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I'm the resident Hideaki Anno of FimFiction. I like to write whatever I think of. Sometimes good or sometimes s**t, I just love writing.


The story of Azure Glide is known by many but what about his human counterpart? Watch as his tragic beginning transitions to a wonderful life.

The story is set in the same continuity as the SciTwi Shimmer Chronicles, made by my good friend, pabrony83, also pre-read by him.

Tags are for future events and characters that will happen later on down the road.

Cover pic by toyminator900.

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Who knew Cadence could be so cute?

Squeeee!!! They got a puppy!

a man best friend is a dog great story so far😃

I aim to have the chapter be a big uplifting moment for Azure and a new friend and a puppy sounded like the right choice. Plus, Sumo is a reference to another dog of the same name from a certain PS4 Game.

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