• Published 23rd Jun 2019
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Fattening Love - MetalBrony20

Queen Chrysalis has been apprehended! Now a prisoner of the crown, she is subjected to a less that conventional form of imprisonment, with some rather unfortunate consequences on her waistline.

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Rounding off her sentence

Author's Note:

I had some fun writing this little story. Just bear in mind when I wrote this in Word, spell check didn't work for some reason, though I have combed it over for errors.
Please leave a comment and tell me what you enjoyed and make sure to check out Lupin Quill's other works if you haven't already.
This is divided into 4 mini chapters, each based on one of the images in the sequence, so feel free to open the corresponding image to get the full experience.

Without further delay, please enjoy!

“Uuuuuuggghhh…” A low moan rang out in the darkness of the dimly lit cell. In the low light, the form of a creature could be seen, propped against the wall. The creatures black onyx skin blended into the darkness around it, leaving only a faint outline of a humanoid figure. The creatures eyes slowly flickered open, adjusting to the darkness rapidly, knife like pupils squinting, seeing the only light coming from behind a wide metal door. Attempting to move, she felt her hands were above her head forcibly, and with a sharp pull, tried to move them. No dice, the rattling of chains and a hard metal on her wrists told her she was chained up.

Similarly, she found her legs in the same position. Letting out a groan of frustration, she attempted to cast a spell, her long, jagged horn lighting up with a sickly green glow, for a brief moment at least before fizzling out entirely. A growl of anger left her lips, and tried again to the same effect. Looking up as much as she could, she noticed a band of engraved silver wrapping around it, close to the base of her horn. A magic inhibitor ring, the bane of magic users. Growling again, she pulled and leaned against her bindings. Aside from some clinking of metal, they held firm, rubbing her wrists.

Just then, the door swung open, filling the room with a synthetic white light. Squinting, the creature attempted to block out the harsh glare, only able to make out a tall silhouette in the light. A sharp clunk was heard, followed by whatever overhead lights in the room illuminating, filling it with the same neutral, artificial white. The onyx creature fully opened her eyes, quickly falling into a glare at the figure in her room. Standing there was a blue pony, with waving ethereal mane and tail. An impressive pair of breasts strained a very simple white dress she wore, so simple in fact that her belly was exposed, showing a puffy stomach. Despite the lack of a crown, there was no mistaking it was Princess Luna, the princess of the night.

“My my, what an impressive catch we have here. Queen Chrysalis, in the flesh no less.” Chrysalis continued to glare at her, though it seemed to provoke no reaction aside from a small smirk. Stepping over to the Changeling, she walked around a sturdy wooden table, which played host to nothing, except the impressive belly of Chrysalis. From where she was standing, her folded gut rested upon the smooth top, as large as a small beach ball. Behind her, an impressive pair of ass cheeks and thighs pressed into the wall, each slightly smaller then her gut. Her bloated face cheeks pressed up, contorted in rage as she continued to glare.

“Not in the talking mood, well, you were so kind to visit our humble city. Judging by your figure, I’d say that you were rather successful in your feeding, no. Enjoying draining the love from my hapless citizens?” Luna stopped on Chrysalis’s left, leaning against the table.

“What do you want pony? I’m not in the mood for talking, so get on with it.” A small chuckle left Luna’s lips, she continued to maintain eye contact, though her eyes slowly worked their way around the Queens curves.

“Straight to the point I see. Well come now, isn’t it obvious why you are here?” She paused for a moment, as if checking an imaginary list. “Assault upon another nation, in particular the Capital city no less. Additionally with no official declaration of war. Kidnapping of multiple species, including the Princess’s of Equestria and the Elements of Harmony. Impersonation of royalty and sabotage of a royal wedding… should I go on?” The unflinching glare was the only response from the pudgy Queen.

“Your imprisonment is just and fair under the circumstances, I’d think.” She punctuated this with a poke to the Changeling round belly, the black flesh squishing under the light pressure, prompting a small snarl from the contact.

“Whatever, It’s not like I have much anyway. My hive is was taken from me by that traitor Thorax. The only thing I had in my life, taken in a day, by just four creatures. Against a hive of over a thousand strong, with an artifact that rendered all non-Changeling magic unusable. And yet we lost.” She closed her eyes for a few moments, breathing, then fixed Luna with a venomous look. “I don’t care what you do to me. All my achievements are gone, all my subjects turncoats. So do whatever you want, because I have nothing to give and nothing to go back to. Is that what you wanted to hear Pony!”

