• Published 23rd Jun 2019
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A Forgotten Trooper - SonicTeam34

A lone Clone Trooper wakes up in the rubble of a Gunship with his brothers dead around him. The Trooper soon realizes that the Gunship has crashed on an unmarked planet in the galaxy, which is full of ponies, unaware of the war just beyond there sky.

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Chapter 10: Good Memories, and Greater Friends

Space, space is a beautiful place. The quiet, peaceful area all across the galaxy and beyond. But some things lurk in that space that aren't beautiful.

Deep in space, a single Republic Attack Cruiser was flying through its black sea of stars. On the Attack Cruiser, inside the firing range, were five clone troopers. One of those troopers, was currently aiming at a deactivated test droid, which he shot right in the head.

"Ha! Bulls eye right on the first try!" The clone who had fired the shot cheered, smiling at his mini victory.

"Lucky shot Rust," A clone muttered behind Rust, before taking a sip of water from a cup he was holding.

"Yeah yeah you always chalk it up to luck Strider." Rust said, walking over to a water cooler and getting himself a cup of water.

"Fork of the blaster, it's time to show you how it's really done." One clone claimed, grabbing the blaster from Rust's hands and walking over to the shooting range.

"Sure Trigger, like last time when you said that and missed the droid by a foot." A clone commented.

"Shut it Cosmo, last time I checked, you were nearly smashed into paper by a door." Trigger replied, aiming the blaster at a set of droids.

"That was ages ago!" Comso emphasized.

"Yeah, like when you got a face full of door when the motion censors were down for maintenance?" The final clone questioned. That had caused all the other clones on the room to laugh.

"No one told me that the door to the restrooms were being fixed and you had to open it manually Matt!" Comso shouted.

Trigger stopped laughing and went back to focusing on aiming. He shot two bolts, one going between a droids legs while the other one hitting it in its left arm.

That caused the group to burst out laughing again, except Trigger, who grunted and threw the blaster down on the ground.

"Alright, let's see," Matt muttered, looking at Triggers helmet, which had been set down with the rest of the clones helmets. This one however, had a set of tally marks on the front of it.

Matt grabbed a marker from his utility belt, and put another black tally on the helmet.

"Why do you even have a marker in your belt?" Strider asked.

"For marking down how many times Trigger get's triggered over missing a shot." Matt replied, smirking.

"You guys are the worst." Trigger mumbled, but in his head, he was laughing himself.

Strider smiled, setting his cup down on a table and walking over to his brothers.

"We did good today boy's, every clanker that has seen us has always been left for the scrap pile afterwards. This war is gonna be over faster than Cosmo tripping over his own foot." Strider exclaimed.

"Hey!" Cosmo barked, before ironically, tripping over one of his boots and falling face first to the ground.

"Welp, wars over." Matt said blankly, before the room was engulfed in laughter once more.

The group of troopers quickly returned to target practice, completely unaware of the Separatist ship that had just come out of hyperspace right in front of the Attack Cruiser...

Strider cracked open his eyes, sunlight instantly filling them. He quickly realized that his helmet and armor had been removed, leaving him in his black body suit.

He instantly realized that he wasn't in the crumbling tower of the castle, but back in Fluttershy's cottage on a couch. His armor had been put down next to the couch while his helmet rested on a new table.

Strider slowly got to his feet, grabbing his armor and putting it back on his body. He grabbed his helmet, the back arrow com-link on top had been banged up from the back.

"Dang it, Com-Link's relay got busted." Strider muttered, examining the bent arrow style com-link. He had already tried to contact the Republic but didn't get anything. With the relay busted, it would be impossible to contact them with his armor com-link.

With a sigh, Strider put the helmet back on his head, before advancing towards the front door. It looked like Fluttershy had repaired the door since it was on a new set of hinges. The door now opened outwards to the outside world instead of inwards.

Strider stepped out of the cottage, taking in the sunlight. He looked over in the direction of the town, spotting Fluttershy trotting up the path towards him.

"Oh good, your up. You were really lucky. If you hadn't been wearing that armor, your back would have suffered much more." Fluttershy explained.

"I've taken worse, but I am gonna need to make a trip to the Gunship to get another---" Strider trailed off as he spotted a familiar snow white bunny sitting on top of Fluttershy's head. "You..."

