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This story is a sequel to Red Winter

It's been a few weeks since they met the famous She-Bear, recovering well. Yet, Earth has another adventure waiting for them.

An adventure with new allies and a new threat to them.

Can they face it?

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Good sequel, it stills interesting. I am waiting for new chapter

You got this! Interesting and good! Eager to see next chapter

Glad you like it. And what do you think about chapter 3?

Patch and you are doing great work. I wonder what will happend with Abstraction later. I am in waiting a new chapter.

Yay, new chapter. A new good chapter, which is moving a plot!

Thank you! I am pleased to hear you like it!

I really like the story with the chapters it has so far, Chapter 3 I have to say that it is the longest chapter you have ever made of all your fics and you with patch do a good job and now we will have to wait to see what would have happened to the dark horse at that time before the arrival of the protagonists

Glad you like it. The next chapter will be up in a few days

ok and by the way I say that I liked how you included the reference to the classic method of metal gear inflitration that was the box

Glad to hear it. By the way, the dream the kids have in chapter too, that's how enemies react ingame when saying a moving box asking CP about it

yes, I forget to mention it in the comment that part :facehoof:

curious thing, just before publishing this answer I saw that the previous answer is placed in the recent chapter that I still do not read and I did not realize until now :rainbowlaugh:

good chapter and good way to surprise the knights with the cardboard boxes and the tank cardboard box was a good reference and the bad luck showers of the knights did the same thing as in xcom :rainbowlaugh: and I liked the way You made it possible for children to assist with using non-lethal equipment, Snake will not have many problems with all the allies who accompany him on missions now...for now

Thanks. And i Hope what happened to fletcher when Finding blue was not too much for You

Good as always! Next chapter is more interesting than previous

Glad to hear it. And what do you think of the previous chapters?

What a good chapter and I have to say that you surprised me by the fact of the appearance of the Harmonious Guard, I never expected them to appear but I liked even the fact that they made the knigths work a bit difficult during what they infiltrated to ensure those contenders, and with what it seems things will not improve for the protagonists making them stay longer and the music you placed it very well

Thanks! You see, i Never managed to Work Details out for James, like when he founded his PMC. And Metal Gear 5 seemed suiting, as Diamond Dogs is sort of familiar, isn't it? Plus, it was suiting how the Ponies would Suit into the Rest of the Game plot, after Skull face's Death.

oh shit... now things get complicated for knights and dark horse members and also for snake

rest in peace chernov

good chapter

Nice start to the story. Good level of buildup and introduction of the characters.

Some nice allure to the Metal Gear franchise, and a few humorous moments. But that ending... oh, this doesn't look good at all! :twilightoops:

Excellent way to introduce Abstraction into the story! Nicely done! Also, those were some pretty close calls during the missions. I guess that's where all their training and experience pays off, huh?

Wow... that must've been a heavy thing for the fillies, using non-lethal ammo, but shooting actual firearms. I know it had to be done in their circumstances, though. And it good that they managed to escape their captors. Also, the gradual building of Abstraction's character is pretty good so far.

Wow... pretty gruesome chapter! Rue really is quite a tragic character, especially with the way she went out. I can only wonder what happens to Abstraction now. Guess I'll find out in the next chapter.

Also, I found it quite interesting that Aversion made his way into the story as well. Nicely done!

I like how a lot of the characters had some backstory explanation. And it's good that the children want to help in any way they can. I know they are young, but given the situation, clearly know the risks and are willing to act on them. Nice, solid chapter that moved the plot forward.

Pretty good chapter. Looks like the squad, having learned what they did during the POW mission, is that much closer to dealing with a great threat that could mean the end for all of them!

Also, when Siyarjit first appeared, it gave me vibes of the Forsworn from Skyrim. I guess it's their more primitive armament or something.

Wow, looks like things aren't really going according to plan, with one problem piling on top of another. The Skulls seem to be quite the conundrum... but that "Man on Fire"... something about that felt very demonic, Lovecraftian, I daresay.

A good chapter that helped to advance the story and get to know what the squad is dealing with. I especially think that WMD dealer is gonna be bad business for a lot of people!

Skull Face... had I played the games before, I probably would've known this was coming. Great chapter with nice bits of suspense and tension thrown in! And it's good they managed to quarantine the outbreak. Another good set of action scenes for the story!

Huh, that's a nice introduction of the Harmonious Guard in the story. Given that your stories are mostly all of the same canon, though, I guess it's to be expected. Makes me wonder if James could show up at some point? As for the next outbreak... oh dear, I fear this is gonna spell trouble.

Well... that took quite a turn for the worst! Seems like these problems just don't stop coming, do they?

No, they were lethal and the didn't escape

It was Patch's idea, but I am happy you like it

Thank you! Have to make them proactive somehow

Well, they are based off Skyrim and don't let their weapons fool you

good chapter and it seems that things will not end soon ... I think

a good way to end the adventure of the ponies with snake's birthday

Thanks! I thought it would Suit most here, given Situation and Setting

Quiet... such a backstabber! :twilightangry2:

Well, this chapter really tied things up quite nicely, and now the ponies and children and finally home again!

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