Taking a couple more breaths, she calmed down slightly. “All I have done since the fall of my Hive is feed of the love of your precious subjects, plotting to take down my enemies eventually. I stole love not only to eat, but as personal satisfaction, knowing I’m hurting them.”

“Then I had the brilliant idea of coming to this wretched city, stealing love, and visiting your archives, trying to find something to strike back, some ancient forgotten magic…”

“And you were captured when you got stuck in a door, and forced to drop your disguise when the guards found a skinny maid impossibly wedged, plus the large invisible mass they could touch.” Luna quipped, still smirking as Chrysalis’s cheeks grew red. “Imagine that, the same creature who back flipped off her hive and into a dive, who overpowered my own Sister in combat and managed to trap Cadence, was foiled by less than accommodating architecture”.

“I get it Chrysalis. You have no Hive to provide for, you have no main goal, only to make others suffer as you take there love.” Luna’s horn ignited, a cool blue enveloping the keratin spire. A wispy cloud of blue flowed from it, and towards Chrysalis’s own horn. In amongst the blue, pink hearts bobbed along. Above her, the inhibitor glowed a dull purple as the stream touched it. A strange feeling passed over her, as she felt energy flowing into her, love energy.

“You want love, Chrysalis? By all means, take it!” Luna stepped closer, her hand now resting of the swell of Chrysalis’s ass, squeezing the malleable flesh. “Take it all.” Her eyes flickered down looking past her exposed breasts and at her filling belly. “You’ll have to thank Twilight and Starlight for the modified inhibitor ring. It’s simple, yet genius. It prevents any magic going out of it, but amplifies and accepts any magic going in.” She paused, watching as her belly began to swell outwards, the flesh growing more and more taught as more love poured into her, her stomach making audible Groooooans and Glooorpps. “In fact, it attracts love magic to itself from any source. Under my care, you will never go hungry Chrysalis.”


It had been several weeks since her imprisonment, and everyday Chrysalis was subjected to more and more love. Initially, it had been Luna, who had come into her cell everyday, giving her bursts of amplified love that filled her growing gut. However, A large pink crystal, mounted into a housing covered in runes had been placed in the room, practically radiating out love magic, all of which homed in on her. Now, this love was so much more powerful than the weaker bursts given by Luna. They were concentrated, and an almost unending flow of it poured into her, keeping her gut working overtime, as it processed the gargantuan amount of energy into the one thing it could, fat.

In her past, The changeling Queen had often gotten rather hefty, especially during very successful infiltration missions and times of plenty, but this was quickly shed as it was shared across the many occupants of the Hive, especially when they had stay under the radar. However, with no control over her magic, there was no way she could dispel any of the torrent of love entering her. As a result, she had ballooned up into a great wobbling mass of lard. She was so large in fact, her weight forced her to her knees, unable to stand.

Her stomach had taken the brunt of the weight, developing from a ball into a mattress of adipose, marred by huge rolls, the bottom of which covered her immensely fattened legs and thighs, and only recently began to touch the floor from where she kneeled. These rolls ringed around her back, giving her back the appearance of an oversized accordion, rolls squeezing together. Her blobby ass stretched as wide as a sofa, her tail sitting on top, looking comically small for its size. These shapely mounds were supported by columns of charcoal grey known as her legs. Once slender and sleek, they wobbled and jiggled with every small movement, slapping into each other with meaty smacks, causing her entire frame to jostle and shake like a stormy ocean.

Her once modest bust had been completely destroyed, instead replaced with melon sized orbs of naked flesh that neatly lay against the shelf of her stomach. Above them, her neck and face swelled up, a plump set of cheeks pushing up slightly into her vision, as the form of another chin began to take shape. Impressively, her arms had managed to take a huge amount of pudge. Her upper arms had gained a significant amount, rivaling the size of her belly at the start of her imprisonment.

Her forearms had swollen, to the point that her manacles had become not only uncomfortable, but impossible to wear. This had been remedied with a pair of sturdy ropes, tied around them. Not that she could move her arms to any reasonable degree, on account of her gargantuan bingo wings. To all intents and purposes, she was immobile. She was sure she could stand, even slightly with magic assistance, but for now she squashed against the floor.

