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Pen Dragon

When you are alone, you wonder if the darkness will come for you, but sometimes being in the dark doesn't mean it's the end.


This story is sequel to Book I: The Sun Princess

Finally able to escape the hooves of the Order, Celestia, Watcher and their new companion make their way to the famous Everfree City with the hopes of starting a new life while also trying to find the other remaining princesses. However, old and new enemies won't let them rest so easily as they begin to break down the two unicorns and their new allies piece by piece.

Inspired by: Monochromatic's Enchanted Library & Enchanted Kingdom
Co-Author: Spirals95
Proof-reader: Brony Parasite

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 14 )

I sincerely hope that Watcher gets use to the fact that he'll need more friends if he and Celestia are going to survive the Order's pursuits.

That will be difficult, but who knows what may happen.

So....where book 1?

Is in the description, or you can check my page for it as well.

Looking forward to reading more.

Good heavens! Watcher's going to have his hooves full with Umbra.

Am I the only one who thinks that a cuddly Umbra is adorable?

“R-Right… We need to start thinking about what our next move is everypony.” Watcher said, trotting to the front of the table, Umbra taking his seat and shooting him a wink, with only Celestia taking notice of it. “It’s time we figured out… How to find the other Princesses.”

There's got to be a locator spell or something that could help with locating the other 3.

If only it were that simple my friend XD

Do spread the word out my friend :) Tell everyone!

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