• Published 1st Jul 2019
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Something I'd Like to Tell You - desolate_account

After the events of the time loop and Post Crush concert, Sunset finds herself feeling weird around Pinkie Pie. Sorta... warm and fuzzy? Happy? And she's been blushing an awful lot... Oh. OH.... Oh no.

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Something I'd Like to Tell You

Ooooooh no. No no no no no.

Sunset Shimmer's nervous pacing created a steady stream of stepping sounds, which dominated the otherwise utter silence in her room. See, she had just realized something a little… Distressing.

Distressing really wasn't the word one ought to use to describe this situation but… she couldn't help it! Celestia have mercy, she had finally mastered the magic of friendship and then this crap happens? This was uncharted territory, and she didn't care for it. Not one bit.

Yellow fingers threaded themselves gently through fiery hair as Sunset hopelessly wondered how to navigate her newfound predicament.

What might that predicament be you ask?


She… may or may not have… developed a teeny tiny crush on a certain party planner.

Damn it all. Like seriously. Those butterflies she felt when she mused over her infectious smile? Damn them. That hot feeling she got in her chest and face when Pinkie became a little too touchy? Damn that. The way she thinks about how soft her hands are? Or how she smells like baked goods? Or how pretty those baby blue eyes are? Or how cute her laugh is…?

Uuuugh. Damn it.

It had only dawned on her in the past hour what precisely she had been feeling. But thinking deeper on it, this all likely began with that music festival last month. The one with Post Crush and the whole time loop debacle. That had to have been the catalyst for these new and unforeseen emotions.

Several weeks spent repeating the same day over and over and over again was… draining, to say the least. Not a fun time at all. She felt a little guilt over her aggressive behavior those few weeks, but could you really blame her? The prospect of being stuck eternally repeating one day again and again was terrifying, really. Anyone was bound to get testy. And though she had apologized for acting irritable, one thing still got to her.

Pinkie's crying face.

That cut deep.

Sunset didn't understand why though. Well… she does now, (stupid crush, stupid crush, stupid crush.) But just the other day, it had boggled her. Why, though her actions were accidental and understandable, even when Pinkie had happily accepted her apology, did the image of her friend's tears send Sunset's gut dropping like lead?

Pinkie didn't cry too often. Not really cry. And when she did, it was for a good reason. Usually anyways… excluding when it's not getting the last cupcake or losing her stuffed alligator. Generally speaking however, if you've made Pinkie Pie cry, you've messed up big time. So of course that added insult to injury. But moreover, as Sunset now understood, it was thanks to her brand new crush that she couldn't easily let it go. It had been a month and Pinkie probably didn't even remember it. But Sunset did, and she felt awful about it.

"C'mon Shimmer," Sunset chided herself with exasperation, "pull yourself together. Let's think about this. Like… seriously think about it."

So she liked Pinkie. Great. Step one: admitting you have a crush. Now what's step two? Should she ask her out or something? Ignore it until it goes away? Confide in a friend? None of those sounded incredibly appealing.

Option one: No way. Not in 1000 moons. Pinkie probably didn't feel the same way and even if she did… well… it doesn't matter because there's no way in tartarus! Besides, if she says no, it would make everything really awkward and terrible.

Option two: Tempting. But no, this isn't a good plan either. She could only handle Pinkie's friendly embrace so many times before her brain imploded on itself. She could only hear her sugary sweet voice so many times before she gave in and resorted to option one. She kept thinking about their totally-not-a-date at the music festival, and how they held hands as they walked the neon garden, and how they laid in the grass together after being kicked out, and how pretty her singing was on stage, and how cute her rosy cheeks were that night, (why were her cheeks so red anyways?) a-and… and… and now Sunset was blushing up a storm. Wonderful. Well, point is, option two is a dud.

Damn her fluttering heartbeat.

Option three: Definitely not Rarity. While she was undeniably the best suited among their friends for relationship advice, she also fancied her gossip. Rainbow Dash would probably tease her about it from now until the sun blows up. Applejack would say something folksy and wise but ultimately neither applicable nor helpful. Twi would offer some technical, scientific input. But that's not what Sunset needed. Maybe she could, like, write princess Twilight about it?? She probably wouldn't judge. Hm…

Yeah. Yeah, alright. That sounded pretty okay. Maybe.

If she didn't do something soon though she'd probably rip her hair out, so, with hesitation aplenty, Sunset went to retrieve her journal.

She really shouldn't give herself enough time to back down. Better to just grab a pen and get going before she wussed out.

The pleather book cover felt lovely in her hands, as was the smell of turning pages when she flipped it open. One thing she'll always miss about studying under Celestia is the lovely smell each and every magic text seemed to contain. Anywho… better get to writing.

Dear Princess Twilight

I'm having a bit of a dilemma. See, I've recently discovered I have some… troubling feelings toward a certain someone. Romantic ones I mean. For a friend. This is probably really weird, so uh, sorry about that. I know this isn't really your area of expertise but I'd be pissed at myself for just letting it fester. Any advice you have would be very appreciated.

Your friend, Sunset Shimmer.

