved stroller as Discord appeared alongside her and replied, "Look, I just want you to know that I had nothing to do with this."

The princess sighed, "I know, this is something Princess Luna can do, but she doesn't unless the circumstances allow for it."

She turned to Discord and replied with a smirk. "Well, I guess you're no longer required Dissy."

Discord pouted and snapped back, "Luna is going to take all the credit for reforming somby! Well, I'm going to at least see if we can make him look cuter."

He snapped a claw as Sombra's diaper turned bright pink again with her cutie mark turned into that of a crystal heart printed on the fabric. The stallion kicked about in his new diaper and squealed in delight, "yay, I got Cady's diapee!"

Discord snapped his claw again, and the foal buggy turned it pink andwith white frills. Sombra squealed in delight, "Yay! Now my stwollew more like Cady!"

Flurry Heart also flapped her wings and babbled excitedly as Discord folded his claws, "there now that's more your style isn't it?"

Cadence shrugged, "yeah, but it was completely unnecessary. It's not like you can embarrass Sombra or me anymore."

Discord eye twitched, "is that a challenge! Because I can think of a few ways to embarrass you!"

Cadence snickered, "Oh come now, you did a good job in helping me get Somby to where he's now.I'm just messing with you."

Discord crossed his claws and scoffed, "still, you wounded my pride, and I can't seem to let that just go!"

He then turned to see that Trixie was doing a show in the middle of the kingdom and Discord snapped a claw and teleported Cadence, Flurry Heart, and Sombra onstage as he exclaimed, "hello Trixie! Do you have a use for any volunteers!

Trixie blushed seeing Princess Cadence and stammered," uh...no not really and is that Sombra!"

Everypony turned around as they all whispered amongst each other Sombra raised up on his back legs, exposing his pink diaper to the crowd. "Yeah, I Somby wook at me I weawin mama diaper!"

Everypony burst into laughter as Discord snapped a claw Sombra was suddenly dressed in a silver tiara with fake white feathered wings tied to his back. He then began to bounce around on his diaper making a cloud of pink foal powder billow outwards as he proclaimed, "Wook at me! I Pwincess Somby!"

Ponies giggled even more as he began to flutter around as they giggled and cheered. They then turned to see that he now had a wand in his mouth and giggled, "wook at me! I a pretty princess wike mama!"

Cadence clutched her chest with a hoof again just as Trixie raised her hooves and proclaimed to the crowd. "Watch as princess Sombra perform feats with his new wings!" She then shot magic in the air creating some magical rings. As the stallion flew through them the rings elongated his eyelashes, makeup was applied to his face, and his mane and tail were now all tied up with pretty pink bows. The stallion blushed as he was slowly placed back down on the stage. He looked behind him and saw how his dress did nothing to hide his exposed diaper. But the crowd continued to cheer and applaud as Cadence face turned a deep red and stomped a hoof and shouted, "seriously Discord! Isn't that a bit too far!

He shrugged and scoffed, "what! Isn't it hilarious! Besides your the one who said there' nothing you can do to embarrass him even more!?"

Cadence came over and took Sombra by the hoof as he chirped, "aren't I pretty like Flurry Heart!!"

The crowd dawwed once more as Cadence looked over Sombra and helped fix his dress as she cooed, "of course, you look like Flurry Heart!" He squealed in delight as the crowd all burst into even more laughter. Discord snickered as he then snapped a claw again and disappeared.

Both Celestia and Luna were playing in there nursery when Discord suddenly appeared with Sombra still in his alicorn princess outfit. He squirmed about as he and Cadence (who was now somehow dressed in a cute white onesie with "kiss my diaper" in sparkling pink letters printed on it) plopped down in his diaper. "Hello, I thought you two could use a few new playmates!"

Celestia blushed as she subconsciously scrunched her own diaper between her legs. "Discord! What do you think you're doing!"

The draconequus chuckled, "just giving you two new playmates is all. Cadence here thought I couldn't make things more embarrassing."

The princess crossed her forelegs and grumbled, "Okay, I get it you win."

Luna turned to the once former tyrant of the Crystal Empire who was now in his silly princess outfit wearing a thick pink diaper. She couldn't help but blush and comment. "Well, it looks like Sombra is doing well."

Discord crossed his claws and scoffed, "no thanks to you, I did all the leg work you just messed with his mind a little."

Luna turned to the lord of chaos with a smirk and asked in a jeering tone. "Is that jealousy I hear?"

Discord then snapped a claw and a purple pacifier appeared in Luna's mouth as he scoffed, "you wish lulu."

Luma spat the pacifier out as Discord turned to the flustered Princess Cadence and reassured her. "Now don't worry about Flurry Heart I'll watch her while you and Somby play with Lulu and Tia here."

Cadence this time stomped about in her diaper and whined, "you're not going to leave me here!"

Discord booped her nose and cooed, "Have fun cutie! I'll pick you up later to put Flurry asleep." Then with a snap of a claw, he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Both Sombra and Cadence sat there in their embarrassing outfits staring at Celestia and Luna. The white-coated alicorn with a blush on her face slowly held up a giant foam block and squeaked, "wanna help build a tower?"

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Comments ( 8 )

Is it wrong that I feel bad for Sombra?

This was so cute! I'm glad Sombra found happiness as a cute diaper butt~
I sense some revenge by the alicorns and Discord getting padded soon~

It's always fun to read tales in which you and Zubrick do. You make a great team.

I do believe this particular story takes place in the parallel universe that has been developed where everyone needs diapers? Kind of like with "Pinkie Diaper Pie"?

My favorite scene was with Tinkle Spark in Sombra's dreamscape. Tinkle Spark is a super fun character. Getting to know a budding Dream walker is really cool and certainly a delightful OC.

Zubric #5 · July 3rd · · ·

To be fair though, i only really helped wit the first half of the story

This series needs more

I don't think so. Even if it's for the better people having their personalities re written is creepy and wrong. And the fact that he ends up a grown stallion that acts like a little foal just makes it creepier.

Well this had been a surprising fun read, I think he would have been best in pink.

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