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I want nothing more than to bring a smile to your face with a light-hearted clopfic! If you want to bring a smile to mine, leave a comment!

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Wew, you got me with that title, not gonna lie. Thought this was gonna be another ABDL story and got really disappointed until I saw that you were the author. At that point my hopes for another good Cozy Glow clopfic just shot through the roof!

I knew she was manipulative, but dominating Tirek? Goodness gracious!


All characters in my stories are ten million years old or older in Earth years

Something just doesn't add up here. But I just can't put my finger on it.

With an extra chapter, could be fun having Chryssi take a colt's body to overtake cozy again~

when your imagination comes true in written form ^^

Now all I can picture is Cozy stuffed with Chrissi's ovipositor...dangit.

Judging by that picture, I'm guessing you've seen a "certain animation" that recently 0started floating about as well. :scootangel:

Comment posted by RoyalBardofCanterlot deleted Jun 25th, 2019

Yet clicking on something you know you’re going to hate is?

Here, feed on my feedback. That was pretty hot

Go bitch to someone who cares what you think about a fic you didn't read

I love this story. And that animation that this story is inspired by on derpibooru.org. Also when Cozy Glow says Golly everytime... it reminds me of Flowery the Flower from Undertale. I wonder if what happens when these 2 characters meet for the 1st time.

The cleanup must be a bitch.

(Out of decency, comment removed due to the comment I was responding to being deleted.)


You sure it's not normal? Cause I used to body fuck a centaur and a shape-shifting queen like, every week when I was an underaged flying horse. Maybe you had the abnormal underage flying horse-hood.

Another possible pedophile on the internet?

We're all going to hell if we're not already there...

The brat smiled sweetly. “Oh, nothing, really. I just want to convince you that I’m a valuable member of the team. But since you did ask… let’s say if I win… you have to kneel down and kiss my little-filly butt!”


Chrysalis chuckled. “Well… I guess I do have… some use for you after all…” She let her tongue slip from her mouth again. “We do have a few days before Grogar returns, after all.

Cozy Glow swallowed nervously.

"Oh, G-g-golly Gosh…fuck."

Fuck is right Cozy:rainbowlaugh:!!!

This is a very hot story, good job.


Not as much as you'd think. Cozy covers the bulk of it - she's a surprisingly attentive little filly - and now Chryssi can get what Cozy can't... reach.

This was amazing and very sexy. You absolutely nailed Cozy's character, which is something many people fail to do accurately. Props to you my dude. A legend as always.

>The mane six/various princesses' faces when Chrysalis needs a midcombat recharge

Lets get ready to parrrtyyy :pinkiehappy:

PURRRFECT! :rainbowwild: Best Villain activity ever. :rainbowkiss: All get fun and Chrysalis powers up... :ajsmug: This is going to be GLORIOUS :raritystarry:

Heaven cant be that good anyway xD

By Celestias ever flaming cunt... :rainbowkiss: This is one epic story for the Favorites! :pinkiehappy:

Well done. We can never have enough Cozy being a slut. :rainbowdetermined2:

Grogar's expression or comments when he comes back to seeing this? Any ideas?:facehoof:

Well for starters i'd be like.

"WHAT THE F***!!!"

But after a minute or two i'd be all..

"Can i have a go."

I suppose i'll suffice with seconds.

“Cum! You fucking pervert!”

There's that gem of a line we all came here for.

Well then...

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