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I'll see you Starside, everyone. Through rain, shine, or clouds. (Crossovers Only)


There are worlds beyond Equestria, known only to a certain pair of Alicorns. One of them is the realm of Remnant, besieged by darkness and the blackened creatures known as Grimm. However, the humans of Remnant are defended by the Huntsmen and Huntresses, elite warriors trained to defend the world against the forces of evil.

At the request of the Solar and Lunar Princesses, Headmaster Ozpin of Beacon Academy comes to Equestria to recruit four potential students to study at Beacon Academy, to help defend the world of humanity against the Grimm and the malice in the hearts of men.

Because there will be a day when even the most brilliant lights fade and the day and night are severed. And only if the two worlds unite can this future be averted. And the hopes of men rest in one girl with a simple soul, her team of Huntresses...and four pastel-colored ponies.

Let the hunt begin.

RWBY Crossover, set during Volume One with some AU/OC elements.
OC Weapons - Here
OC Team Roster - Here

This might deviate from RWBY Canon at some point, hence the AU element.

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You had my curiosity but now you have my attention!



Thanks for the support.

I read the title as Bacon of Harmony, and now that's stuck in my head.

Whatever works.

Only four huntresses? That fact alone should spark some conflict.

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