• Published 23rd Jun 2019
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A Forgotten Trooper - SonicTeam35

A lone Clone Trooper wakes up in the rubble of a Gunship with his brothers dead around him. The Trooper soon realizes that the Gunship has crashed on an unmarked planet in the galaxy, which is full of ponies, unaware of the war just beyond their sky.

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Chapter 33: Old Forgotten History

Canterlots lights were beginning to flicker to life as its residents got prepared for the approaching night. One pony in particular couldn't help but smile upon noticing just how many ponies were still awake and enjoying life, even with the sun long since lowered . Standing proudly atop one of the tallest towers of Canterlots royal castle was a relatively new Princess Luna, her light blue mane and tail only recently beginning to obtain its lost galaxy-like coloration and flouration.

Princess Luna looked back up at the night sky, her horn still alight whilst her magic hoisted the moon higher into the sky. Once it was in its proper location, she halted the spell and began looking over her newly made night. Several well placed stars were sparkling in sync, outlining a few shapes for anypony to spot if they desired. Distant planets and stars were illuminated perfectly, having just enough glow to announce their presence but not enough to draw away from its neighbors.

Overall, it proved one thing that Luna took pride in. Even after so many years of being locked away in the moon, she hadn't lost her touch when it involved sculpting a beautiful night landscape. In fact, many ponies were still debating whether or not the night had gotten less dull ever since she'd resumed control. Celestia's magic could handle the job well enough, but Luna's talent with the night is second to none, and her older sister had made sure to tell her this when she'd rose her first night in a millennium.

Sadly, she couldn't stand outside and watch over Equestria all night, not physically at least. With that in mind, Luna abandoned her post on her towers balcony and entered her room. She'd been surprised to see that her room had not only been left almost completely unchanged, but it had also been dusted and cleaned expertly, leaving zero dust behind to cling onto all her ancient items.

Luna was advancing on her bed, fully intent on getting to work in the dreamscape, but she didn't get past raising the first blanket with her magic. A long stretch of steady and firm knocks rang from the door to the outer stairwell, followed by a masculine voice calling out to her.

"Enter." Luna said statically, watching as the door swung inwards and a royal guard took a single step inside the room.

She instantly recognises the guard was one of Celestia's solar guards, his golden armor sticking out against the dark colors of her room. His light blue irises were focused and fixated straight ahead.

"Your Highness, your sister has requested you in the throne room." The guard exclaimed.

"At this hour? Cans't thou't inform us as to why?" Luna asked as she dropped the blanket back onto her bed.

"Unfortunately no, she only requested for me to take you to her." The guard stated, moving out of the doorway to let the lunar princess through.

"Very well, let us not keep our sister waiting." Luna responded, beginning the long journey of trotting down a rather extensive flight of stairs.

Behind her, the guard couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at Luna's wording. He merely shrugged it off and followed, shutting the door to the stairwell upon arriving at ground level.

It didn't take them long to find themselves before the massive golden doors of the castles main throne room. The guard quickly opened the doors, before standing back and giving the princess a salute. Luna simply nodded to him, before entering the throne room, hearing the doors gently click shut behind her.

Luna immediately spotted her sister, who was currently sitting on her lone throne at the other end of the room. She knew Celestia had ordered another throne to be constructed and placed alongside hers, but it has of yet to be finalized, leaving the throne single in the large hall. But the throne wasn't on her mind right now, Celestia had immediately taken that spot in her mind.

Princess Celestia wasn't smiling like she usually did. This meant one of two things. One, this meeting was right after an incredibly annoying meeting with nobles, or two, there was a serious matter at hoof. The latter seemed the most likely due to the fact that she'd been summoned while her sister should be at the very least getting ready for bed.

"Sister? Thou has't wanted to see us?" Princess Luna asked.

"Yes Luna, sorry about the sudden meeting, but something of grave importance needs to be discussed between us. Twilight Sparkle sent me a report on a creature that is currently living in Ponyville. So far, the creature seems to be peaceful since she didn't say anything about it hurting anypony," Celestia exclaimed.

"A creature? What species?" Luna inquired.

"That's the thing sister. Twilight said that she didn't have any information on the creature, but she did write a description and an illustration. I'm positive it matches that of the ancient ones." Celestia proclaimed, her facial expression expertly hidden with practice.

Luna's thoughts on who the creature could be stopped dead in its tracks. At first, she hadn't been completely sure if she'd heard her sister correctly, but she repeated it, informing her that it indeed was what she'd thought she'd heard. That didn't make it any less impossible.

Celestia got up from her throne and trotted around towards the back wall, motioning for Luna to follow. Behind the throne was a single door, which opened up to expose a long hallway that extended deep into the castle. The two sisters trotted down the long hallway in silence, magical torches igniting on their own as they approached them. It didn't take long before they reached the end of the hall, where a massive metal vault door stood before them.

"Surely it couldn't be the same ones. They went extinct decades ago." Luna pointed out.

"We don't know if they went extinct. We were only told that one day, they seemingly vanished from the planet. But if my assumption is correct, then we might have a very big situation on our hooves. " Celestia exclaimed as she ignited her horn with her magical aura.

