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Protonix Supreme

Creator/Writer of the Protonix Ghostbusters series and all around nut case.


It seems that the multiverse has a thing for sending random things to the land of ponies that can lead down familiar or unknown paths. Some alright, some good, some bad, some ending with a balance, some ending with chaos.

While for years the world has been struck by dark events, all being countered by an equally strong force, the greater expanse of reality has prevented it from experiencing the true horrors that in a flip of a switch, everything Positive suddenly becomes Negative.

New forces are popping up all over like a dark cloud that threatens to unleash a storm no one can survive. And as with each threat grows, fate decides to send in the best people suited for the job in dealing with it. Only that this isn't your usual team of supernatural investigators and eliminators.

(Don't know if this will continue on or just leave this as something for people to see.)

I find the lack of Pony/Ghostbusters stories that don't have a prolonged plot that branches off in places and builds an actual story that doesn't follow the same narrative as the movies or cartoons a be disturbing.

Protonix Ghostbusters is a FAN MADE GB universe that I've personally made and have been working on for several years now. Having built up an in-world storyline that takes place literally over 100+ years with dozens of characters, places, enemies and so on. More will be explained throughout the story. The reason why I don't use the Original or even The Real Ghostbusters is that I'm still working on writing their characters true to themselves.

However, the Origins story for the team in this is can be found on fanfiction.net as Protonix Ghostbusters: Broken Reality that took me 3 YEARS to write.

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