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Just another brony from Norway. I swear I have nothing against Twilight Sparkle.


Ever since the Ponyville clone massacre, one survivor who escaped capture has been living undercover in Manehattan. But when a changeling mistakes her for one of his kind and brings her back to Chrysalis, it marks the beginning of mayhem for everypony.

Set in late season 6. Started for Camp NaNoWriMo, July 2019. Cover art by gordonfreeguy.

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Well, this is an interesting and unusual... punishment for idiot drones.

Also, kudos for being reminiscient of Pratchett and Spillane.:rainbowwild:

Someone started with Discworld and moved onto Freefall?

Next thing you know theres going to be a chase through the city sttreets riding a runaway Mime Cart. :pinkiehappy:

This is actually really interesting. I eagerly await more!

That comparison is quite the compliment, thank you! :pinkiehappy:

Does anyone have a favorite member of changeling squad 833 yet?

Gena, because she's a more conventional backstabber than Thorax was, while still likely taking to the eventual reformation like a fish to water. (No AU tag means you don't get to change that)

Looks like Pinkie is taking after that popular fortunate garden detective Sheerluck Gnomes.

Someling is bound to mention something about the difficulty of juggling responsibilities. :pinkiehappy:

I'm unsure about how well the aftermath of the story will fit with To Where and Back Again temporally falling a relatively short while after this one (having to stick this in-between Saddle Row Review and TWABA gives Chrysalis limited time to recover before executing the TWABA plan, the question is just how much she'll need), so I suppose I might have to add the AU tag down the line if that's how it works on this site. I'm new to using FiMfiction on a regular basis, so I appreciate you mentioning that.

I do intend to stay as canon-compliant as my overarching plot allows, especially with regards to everything that happened before Saddle Row Review. Some other mid-S6 episodes have probably also happened by now, possibly including Thorax's introduction (meaning Twilight would have a somewhat different perspective on changelings).

(No matter what happens, I will not have my characters stealing Thorax's thunder by transforming the changelings separately.)

Also yeah, Gena would/will definitely be down with Thorax's takeover. :pinkiesmile:

That sounds an awful lot like you think the episodes happen in release order with a fixed amount of time between them. Trust me, that's several different unfounded and frankly insane assumptions you have going there, and I'm just going to hand you off to the expert. If you need a few weeks of nothing happening before a given episode, there's probably room (obviously barring two-parters, and less obviously barring the first part of the season 4 premiere to the point where it's difficult to find room for the first EQG movie; nobody at Hasbro bothered keeping the continuity straight, at all)

Yeah, that's fair. Could easily be plenty of time between episodes. Especially since the Equestrian year appears to be longer than ours (for instance, more than ten months pass in less than a semester of the School of Friendship, even if you shuffle the order of non-special episodes around, and months are at least as long in Equestria as ours are).

I don’t have a changeling fave yet.

And just like that, a chorus of disappointed head shakes for our bug pone crew. Except Clypeus. Clypeus gets it.

Clypeus is the Straight Bug?:pinkiehappy:

I get what you mean wrt comedy tropes, but let's take a moment to appreciate the irony of saying that about the guy who was just trying to insert himself into a gay couple. :derpytongue2:

I've actually been thinking of Frons as the Straight Bug of the squad, but I suppose they're both Straight Bugs in different ways.

Remember my previous mention about how that episode potentially got unhappened? Pepperridge Farms remembers

Maybe the hats will feel a little less self concious if they had littler hats of their own? :pinkiehappy:

I also thought it was really Pratchetesque. And I love Party Popper's introduction. Shenanigans, as they say, are bound to ensue.

Darn it Pops...

Clearly these lings have no experience with Pinkie Pie. Anyone who REALLY knows Pinkie Pie would be assuming that she was just in two places at once, and need no explanation.

It's quite typical of Pinkie that the real explanation is far stranger.

Mysterious Mare-Do-Well? I don't, sorry.

In any case, it's not a great episode, but for the purposes of this fic, every episode is canon (though many haven't happened yet).

(The only episode I'd like to peg as non-canon is Fame and Misfortune – it just plain doesn't work with anything that came after it, especially not Daring Done – but then season 9 went and brought back the journals in a plot-relevant episode...)

And the level of nonsense increases. Good to meet the band of siblings, such as they are.

Just how weird are most Changelings if Party Popper doesn't stand out as impossibly eccentric?

Valvula, that's an awful name for a changeling.

A side note. That cover illustration... it just occurred to me that Pinkie could actually be wearing a changeling who was transformed into a bad changeling disguise. It's an oddly charming idea.

