• Published 23rd Jun 2019
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A Forgotten Trooper - SonicTeam35

A lone Clone Trooper wakes up in the rubble of a Gunship with his brothers dead around him. The Trooper soon realizes that the Gunship has crashed on an unmarked planet in the galaxy, which is full of ponies, unaware of the war just beyond their sky.

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Chapter 6: Bunny With A Blaster (Revised)

Strider’s blood ran cold as his eyes locked onto the barrel of the DC-15A which was being aimed directly at his head. He could see that the safety switch had been turned off, and he was sure that the bunny knew it.

"Ok, we can talk about this. Just put the blaster down and--" Strider couldn't finish as the bunny pulled the trigger, sending a blue bolt of plasma soaring through the air towards him.

Strider grabbed the still open door and pulled it inwards, breaking its golden painted hinges in the process. The plasma bolt struck the door, frying part of the red wood and turning it black.

Strider shut the door and rolled to the left towards the chairs. He took cover behind one just as another bolt was fired. This bolt flew over his head and struck the window behind him, shattering the glass on impact. Shards of said glass rained down onto Strider's back, none being able to make contact with his skin through the armor.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW!?" Strider shouted in anger, processing the situation he was in.

He had been shot by droids, bounty hunters, corrupted creatures, one of his brothers after he barged in on them while they were using the bathroom, but never a bunny. A trigger happy bunny to be exact.

Strider frantically looked around, trying to figure out how to handle the bunny. First, he needed to get it down from its perch. But how? Strider peeked around the chair at the structure the bunny had climbed. It seemed to be exactly what it looked like, a cat climbing structure that he had seen in some residences homes during an inspection.

But something caught his eye. At the top where the bunny was stationed, was what looked like a closed hatch from the second floor.

"Must me multi-layered." Strider told himself, before quickly ducking back behind the chair as a plasma bolt flew right over him.

Strider looked over at the stairs that led to the second floor, and the lack of cover to reach them. He then remembered the table he had set the blaster on, and looked it over. An idea formed in his head. An idea so stupid, it might work.

As quickly as he could, Strider extended his hand out and grabbed the table. He retracted his hand with the table back behind the chair right as a blue bolt struck the ground where the table had originally been standing.

"Sorry Fluttershy." Strider muttered as he broke the top bit of the table off the legs. He examined the surface area of the circular top, before eyeing a leg. He had four chances.

Strider picked up one of the legs and chucked it at the structure, but missed. The leg slammed against the wall behind the structure, splitting in two. Strider threw another leg, this one slamming against the stone fireplace next to the structure.

"Come on!" Strider muttered, before chucking a third leg. This one struck it's target, the base of the structure. The whole thing shook from the impact, causing the bunny to lose focus on its aim.

Strider took this advantage to grab the table top and rush out of his cover, holding the makeshift shield in the direction of the bunny. The bunny saw this and went to fire, but it was still recovering from the shaking tower and ended up spraying a wave of bolts right across the wall and the shield Strider was holding.

Once Strider reached the stairs, he dropped the makeshift shield and ran up the stairs to the second floor. He let out a "Whew!" before looking around. He had never been on the second floor, or any other room of the cottage for that matter. The stairs had led to a little hallway that went to the left and right. Wooden doors lined the walls, including a door right in front of him.

Strider didn't have the time or wanted to go snooping around, so he rushed over to the door he assumed led to the room above the cat structure. His assumption was confirmed correct when he saw a different part of the structure in the room in the same corner.

The structure had been nailed to the wall, with the bottom of it not touching the floorboards. Instead, the mini trap door he had seen before was under it.

Strider did his best to sneak over to the trap door, trying not to alert the bunny below of his plan. Once he reached the trap door, he quickly opened it and made a grab for the bunny. His hand met fur and he tightened his grip as he took the bunny from the structure and into the room he was in.

The bunny put up a fight, but it was much smaller and weaker than him. Strider simply outstretched his arm to avoid it's wild swings while at the same time, keeping his grip on the bunny tight.

With the bunny taken care of, Strider bent down to the trap door again and grabbed the DC-15A, which had nearly fallen out of the structure when the bunny dropped it. He switched the safety back on and shut the trap door with his foot.

"You, are one stubborn trigger happy bunny aren't you?" Strider muttered to the bunny, who had stopped squirming and was simply glaring at him angrily.

Strider took the bunny out of the room and back down the stairs. He went over into what appeared to be a kitchen and eyed a cupboard.

A grin spread across Strider's face as an idea popped into his mind. He set the blaster down on the counter, before walking over to a cupboard and swung it outwards. Inside were a few dishes and a stack of carrots, perfect.

The bunny quickly realized what Strider was doing and resumed squirming and fighting, but was powerless against the clone.

Strider set the bunny down in the cupboard and quickly swung it shut. He kept the door closed with one hand while the other searched a few drawers for something to put between the handles.

His hand found a fork, which he then slid in between the handles just as the bunny kicked the door from the other side. Strider watched the door rustle a little, but it didn’t budge.

"That's one problem taken care of" Strider claimed as he dusted off his hands before leaving the kitchen with the bunny locked in the cupboard.

Strider picked up the broken remains of what was once a table, and sighed. So far he had already broken a stand and a table, already to much damage to a civilians property. The stand had been an accident, but the table was definitely on purpose.

"How does Fluttershy keep that bunny under control?" Strider wondered out loud, eyeing some scorch marks on the circular piece of wood.

He pondered this while grabbing all the broken pieces of the table and setting them down in a pile near the middle of the room, double checking the area to make sure he had indeed found all the pieces. Once he was sure he had, a cold chill ran down his spine which caused him to shiver a little. Strider looked over at the broken window, only now realizing how dark it had gotten outside.

"Wow, unless I spent a lot more time than I thought with that bunny, this planet must have short time cycles." Strider exclaimed to himself, looking at the night sky.

Strider was about to start cleaning up the glass from the shattered window, but stopped when he heard what sounded like screams, several screams. Strider quickly grabbed the DC-15A and rushed out the still wide open front door. It didn’t take long for him to trace where the screams were coming from.

It was coming from Ponyville.

Fearing the worst, Strider took off towards the town at military grade speeds, switching off the blasters safety while he ran. He was to focused on reaching the town to notice the moon, which had previously held a shadowy outline of a unicorn, was now bare white and empty.

Author's Note:

No bunnies were harmed in the making of this chapter. Including the cupboard.

(That fork ain't gonna keep that bunny locked up for long)

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