With a heavy sigh, Sunset Shimmer stared down at the inky words filling the page. No going back now. All that was left was to sit and wait until she⁠— oh. She's already writing back… okay then.

Hiya Sunset!

Who's the friend? Tell me tell me tell me!!

Hm. That's really weird. Not at all how Twilight usually wrote. But hey, maybe she was having a really good day, and had some excess energy? Despite her better judgment and sneaking suspicion, Sunset decided to ignore the questionable behavior and opted instead to continue reading.

I'm not a super duper expert on lovey dovey stuffy myself, but a friend in need is a friend indeed as I always say! So spill it sister!!

Okay… something is definitely going on here. Why did she get such a frightening feeling of foreboding and unease? She had come this far though. May as well see this through.

Pinkie Pie, actually. I know that's weird but… I dunno. I never saw it coming really. She's just really fun to be around and she's really really… y'know… cute… She can be a handful sometimes. A lot of the time actually. But lately I've felt so much lighter around her. And my face gets red and my stomach gets funny. So… pony who may or may not be (but most likely is not) Twilight… what should I do?

She waited for a response.

She waited five minutes for a response.

She waited ten minutes for a response.

She was beginning to get bored of waiting for a response.

When finally, the book buzzed, and magical words began to transcribe themselves on the journal pages. Took them long enough.

Sorry for the wait! I was just thinking is all. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Oki doki loki, I know what you need to do.

Oh luna's moon, WHY. If she hadn't guessed it before (which she deep down kind of had, she just refused to acknowledge it for the sake of her sanity,) that 'oki doki loki' confirmed it. She was speaking to the pony version of her crush. Frankly, Sunset didn't know if she wanted to cheer or bash her face into a wall. On one hand, Pinkie would absolutely know best on the matter. But on the other, just how freaking weird was this? How embarrassed should she be? Sunset pinched the bridge of her nose violently and steadied herself to read the remainder of Pinkie's reply.

Just tell your Pinkie what you just said to me Pinkie! If anypony said that goodness to me I'd probably melt into a goopy puddle on the spot!! Hecks, I sorta almost kinda did. Even though you weren't talking about me. Funny how that works, huh? :)))) But yeah!! Just say you think she's cute and fun and funny and all that stuff and she'll at least give you a try! I know she will. We are like the same pony and all. Good luck Sunset, let me know how it goes!!! Tell me when you hop aboard the smooch train. <3

P.s. my Pinkie sense tells me you wanna know why I was reading Twilight's journal thingy. My Pinkie sense told me to. :D

Sunset was experiencing a lot of emotions upon reading that. Flustered, over Pinkie's comment about the smooch train. Excitement, over enthusiastic encouragement from none other than the peppy pink party pony herself. Lingering self doubt because, uh, shit that's just how her brain works. And maybe an additional 50 emotions which she didn't feel equipped to understand or label.

But pony Pinkie had said to give it a shot. It couldn't be that simple… could it? She could just say those exact same words and Pinkie would… ahem… ride the "smooch train" with her? Or at least, give her a shot? Well, maybe that wasn't too hard to believe. Pinkie was pretty open to trying new things. But still, Sunset's heart hammered away at her chest just imagining it.

For the love of⁠— she had only JUST acknowledged that this crush of hers exists. Granted it's probably existed for at least a month, only an hour or so ago had she firmly confirmed with herself that it was romance she was feeling. And now she was considering telling Pinkie about it?

Someone help this poor girl. She felt a little overwhelmed.

But y'know… dating did seem awfully nice. Sure, she had "dated" Flash Sentry early on. But that wasn't reeeeally dating. Yeah, the guy is cute and she didn't mind kissing him. But that was about it. Which wasn't at all the basis of a healthy relationship. Actually going on dates, cuddling, talking and laughing, holding hands, cooking together, watching movies, having heart to hearts, having se⁠—


Yeah all that sounded, well, extremely lovely. And she'd be hard pressed to say the thought of engaging in those activities with Pinkie Pie didn't set her heart ablaze with warm fuzzies. Goodness, maybe she just needed to get over herself. Pinkie Pie in the flesh (albeit marginally more equine flesh,) had given Sunset her blessing and words of support.

"Okay." Sunset breathed quietly to herself. "Okay, okay, okay. I'm going to text Pinkie. I'm going to do it."

She wasn't 100% sure what she was going to say. But hey, maybe she could just wing it. She just needed to force herself to act on this like she had before writing in the journal. Quickly, so she doesn't lose her nerve.

Sunset pawed around in her pocket and reached for her phone. Pulling it out, she noted the nervous way her hand quivered. Absolutely ridiculous, like, she could kick siren ass and survive a time loop scenario but heaven forbid she deal with her emotions like a big girl. Ugghh.

"Grow a pair and text the girl." Sunset mumbled harshly under her breath. "Just… text her. Easy peasy."

She turned on the phone.

She went to her contacts.

She selected Pinkie's number.

Her fingers hovered over the keyboard for a solid 30 seconds.

It was difficult to not become distracted by her racing heart or burning cheeks. But she gulped down her fear, took a breath, and began to type.