The bunny and Strider glared at each other, both remembering the firefight that had taken place inside the cottage.

"Oh yeah, this is Angel Bunny. I'm not sure how but he had been locked up in a cupboard when I returned. He also wanted to throw your helmet in a trash can." Fluttershy stated.

"Yeah, we've met..." Strider grumbled, his glare masked by the visor.

Fluttershy walked past the trooper and into the cottage, setting Angel Bunny down on the ground. The bunny quickly bounced off, not wanting to be near Strider, who shut the door behind him as he entered.

Strider followed Fluttershy into the kitchen, leaning against the wall as he watched her grab a bag of tea and put a kettle on to boil water. She looked so peaceful. This only nagged at the horrible feeling inside Strider. Fluttershy, along with everyone on this planet, had zero clue about the war above. They could be dragged into the war and none of them seemed to have propper weapons or soldiers to fight. Their world would be crushed within hours by the Separatists.

"Fluttershy? Does this place have a leader?" Strider asked.

"Yes, we have Princess Celestia and now Princess Luna. You were unconscious when Princess Celestia showed up to help Princess Luna get back to her hooves." Fluttershy explained.

"Princesses, do they have a castle nearby?"

"Um, in Canterlot. You actually can see the city from Ponyville if you look at the mountain it was built into."

"How can you reach the city?" Strider questioned.

"Well, you can fly there by air ship or wing carriage. Or you can take the Train, but you need a ticket to get there." Fluttershy claimed. "Why do you want to go there?"

Strider took a deep breath in, before letting it out.

"I need to inform the Princesses about the war that's going on." Strider exclaimed.

"Ticket's to Canterlot aren't cheap." Fluttershy claimed, taking two cups down from a cupboard and setting them down on the counter. "But if you want , I might be able to-"

"No, you don't need to use your credits, or whatever you use here. I have a ship, it's just, a little broken." Strider said, remembering the horrible state the Gunship had been left in.

"Didn't you say you crashed in the Everfree Forest?" Fluttershy asked.

"Yeah, but I need that Gunship. It has weapons and machinery that might still be working." Strider emphasized.

Fluttershy put a hoof to her chin, brow furrowing. "How heavy is it?" She questioned.

"Don't know, but it is massive. Even 16 troopers wouldn't be able to move it.

Fluttershy took the ready kettle off the stove and put it on a tray with the cups. She carried it over to the main room and set it down on the new table.

"Give me a moment." Fluttershy asked, before leaving the cottage.

After what seemed like an hour, Strider opened up the door to the cottage and looked around. The mare was nowhere to be seen. Where had she gone?

Not only that, but the cottage seemed quiet again. Strider quickly looked behind him, half expecting Angel Bunny to be standing there with a knife or something. But the bunny was also gone.

Strider's attention was quickly taken by a scraping noise coming from the Everfree Forest.

The trooper rushed from the cottage towards the noise, and stopped in his tracks.

"How...out of all things wise...did you get this?" Strider muttered, eyes wide with shock at the sight.

Resting in front of him was the Gunship, as beaten and run down as he had left it. Standing in front of the Gunship, was Fluttershy.

"Oh, I have some friends who were more than willing to help." Fluttershy claimed.

Strider looked around the side of the Gunship, to see two bears standing behind it, both giving each other fist bumps. A flock of birds above the ship let out a sigh of relief and let go of the Gunship. But the strangest thing, was the pink pony who was sitting in one of the pilot seats.

"Hi Strider! This thing is so much fun!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed, before bouncing out from where she had been sitting and bounced away.

Strider looked at the interior of the ship, seeing that all the bodies of the clones were still there, but lined up, ready to be buried. A few boxes full of supplies rested comfortably against the back of the interior.

"W-wow, just....wow, you have no idea how much this is going to help. Thanks Fluttershy." Strider said, looking at the mare.

"Heh, i-it was nothing. Except for a-all the t-terrifying creatures i-in there." Fluttershy stammered, before waving to the animals who had lined up along side the ship.

"T-thank you everyone for the help!" Fluttershy thanked, before watching as the animals departed.

Strider looked back at the Gunship, ideas forming in his head. This day just got all sorts of better.

Author's Note:

What a piece of junk!

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