Upon closer inspection, it was removed by one of my editing passes. Anyway, The things Twilight was reinforcing in It's About Time during her time-travel-induced mania have a significant overlap with the things that broke down in Mare-Do-Well, which potentially allows you to exile the latter from canonicity and make 28 Pranks Later less redundant in-universe.

So... you're suggesting that Mare-Do-Well happened in a doomed timeline* where future Twilight didn't show up? Interesting idea.

(*: My mind immediately jumps to Homestuck terminology when things like this come up.)

More like it happened in a doomed timeline where she decided not to travel back in time. Or something. My personal headcanon starts with the premise that we're looking at several different "universes" with no explicit delineation, and possibly some minor changes in dialogue (for instance, wondering why Sombra is evil again instead of wondering why he's alive again). It then goes on to have deliberate inconsistencies that are never explained, at least one of which is brought up solely to screw with Twilight's head (sandwiches, for the record. That previous pointing to Oliver is quite relevant here), because what fun is there in making sense?

Heh, sounds like a pretty solid way to excuse the various continuity conflicts. I'm not going to incorporate that kind of logic in my fic, but it's a neat thing to think about. :pinkiesmile:

You'll need to ask them, not me :derpytongue2:

Calling me "it" is what gets you a hard no. A very hard no, in fact, applied directly to the forehead at high velocity. Along with concepto-shenanigans that ensure your body knows what pain is and reacts appropriately, if such things happen to be necessary. (Being the herald of an incomprehensibly powerful being has benefits, just ask the Silver Surfer)

Well... tease me, then leave me hanging. Rude.

Although, I suppose you have a point, and I apologize... what are you, exactly? Male, female, non-gender/sexually specific descriptor?

(Tip for next time: If you aren't sure about someone's pronouns, "they/them" is 1000x better to fall back on than "it".)


Although you didn't ask, Opera is female because she wasn't intended to be anything more than a Fourth Wall Observer Fighting Clown on an RP site with extensive enough combat rules to enable such things. Then things happened, things whatever the opposite of happened is, and she ended up the origin of my current default username. (That would make sense if you knew the context, but the context itself arguably doesn't make much sense)

Ah. Well, your story intrigues me, good Sir.

I've had the use of 'them' bite me in the tail. But, I'll try using it next time.

I'll show that text-addict "Social ineptitude"... eventually.

And so, the moment I pick a POV character who's not a clone or a shapeshifter, I end up giving her impostor syndrome.

To be fair, the entire point of the syndrome is that the sufferer isn't an impostor.

I, um... what just happened? Havent had to ask that question in a while.

True, true! At least I didn't inflict anypony with the Capgras delusion.

...for now.

This Fluttershy is disturbingly familiar. :twilightoops:

It's Pinkie Pie.

Okay, serious answer: This is just a little interlude to check on the Mane Six (who were established in chapter 1 to be helping the princesses set up a Festival of Love in Canterlot, similar to the later Festival of Friendship* but headed by Cadence rather than Twilight) and set up something for later. Not everything here really matters much in the long run, but at least one thing does.

(*: thus the reference to We Got This Together from the Movie)

Ah. That makes the usual lack of sense.

Thank you for the answer, I'll let you get back to talking to others between typing horse word.

Honestly, I just chalked it up to Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie. Heck, I was half expecting her to walk right into a brick wall at the end of an alley and end up in Griffonstone or something.

"It's Pinkie Pie, don't question it" is also a valid explanation, yes. :derpytongue2:

I was expecting Pinkie to be heading Norht to leave by the South because thats what Meobius Trips do?

Though she knows not to turn round twice, because the last time she did that she ended up last week? :pinkiecrazy:

We have an excessive number of Pinkie Pies as it is without getting into time shenanigans...

So far Gena is best changeling. Onwards to more!

That ending though :rainbowlaugh: You have a knack for coming up with endings that make me need to keep reading. Hope you’re pleased with yourself :trixieshiftright:

Clypeus is great, and once again that ending was perfect (I keep telling myself just one more, then you go and pull endings like this). And the “IT WAS GARBAGE” got me to burst out laughing :rainbowlaugh:

Popper gets more interesting here. And now you've got me reading at work lmao

This depiction of Fluttershy was painful, especially when you consider how long she's been feeling this way and she still believes it... I love it! This might be my new favorite Fluttershy, I'm really hoping to see more of this depiction of her.

I've actually been looking forward to specifically you reading this particular chapter, since you expressed interest in some of the things this chapter begins addressing, back when you were beta reading the first few chapters. :pinkiesmile:

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