She remembered with a grimace when she fell down. The table her belly rested on was sturdy to be sure, but it couldn’t hold hundreds of pounds of Changeling flesh, which virtually covered it like a thick, meaty tablecloth, and then it collapsed with a great crack and crunch. A sudden feeling of falling forwards briefly, before her morbidly obese body slapped into the ground, flesh jostling and wobbling like jelly incarnate, colliding and juicily smacking into each other.

The cell door creaked open, and in walked her hated captor. A lightly clothed Luna strolled in, a huge hunk of red velvet cake held in one of her slightly plump hands. Oddly, in the time Luna had been visiting the fattening Changeling, it seemed she had been slowly fattening herself too. It also seemed that her sense of modesty had diminished, as she was only clad in a tube top and bikini bottoms, though the front was covered by a thickening gut.

Lazily, the Princess of the night strolled towards the great rounded bulk of Changeling, even larger then a bear. She took a messy bite of her cake, staining her lips white with cream. Her hips swayed as she approached, her enlarged cutie marks covering her now sizable butt. Picking her way around the destroyed table, the Princess took her time to take in the ever growing form. Pleased with her captee’s plight, she stopped just in front of her, laying a hand on the Changelings monster belly.

“You know, you should really gets some exercise, you really are out of shape.” Taking another bite, she chewed the mouthful slowly, crumbs spilling onto her chest and onto Chrysalis’s belly. “Well, I suppose round is a shape, though you are more blob like than ball like in my opinion.”

“It’s an opinion that noling asked for, tubby!” Chrysalis sneered, her eyes knife like pupils boring into Luna from the insult. Luna responded with another bite of cake.

“Pot calling the kettle black. I may be getting a little tubby, but I think your arms have more pudge in them then my entire body. Though, I am happy that finally your getting a proper rack, it must have been so embarrassing to have such small boobs with such a large stomach and booty.”

“Why you…I’ll…”

“I’ll what, Chrysalis? Strike out at me? Why, you can barely move as it is. Fry me with magic? In your dreams. The only thing you could do would be to sit on me, but that comes back to my first point, doesn’t it?” Turning around, she picked up the pink crystal, the once vibrant glow now almost extinguished. “Wow, Just wait ‘til Cadence sees what all her love has done to you!”

At that name, Chrysalis’s blood turned to ice. “Her. Love” Her onyx face seemed to get red, seething as she found out who ruined her body.

“Oh yes, It was her idea to fatten you up in the first place. She just needed time to fill storage gems with love before she gave them to me, so I decided to get you started.” Inspecting the dull crystal, she slipped it into her cleavage. “It’s run dry at the moment. Don’t worry though, we have several more. I’d hate if you got hungry and cranky, well, just hungry in your case.”

Turning around, Luna plopped down in front of her, using the Changelings belly like a huge beanbag chair. Chrysalis’s eyes widened, feeling her body conform around the smaller Princess. “For a creature so full of love, you produce so much hate.” Luna said idly, feeling how her body sank into the blubber.

“Yes, and I can’t imagine why I hate you so much, what with the destruction of my beautiful body and your peculiar and constant habit of touching me.” The Changeling practically spat at the chubby Alicorn, her anger contuinuing to rise as Luna fondled and groped at whatever pockets of pudge called out to her.

“Cheer up Chryssi, I think you look stunning.”

“Bite me, Moon butt.”

“Tempting, but I think I’ll pass; though you do look succulent enough to have a go...” Hoisting herself to her feet, she stepped across the ruins of the table, pushing the last morsel of cake into her mouth. As she walked to the door, her horn lit up, causing another pink crystal to float out of the door way, this one glowing brightly instead. “I hope your ready for more, because believe me, I will never let you go hungry.”

Placing it into the device, she set it down in front of Chrysalis. Soon, the gem began to emit a cloud of pink, which homed in on the ring, pushing more energy into the bloated Queen. “Enjoy, I can’t wait to see how much larger you get!” And with that, the door slammed shut, Chrysalis staring in abject hatred as she watched Luna’s enlarged bottom disappear into the portal. The lights dimmed to a faint glow, a dull pink beginning to illuminate the room.

