• Published 23rd Jun 2019
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A Forgotten Trooper - SonicTeam34

A lone Clone Trooper wakes up in the rubble of a Gunship with his brothers dead around him. The Trooper soon realizes that the Gunship has crashed on an unmarked planet in the galaxy, which is full of ponies, unaware of the war just beyond there sky.

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Chapter 2: Dark Forest

Strider didn't know how long he had been walking, ten minutes, an hour, he wasn't keeping track. What he was keeping track of was the noises he heard around him. Every twig snap, every crunch of leaves, every noise that could be from a creature stalking him.

Strider hadn't checked his wound, so he didn't know how bad it was. Except for the pain that was shot through him every time he took a step. But that didn't stop him. He kept the DC-15A's safety off and wasn't afraid to point it at shadows he mistook as a creature.

After lowering the blaster from a tree, Strider began walking again. This time however, he didn't hear anything besides his own footsteps. It was as if the whole forest had been frozen in time. Nothing was stirring, not even a mouse. Were mice even on this planet? Didn't matter.

The trooper continued on his way through the forest, not letting the silence shake his nerves. He didn't stop walking this time when he thought he saw something. The more time he wasted in this forest, the more time predators had to plan attacks.


Strider whirled around, pointing the DC-15A at the area he had heard the noise. It was the sound of a twig being stepped on. Which means something alive was near, and being deadly quiet.

Nothing could see it because of the helmet, but sweat was dripping down Striders forehead as he watched the area, unblinking. That snap hadn't been his imagination.

Slowly, Strider began to back away from the area, making sure to keep his blaster pointed at the spot he heard the noise come from.

Then, a shadowy figure emerged from the trees. As it came closer, the moonlight lit up the creature, exposing its face and body. It looked like a lion. It had dark yellow fur and a red mane like a male lion. But it also had wings on its back and a much longer tail. Two white fangs stuck out of its mouth, seemingly glittering in the light. The creatures red eyes locked onto Striders helmet, as if staring right through the visor into his eyes.

"STAY BACK!" Strider commanded, pointing the blaster right between the creatures eyes. But before he could fire, it sprang forward with a burst of speed. This caught Strider off guard, costing him a moment to shoot. Instead, the blaster was swatted out of his hand and to the side.

Strider quickly doubled back, staring at the beast. He glanced over at the blaster, trying to figure out how to get it. Slider didn't see the claws on the creatures paws until one scratched his side. The armor protected his skin, allowing Slider to not even flinch and swing a punch at the beast. His fist met its face, but this only seemed to anger it.

With one swipe, Strider was launched into a tree, breath knocked clean out of him. He gasped for air and tried to get up, but the creature was already back in striking distance. It slashed against his chest, scratching some of the white paint off. Strider dodged another swipe, before jumping to the left and making a grab for the blaster.

However, when he landed, it was on his bad leg, causing him to tumble to the ground. Strider gripped his leg in pain, biting down on his lip to avoid screaming. He made a frantic grab for the blaster, only for his arms to get stopped by the creature as it put both it's front paws over them.

The creature leaned down towards Strider's helmet, its mouth opening, ready to claim its meal. Instead, it was met with a headbutt that slammed right against one of his fangs. The fang cracked, sending streaks of pain into the creatures mouth. It moved away from Strider and held up a paw to its mouth.

Strider scrambled to grab the blaster, before turning to take a shot. He froze. Another creature was behind the one that had been attacking. It was the wolf that had finished off the pilots, it's eyes only lime green circles.

Strider squeezed the trigger, watching as a bolt of blue fire from the DC-15A and strike the wooden wolf in the leg. The leg shattered into several bits and pieces, sending the wolf to the ground.

Strider grinned at the victory, until he saw the wolf get back up and raise the remains of its leg. The wood glowed green, before turning back into a whole leg and attaching itself onto the wolf. The grin faded and the trooper turned away from the wolf and lion creature and ran. He ignored the pain from his leg, and the soreness of his arms, and the fire in his chest.

Strider ignored everything he passed, focusing ahead of him. He needed to get out of this forest. He heard the howl of the wolf right behind him. This only quickened his pace as he fired the blaster blindly backwards.

Strider ducked between two trees before spotting a glowing field of blue flowers. He didn't know why, but deep inside his mind told him to avoid those flowers. He quickly looked around the field, seeing a fallen tree that had crashed across the field. He got onto the tree and rushed across it, avoiding contact with the flowers. Once he was on the other side, he looked back.

His mind must have been right, because the wolf had stopped before it went into the field. It looked around a little, before turning and walking away in the other direction. With a sigh of relief, Strider sat down against a tree, exhaustion taking over his body. He could feel his body shutting down, trying to get some sleep. But he needed to keep going. Even if he escaped that wolf, he was still in a forest with other creatures that could be even worse than it or that lion creature.

After recovering his breath, Strider got up and once again began walking, this time limping much worse.

Strider's legs went on auto pilot while his mind began to wonder. Whats going on beyond this planet? Are his brothers still keeping the venator from exploding? Does this planet have civilization or ships to bring him back to the battle?

Before long, Strider didn't even notice he had made it to the edge of the forest, until he collapsed from exhaustion to the ground. The last thing he saw was a cottage, it's windows filled with light. He reached out a hand towards the building, before he fell into a cold slumber.

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