Hey Pinkie Pie… I have something I'd like to tell you.

Author's Note:

Wow so... hey I'm alive! And I still like ponies! I've been mostly preoccupied with my ao3 account and my other stories there. Namely an ongoing Splatoon series I have in the works. But, I saw Sunset's backstage pass and uh... yeah. Shit was gay as hell. AND VERY CUTE. Like I think I have a new favorite?? Needed to write something for these cuties asap.

Don't know when the next mlp fic will be posted. Maybe soon maybe not. I've definitely been meaning to write a diamondbloom story though.

Anywho, see y'all around. :heart:

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Coverart sauce: https://twitter.com/ku_rimo/status/1026827804732579840 (SFW and utterly adorable)

It took me a while to warm up to the ship. Sure, they look good together, but sometimes you're just left asking "How are you two friends, again?"

Also, is it just me, or has there been some serious shipping going on in all these specials?

I loved SunPie even before I watched the special: Sunset’s BackStage Pass. I even wrote a story about them myself, haha. Anyways, this was SO cute! I’d read it again over and over. <3

Oh for sure. To both things. I hadn't ever even thought about sunpie until the new special. But like... it was reeeeally cute. So I didn't mind. Yeah though, it's not just you at all. Everyone's been catching on. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, the writers were even asked on Twitter if they were aware of the romantic implications they were giving off, and they answered with a firm yes. So yeah... at least it isn't going over their heads.


Tbh I've really been slacking on my pony fics unfortunately. But! I'd be very happy to write another sunpie fic sometime. Possibly a sequel, we'll see. Like I said in the author's note though I have had a diamondbloom story on the backburner for a while. So probably after I finish that whenever that is.

That was bloody adorable.

Cute story! Can't say I didn't cringe once or twice but that's what love is like, right? Either way, I loved it in all its adorability!

"A story" she/he calls it.

When, in reality, it's a super-fun written symphony orchestrated to employ only instruments strung with the tight-woven, warm-and-fuzzy heart strings of those poor, unsuspecting readers who were severely unprepared to have those strings plucked and bowed without cessation.

Nope, it's not just you. To be honest, this special had more shipping fuel for SunPie then Sunlight did in years. And since Timber hasn't been forgotten and he and Twilight are confirmed dating, Sunset is pretty open to all the other ships.
I don't really ship any of Humane 7 together though, just not my thing.


I don't really ship any of Humane 7 together

Same, which was why I was happy when Wallflower came on the scene. I had been looking for someone outside of the group to pair Sunset with.

That said, I'll take just about any ship if you can write a decent story around it.

I hate fics that do this. Build up to the decision to act, not the actual moment of asking.Which is hypocritical, the only thing I wrote does the exact same thing :). Anyway, there is nothing new here. I've read a ton of similar stories. Which means the fact that I finished it shows it's written well:). I certainly enjoyed it. I saw the (for lack of a better word) twist coming a mile away, but that doesn't make it less enjoyable. Twas a nice read.

How would a splatoon fic even work?

*Woomies sensually* :rainbowkiss:

My current series is a shipfic like... comedy/hurt & comfort series about Agent 3 and 8. A super popular pairing, actually. Though unsurprisingly Marina x Pearl does have it beat a little bit. The best Splatoon stories imo are the ones that take liberties to create their own inkling culture and agent personalities.

*returns your sensual woomy, full force.* :twilightsmile:

I read one the other day that was pretty good. Portrait of Pinkie by Fylifa. And I haven't read it, though this one also looks promising, Once Upon a Heartbeat by serenityx.

The alternative alternative title should be that Sunset seemed far too willing to let Rainbow constantly smack her ass each repeat. :trixieshiftright:

Poor Shy. Not even worth consideration.

On the third or fourth repeat, after the ass smack Sunset shouts 'thank you thank you' and Dash can be seen blushing as she backs away.

Heh, simply adorkable :pinkiesmile:

This was really good at showing the emotions that Sunset Shimmer was feeling, and I loved the humor of getting advice from pinkie's pony self! The only thing is that I wish is that you included the part where Sunset tells Pinkie how she feels. but overall, great work! :pinkiehappy:

Well... that was fun! I do like the open end in this one and I don't think it to be necessary to go into further detail how things will work out. Not only is it not the focus of this story, knowing Pinkie Pie - I'd like to think that there's only one outcome that can reasonably be expected. I appreciate Sunsets characterization. 'Twas good.
Thank you.

:facehoof: Pinkie, did you seriously write in my journal and then attempted to cover it up by faking my hoofwriting and telling me that I write while sleeping?
:moustache: You gotta admit, if anypony ever would do that, it would be you...
:twilightsmile: Spike?
:moustache: ... yes?
:twilightsmile: ... out.
:pinkiehappy: Eh, it was worth a shot?
:facehoof: Pinkie, I don't sleepwrite or sleepread since I was- ehr... I mean...
:pinkiehappy: I'm gonna go now, Twilight. It was sooo nice of you to let me use your journal! See you later, alligator!
:twilightoops: Y-Yeah... uh... s-sure... Spike, stop grinning!

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