“Well, at least it can’t get any worse”.

A couple of weeks had passed since Luna changed the love crystal, and within that time frame, several changed had occurred. It started when the ropes on her arms grew so tight that they had to be removed from her. At this point however, the lack of a rope, or any real restraints was no issue. Now she was definitely immobile, her body now a prison of heavy, fatty flesh. Utterly convinced that the Queen was no harm to anypony, or anycreature for that matter, she was moved into Canterlot Castle itself.

To Chrysalis’s horror, an entire display had been set up, entitled “The Insect Queen”, with her details included, which were mostly the crimes she was guilty of. They had hoisted her body onto a great stone plinth, her fat already oozing over edges, especially her gut and butt. If there was any sliver lining to her new predicament, it would be that she no longer had to stare at a grey wall all the time, and that she no longer had to kneel, instead now resting on her gargantuan ass.

The accursed gem was still there, placed on a similar pedestal next to her, continually feeding her a seemingly endless stream of love. Her body continued its process of turning all the excess love into fat, persisting to batten her already generous folds and rolls ever larger. By now, her plot had seemingly turned into a pair of giant balloon filled with adipose, wider than a carriage, and way more heavy. The sheer size of her bottom managed to push her form higher off the ground, making sure that she could look forward at any of her ‘visitors’.

Her belly had continued its pursuit of becoming a mattress, becoming increasingly long and wide, at least as wide as a king size bed. Each roll had become increasingly thick as well, forcing her gut higher and higher each day. On top of this was her breasts. Each was as large a prize pumpkin and just as round, managing to keep their shape despite the amount of adipose stored in each. Her face and neck continued to become rounder and rounder, a fully fledged double chin on display, with a new one ready to move in, as it squashed into the ring of flab around her neck.

Her meaty arms continued their trend of putting on an extraordinarily large amount of blubber. Her upper arms were larger then her breasts were, the excessive amount now beginning to sag onto her widening forearms, giving the impression that her hands were becoming sucked in to her widening form. Not that she could see this of course, her enlarged face and neck restricted movements as the heavy fat took increasing amounts of effort to move, not helped by collisions and friction between folds.

As of right now, she just sat there, lazily gazing at the wall. As much as she hated Luna for what she did, she was something interesting to look at and someone to talk to, well talk being subjective, more like Luna taunting her whilst she seethed and threw weak insults back at. It was also interesting watching how the Princess of the Night was slowly bloating up too. In a sort of weird mirror image, every time she felt that she had grown larger, so had the Alicorn, her belly slightly lower, her ass swaying a little more, her breasts straining their restraining clothes a little more. Of course, compared to herself, Luna was a twig.

Flicking her ear, she could swear she heard the sound of hooves against tile. Heavy clacks could be heard, each slow and measured. Chrysalis sighed and closed her eyes, another Luna visit. Mentally she prepared for the verbal sparring match between the two.

“Tsk, Tsk, What an overfed gnat you’ve become! You really should have watched what you ate…” Her eyes snapped open, filled with the figure of one pink Alicorn. She glared at her, watching as she crossed over in front of her.

“Cadence, we meet again. It seems that you are no less annoying then our last encounter.” She paused briefly, scanning her figure. “And it seems that you’ve gained more additional ballast of your own, another child on the way, or is the stress of raising that abomination effecting your waistline.” The Princess of Love had seemingly gone the same route at Luna, in that she had seemingly put on a good amount of extra pounds. Her skimpy purple top and yellow bottoms doing very little to hide the excess girth she was now sporting. Be it her apron like belly, or her extra large child bearing hips and ass, she was positively fat, pushing into morbid obesity and beyond.

“Oh please, you think insults are going to get to me? You think I’m going to burst into tears at the mere mention of my weight? Hah, well buggy butt, I’ve grown rather comfortable with my poundage, as does Shining. Besides, how can you insult me for being fat, when you yourself are as wide as a barn.” Chrysalis hated it. She couldn’t mock any of these damned Alicorns about their weight, when she out weighted them by a considerable margin.