Several locks and switches were engulfed in a fluid yellow aura as the alabaster alicorn unlocked the door. Once one last audible click was heard, the door creaked open a little. Celestia opened the vault door the rest of the way with a fore-hoof, letting a thick wave of dust flow out into the hallway. The two quickly entered the room afterwards, the door remaining open for them to leave whenever they pleased.

The room within was completely engulfed in darkness, the thick black sea staying solid even with Luna's super-equine night vision. Celestia fixed this with the quick cast of a spell. Suddenly, the entire room was engulfed in light as several torches were ignited all at once, their orange flames dancing in the air.

The walls were coated with dust and rotting wooden beams, and any wallpaper that had been used had long since deteriorated with age. Several wooden shelves were laid out around the room, some of them broken beyond repair. But the shelves weren't the important things in this room, only the things to keep the 'valuable' objects from simply lying in piles on the floor.

Multiple strange old items were scattered around the room, some simply placed on rotting shelves while others were in boxes or just on the floor. The remains of what once was a grand golden chandelier rested in the middle of the room, cobwebs covering most of it.

Celestia went over to one of the dusty and cluttered corners, the walls lined with several boxes stacked on top of one another as well as a few posters that were so faded that nothing in them could be identifiable. There were also a few torn and burnt flags rolled up and set aside, their colors and meanings were completely unknown to either of the rulers.

Celestia levitated one of the torches off of its spot on the wall and gave it to Luna, who quickly grabbed it in her own magical aura. Celestia then trotted over to a box that rested right in front of a grey poster, a strange black symbol barely visible against the solid grey background. She pushed aside a few stray objects on the box before opening it to check its contents. Once she was sure it was the right box, she levitated it over to where Luna was standing.

Celestia then levitated a scroll out of the box and unraveled it, the yellowing piece of parchment struggling to keep itself together even with the preservation enchantments that had been cast on it. She blew off a bit of dust that was covering some words before turning the scroll around for Luna to see.

After briskly reading a few paragraphs, Luna took the scroll in her magical grasp as well as levitating the scroll Twilight had sent from where Celestia was keeping it on her back. The lunar alicorn compared the two scrolls, focusing on the set of illustrations that they both had.

"These two creatures do seem to line up with each other. But where did this creature come from?" Luna wondered out loud.

"I've got no idea. But if one can return, then others can as well." Princess Celestia claimed.

"What about the mirror?" Luna questioned.

"A guard would of reported seeing it, not to mention how it could get all the way to Ponyville without being seen." Celestia pointed out.

Luna nodded in understatement, but that just rose another question. Where did it come from?

Celestia trotted over to a shelf that had several old books scattered on it. She levitated a red journal with a golden hand print on it and flipped through some pages. When she was done, she put the journal back on the shelf and moved onto another.

Celestia went through several other books and journals before finally coming across a grey journal with a strange symbol on it, both the coloring and symbol matching the old poster hanging above the box she'd retrieved. She flipped through a few pages before stopping on a page that showed an illustration. She looked at the illustration for a few seconds, before giving it to Luna.

The illustration depicted a tall alicorn shaking hooves with a bipedal homo-sapiens who was wearing a set of robes. Several other homo-sapiens and ponies stood behind their respective leaders, each one staring blankly ahead. The ponies wore old armor while the homo-sapiens wore robes and their own armor.

"Almost everything that was written down for that time has been lost from age or destruction. But from what information we have, I think our races came to an agreement about a war." Celestia proclaimed, trotting over to another shelf.

"A war? Every war that has ever taken part on Equus has been archived. No war has ever been fought with these homo-sapiens." Luna exclaimed.

"All the wars on Equus, yes." Celestia agreed, her gaze returning to the old poster depicting the strange black symbol.

The solar alicorn lifted a golden shoe covered hoof and gently set it on the poster. She stared at it for a long dragged out minute, before she removed her hoof from the fabric.

"But not from beyond the stars." Celestia finished.

Luna stared at the poster herself for a few seconds, the words her sister had just said flowing through her mind like a river from a previously clogged up lake. What her sister was claiming was something typically only ever thought of in stories and old myths, yet the pieces she'd been given seemed to fit perfectly with her statement.

"If this 'war' Twilight is telling us about is spreading to our world, then I fear our little ponies won't be able to match their forces and power." Celestia said, turning to face her sister. "But I do know that we won't let any harm come to our subjects without a fight."

"We couldn't agree more" Princess Luna responded, her eyes filled with determination.

The two sisters both silently agreed that their time in the old vault had concluded, and began trotting back towards the entrance/exit. However, before Luna could leave the room, she spotted something out of the corner of her eye. She glanced over at a pile of old books and papers, noticing something shiny reflecting some light from the torches.

She levitated a few books off of the object, revealing a small metallic cylindrical looking device. It was primarily a dusty silver color, but it did have a few spots that seemed to be a black rubbery material. There were a few small switches on one side, along with a single yellow button.

"Luna?" Celestia called out, wondering what had kept her sister so long in the vault.

"Sorry, our eyes caught sight of something. Tis nothing important." Luna responded, fully believing her own words as she said them.

Luna was ready to leave the vault, but couldn't help herself as she levitated the object out of the pile of parchment and books. She slipped it under a wing, before finally exiting the room. The torches distinguished themselves as the vault door swung shut, plunging the room once again in a thick layer of darkness.

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