Before she could get another quip in, Cadence planted her hands onto the nearest belly roll, leaning forward to look Chrysalis straight in the eye, smirking as her hands sunk into the warm squishy flab. “You have no power any more. No allies or subjects to fight for you. And here you are, being filled with the one thing that you craved for yourself and your hive, pure love.” Cadence’s eyes glinted with malice as she leaned in closer, her breasts dragging across the blob of a Changeling. “We own you. You’re a prisoner of the Crown, charged with some of the worst crimes in Equestria that don’t get you a sentence in Tartarus. Noling is coming to rescue you because they either fear or hate you. We could have turned you to stone or attempted to reform you, but where is the fun in that? We have already been betrayed by on ‘reformed’ villain and because of that, nearly resulted in the enslavement of every race on Equus.”

Standing up right, she trotted around to her side, pausing to give the onyx ass a large slap. “Just think, in a few months time, you’ll be even bigger, a pile of lard, practically filling this room. So large I could sleep on your belly and use your tits as pillows. Compare that to now, you’ll be skinny as a rake, as my love nourishes blimps you ever larger, like a great balloon”.

Leaning against her titanic ass, Cadence’s horn glowed bright pink, sending forth an immense wave of love. It spiraled upwards, before plunging at Chrysalis’s horn, causing the ring to glow brightly as it absorbed the concentrated love. Suddenly, Chrysalis felt her stomach filling rapidly, a low moan escaping her lips, not used to the rapid torrent. Low Glooorrpps and Blooorrpps could be heard emanating from the bloated belly, as it attempted to store the vast amount of calories.

“Consider that a leaving gift, my blobby queen, I’ll make sure you get many, many more of those crystals. With Auntie Luna helping out, I’m sure you get even bigger.” And with that, she strode away, showing of her wobbling, flabby ass, which was beginning to swallow her already tight shorts. A couple of steps later, she turned the corner, gone again. Sitting in her fleshy prison, she couldn’t help but think over what she just heard. Mulling it over and over, she tried to find fault in her logic, but found none.

She was just that, a blob of useless lard, destined to be taunted and grow larger. Right now, reformation seemed like a much better deal, not that she had a choice, but being lectured by Twilight Sparkle and her do gooder gang seemed a better deal then becoming a mass of lard, unable to do anything. Even being a statue would be better, as your metal functions are reduced close to a trance like state; instead she had to endure every boring day. Sighing, she closed her eyes, and let her cushioned body take her to sleep.

In the weeks since her encounter with Cadence, not really much had changed for Chrysalis. It was the same routine, wake up, continually absorb love, stew in her thoughts, occasionally talk to somepony or other, then go back to sleep. However, one increasing concerning thing to note was her gradually decreasing vision, either of herself or the world around her. It seemed that as she was growing larger, she tilted to face the ceiling. This, compounded with her bloated neck and cheeks, meant that she could barely see much of interest, not even anypony who came to visit her, aside from a few pegasi who flew up to get a better look at the immobile blob. Before her tilting, she still had some satisfaction watching the curious or disgusted reactions (and occasionally infatuated) of whoever entered her room. Now though, she could only guess.

In the time, she continued to resemble a gelatinous mass of grey flesh, rather than a creature of some description, almost like a dark brooding counterpart to the Smooze. As more and more lard continued to pile on, body features continued to deteriorate into nothing more that bloated spheres, ovals, rolls and folds. Her arms for instance, had continued to blow up, her upper arms nearly swallowing her forearms and hands into divots. From the beach ball sized lumps, a pair of of sausage like fingers presented themselves, useless as they continued to be sucked in by her encompassing mass.

Her breasts were titanic, each a balloon of blubber and nearly as round as one too; the colossal sagging onto the voluminous rolls of belly fat. Speaking of which, her stomach had turned into a veritable cascade of lard, towering over even the largest of ponies. The edges sagged completely over her cracked stone plinth, with monstrous rolls thicker than a mattress ringing her like an oversized blanket. Her ass and thighs had continued to swell larger and larger, each wider than a pony is tall, and easily able to crush anyone trapped under them, if she could even move.

For Chrysalis, everyday was spent feeling how her mobility continued to degrade. It had gotten to the point where she couldn’t even rock herself, being simply to encumbered by her monstrous weight. Even her fingers could only be wiggled slightly, their bloated nature preventing much in the way to bending. In fact, the only thing she could reasonably move was her mouth, but even that was under threat, as her ever thickening chins made closing her mouth more and more difficult.

In short, she was nought but a fleshy boulder, a pile of flab, not good for anything. And oh how she hated it. She missed how she could flit about the sky, how her body flowed in combat as she struck at her foes, how she could even touch her hooves. Now all she ever felt was the dull, continuous flow of love into herself, her stretched stomach continually filling, no longer to the point of discomfort. It was so used to being overfed that when the love crystal ran out, her gut would cry out of nourishment, despite the fact the she was surrounded by ever growing stores of energy.

She didn’t even mind the quips she received from her visitors, glad that the near silence of her breathing and the dull magical hum of her feeding device was broken for a short while. It was a joy when someone touched her, feeling something other than herself or the hard stone ground. She could remember when Twilight Sparkle visited her, which devolved into the nerdy Alicorn measuring almost every part of her body, groping and feeling up a good portion of her vast expanse, as she slipped tape measures and scales under each fold and roll of adipose.

However, somepony she hadn’t seen in a while had been the blasted individual who had sentenced her to this hell in the first place. The last time she had seen her, she could only just see the blue Alicorns chubby face as she once again taunted the hapless Changeling yet again.

“Wow, just look how much you’ve grown!” Blinking, Chrysalis tried to turn to the source of the voice, despite being unable to, sending a small jolt through her flab.

“Can’t help but think that you’ve put on a couple of pounds since we last me. I swear your breasts have gone up a couple dozen cup sizes.”

“Huff…at least Stallions…puff…dig big tits, and a shapely ass.” Chrysalis retorted, though her voice was muffled and deepened, the thick sarcasm could still be made out. “Though I have to…uff…ask, are you still…ballooning as of late? I seem to recall that your…huff…gut was big as a barrel.” There was a small titter, before Chrysalis felt a soft, heavy mass press into her gut.

“Still not a candle to you “Queen”. I admit that I’m most certainly a plump princess, though next to you, I’ll always look skinny.” Luna’s seemingly unending gluttony had become absurd at this point. A vast belly that reached down to her shins, nearly as wide as she was tall. A titanic medicine ball sized pair of butt cheeks were supported by tree trunk like thighs. Her chest had ballooned into melon sized orbs, flanked by equally large upper arms. A cute ring of fat surrounded her neck, supporting her sagging cheeks and developing double chin. A downright blob in of herself, but it was like comparing hills to mountains with the two royals.

“So…huff…what are you going to do…pant…me? Even without this accursed…gasp…ring, I couldn’t imagine moving, let along going about my day.” There was a pause, a faint humming coming from Luna, as she trotted around her gut. Chrysalis suddenly felt a great weight fall on the front of her belly. Even without being able to see, she could feel the soft malleable butt cheeks as they squashed into her own blubber, she could feel the contours of her legs, back rolls and arms.

“Well, I had a talk with Cadence and Celestia. We agreed that we should continue this for a couple more years, just the really make the punishment really SINK in!” Within the Changeling Queen, she felt her despair and anger boiling up again.

“You what! I’m larger than a damned elephant. You want me to be as big as an Ursa Minor at the end of this torture?”

“Well, larger if possible, after all, all this pillowly plush pudge makes for an excellent seat and bed. Perhaps you could become the replacement throne, or better yet, my new bed! Just think, a luxuriously soft mass of Changeling meat on which to make my bed, now doesn't that sound wonderful?”

“Go to Tartarus! I hate you and…huff…everything about you!”

“Aww, I love you too, my buggy blob. And just remember, you’re here forever…”

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Comments ( 10 )

Chrysalis could easily die from doing this to her.

But then again, this is a fetish story in a land of anthropomorphic pony's and magical shape shifting pony bugs, so suspension of disbelief that getting that large and not suffering health consequences in this fictional universe is not inconceivable.

Apparently you don't understand how fiction works.

This was an awesome story.

Loved this specaily the back and forth with Chrysalis and Luna

Some Chrysalis story... finaly...

The comic Lupin made and the Story was a huge unf!~ very well made :rainbowkiss:

Thanks! Glad you liked it.

Epic story bro, maybe you could do a edited where Chrysalis enjoys her punishment(And get a nice round fat belly as oppose to one with folds, just personal preference).

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